What clothing size will fit?

Mar 18, 2018

    1. Hello guys!

      I'm planning on buying a male doll that's 65,5cm tall and this whole time I was searching for SD13 sized clothing and now I'm thinking about if that size does even fit him?
      If not, do you know some shops where I can buy clothes for him?

      Thank you so much everyone! :)
    2. Taobao is where I buy stuff from, but a lot of people do not prefer it due to needing an agent to buy for you since it’s kind of like a Chinese Amazon site. SD13 clothes may be short on the pants and things like that, but I’ve found that even when you buy in scale clothes sometimes it’s a hit or miss anyways.
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    3. Thank you for your reply! :)
      So would you still go for it and risk buying SD13 sized clothes or should I rather not do it?
    4. SD13 usually means a 60cm doll. SD17 would probably fit better as it's more in the range of 65-70cm.
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    5. Thank you so much!! :)
    6. Yeah, you will be looking for SD17 sized clothing which is sometimes called Unkle. Still, check your measurements. Some 65cm dolls are skinnier than others.
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    7. Try asking in the Discussion thread forum for your specific doll. Other owners of the same body can tell you exactly what fits.
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