What color is Orientdoll "snow" skin?

Jun 1, 2007

    1. I recently ordered an Orientdoll SO girl body in snow skin, thinking it would be paper white. But while it's much paler than any of my other dolls, it still has a hint of peachiness to it. It's a lovely color, but I'm not sure if it's really "snow," or if this is just what "snow" is supposed to look like. Anyone know?
    2. Snowskin is really white

      This is my Toby she is an OD Vampire Ui her face has more color to it because of her faceup but look at her arms

      It doesn't really have a peachiness to it. It's white
    3. Orientdoll white is really WHITE. Their normal is pale, and sounds more like you were saying. This is normal (the pic is a bit blurry, sorry)

    4. Well, drat. I double-checked my receipt, and it does say snow...

      I suppose it doesn't matter, since I've come to the conclusion that the size isn't what I wanted. Though the detail they've acheived is amazing... I'm still goggling at the little finger- and toe-nails. :)
    5. Receipts can be wrong--

      They ARE tiny, though. I literally stuffed one IN my pocket!
    6. Here is a picture showing both Orientdoll So skin colors. The one on the Right is the snow skin, on the left is normal.

    7. They seem to have changed their resin or are coating the newer ones. I just got a new tiny from there and he is completely different to my so Ji whom I have had for a year. I definitely prefer the newer one Ji looks so yellow compared to him!!
    8. Thanks everyone. :)

      I'm still not sure what I've got, because the photos of the "snow" skin don't look paper white to me either. It's definitely a very subtle color, and compared to NS I can see how people might call it white. Then again, maybe it is Orientdoll's NS, which looks pretty light in the photos too. Ah well. Whatever it is, I can match it with polymer clay and make an OOAK head. :)
    9. When I got my snowskinned Ji, I was like you. I thought there was too much color for the doll to be snowskinned.
      Unlike you, however, I'd bought an Il at the same time, in normal skin. Il was definately much darker, while still being quite pale. Instant confirmation that Ji was not paper-white, but was 'white-skinned'.

      Ann in CT
    10. Bumping this up.

      Does anyone have comparisons of this with Volks Normal Skin?
      Or even Volks snowskin??

      Thanks in advance :D
    11. Hmm. Sorry for bumping this again, but would it be possible for anyone to do the white-paper-in-natural light comparison?

      Much appreciation ^_^
    12. *Bumps*

      Really hoping to see a white-paper-in-natural-light comparison. I'm going to have to decide pretty soon. And I'm really torn between Snow and Normal skin.

      Thanks :D
    13. Bumping again. Please?
    14. Bumps 'cause I'm curious too!
    15. Yes, bumpies. Looking at photos of snowskin on both OD and Leekeworld (sister/same company?) the snow skin seems a light ivory colour. As compared to white clothing.

      Hopefully someone can confirm this?
    16. When I get my snow skin leeke I will let you know she will be here within the week.

      I have only n/s OD's
    17. If I can remember tomorrow I'll take a pic of my snowskin So with my volks doll.. though I can't tell you whether he's oldskin or pureskin.. I bought him used and forgot to ask >.<
    18. Wow these are so cute. I want a Orientdoll Snow skiN!
    19. I'd love to see how the N/S looks compared with leeke snow skin. Or even with a piece of white paper. In natural light. Please take a photo if you can :sweat

      Thankies :D