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What clothes would fit a DiM Love boy?

Sep 29, 2007

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      #1 Reinhart, Sep 29, 2007
      Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
    2. I bought SD13-sized clothing for my DIM boy, and they fit fine (boots didn't always zip over his calves, though, but I covered it with his pants). I bought my clothing from eBay, from Magic Tailor (whom I don't recommend--see the company's Problem Transaction thread) and Sunny's Wonderful World, whom I do.
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      #3 Reinhart, Sep 30, 2007
      Last edited: Feb 1, 2016
    4. Any suggestions?:?
    5. I can't find anything I like on DIM.

      Does anyone know any good places for clothing for a dolly like him? :3
    6. On dollheart, what options would I pick to get to the male stuff? :3 We seem to run into each other often here. :3 thank you for your help!
    7. Ok,
      On dollheart, you click on english, once you click the english option.

      You click on clothes button.
      once you click on clothes option( it will give you other options), you should click on the SD13 boy button.
      Make sure you don't click on SD10 boy/girl. I think those clothes are too small.

      no problem glad to help.
    8. Thanks!!! This is really going to help me. I also know of this boutique online too, I might try there as well. :3

      Do the dolls normally come with something to wear?
    9. For the doll Achernar, comes with a random wig and random eyes.

      No clothes included. >_<;

      If you choose the Default face up option, you get the face up that is on the pictures.
      If you choose no face up, it comes with a blank face.
    10. I was gonna get the faceup, but that stinks about no clothes lmao. It would help if they had more outfits available for that size doll.

      I've also noticed that most of the places that make clothes don't have stuff with sizes for DIM dolls. I take it DIM is not the most popular (not in a bad way, in the not a ton of people order from them way) in terms of dolls?
    11. I am not sure if many people order from them.
      But I think the reason they don't have much clothes is because they have a project going on, so they are always busy with sculpting.

    12. Most places won't list the sizes as a specific company but instead the generic sizing, such as SD/SD13 for 60cm dolls or MSD for dolls around 43cm.
    13. Since most companies just make clothing to fit the dolls they sell, it's up to you to figure out how your doll's measurements compare to their dolls.

      As far as I know DiM love boys are an average 60cm boy size. Since SD13 boys are the most standard 60cm boy, I'd say that anything made to fit them will fit your boy too.
    14. I'm getting a customized D.I.M. doll this week (well ordering it this week.) (Gackt! Yay!)

      (well, 2 actually.. I'm paying extra two have the two heads I get strung to two bodies.)

      One thing I noticed is that D.I.M. has a VERY limited number of outfits and wigs.

      The Love Dollfie's measurements are:

      - Headcap : Magnetic
      - Wig : 9inch
      - Height : 61cm
      - Circumference of Neck : NO.1 10cm / No.2 10.5cm
      - Circumference of Bust : 24cm
      - Circumference of Shoulder : 8.5cm (including shoulder :13.5cm)
      - Circumference of waist : 20.5cm
      - Circumference of Hip: 26cm

      - Length of arm : 18cm(Except the sphere and hand : Including them -23.5cm)

      - Length of leg : 33cm(including the foot)

      - Foot size : 8cm

      Would an outfit and wig from Luts fit?

      I looked at EL's measurements and they are almost (but not quite) the same size.

      I know the wigs at LUTS are 8.5-9.5... so that may fit... but I'm not so sure about the outfits.

      I'm just thinking if I need to warn Elfmoon that I need 3 outfits commissioned rather than 2... (As it is I'm on a waiting list for one... but I figured I'd tell her about the other one I want and get that on the waiting list too... however if I can't find the third outfit elsewhere I'll have to commission that too.)


      thankies for any advice!
    15. Thanks for helping me find this thread whoever moved me ^_^ very informative. I guess I'll need to look for SD-13 clothes then? for a 61cm Love style D.I.M. boy?
    16. I have three dolls with this body and have had no problems with getting clothes to fit from other companies. Dollmore, DOD, Dollheart, Angell Studio, HZ. The only thing I have found is that Dollheart pants seem to be a slight bit large, but everything else seems to fit just fine.
    17. I'm going to want a pair of jeans, and perhaps other pants, for my 60cm DiM Minimee guy, where do I start looking? Do any of the DiM jeans fit him? And what about shoes?