What colors do you tend to buy in doll clothing?

Jan 7, 2017

    1. When my next doll (Fairyline Lucywen) comes in, I will choose whites and pastel clothing! Specifically baby blues :)
    2. I really like whites and pastels too!! Right now I only have two dolls that are dressed (rest getting face ups etc) in my small collection, and they are both wearing pink clothes.
    3. Pastels are my favorite colors! I also like various shades of brown/tan because of their versatility. Most of what I like are summer clothes <3
    4. LOL, the theme of my dolls are their colors, one color to each doll: red, blue, yellow, white, gray, black, brown and rainbow.
    5. lol my I bought a mint dress yet for my girl thats yet to come! I'm even buying her a little doll and she has a mint dress on aswell, and I got her a mint wig! I guess my favorite color is showing
    6. I would like to have more black colored fashion. But I'm a bit scared to leave the clothing on, because of the possibility of stains.
      I also like brown, blue and red in my doll's fashion.
    7. You can buy little undergarments to save your dolls, kind of like a scuba suit! or even make some!
    8. I usually go for colors I wear most often: black, white, grey. But I'm always open to other colors if the clothing is cute :3nodding:
    9. I would love to give my dolls different coloured clothes but for some reason I keep ordering things in blacks and greys.
    10. Sounds like a good idea. I'll try this one. Thank you :)
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    11. Monochrome hehe, blacks and whites~ ^u^
    12. Mostly black and white. I also love light grey, pink, light blue, browns, purple and burgundy red, but it not easy to find it in the right shade of color and for certain characters the color has to be exactly that shade of color. Even white can be a problem, because it is often mixed with other colors or gold or silver. I'm still looking for the perfect snowwhite dress for my Iplehouse EID Doria.
    13. Whites, pastels and anything pale. Partly because I prefer to wear black or dark colours and want to see something different and happier; and partly because I'm scared of staining.
    14. All of my dolls' clothes are usually black or blue or red but when it comes to gowns, they're white. ^_^
    15. for girl dolls I love to buy pastel if I can find some at the right price , if not regular white, black , etc

      for boy dolls I love dark colors , black , dark grey , dark blue :)
    16. dark colors :) that's his personality
    17. Depends on the character I'm shelling the doll into. I normally go with what fits personality wise.
    18. Blaaaaaaack.

      No, seriously, but I tend to go for muted colors (brown, beige, khaki) or black and white by default.
      I only have very few "colorful" pieces, and they are usually combined with one of the above colors :sweat
      At least black is easy to get.
    19. for me, of course the character im making for the doll would have a say in the colours i pick, but for the most part im not all that interested in a lot of bright, light colours, and tend to gravitate towards neutral, earthy or muted colours :- )
    20. Purple. Purple, purple, purple, more purple, a variation on a purple, some different purples, and hey, maybe some purple.

      Also a lot of gray, black, and white (because they all go with purple), and emerald greens.

      Oh, yeah! I nearly forgot--purple!!
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