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What colour eyes do your dolls of Asian heritage wear?

Sep 26, 2009

    1. Deleting this post because I have been told being asked what colour eyes a doll owner chooses for their doll is considered "culturally insensitive"

      Thanks to those who tried to help, and apologies for anyone who was offended by my use of the words "oriental eyes".

      There are a good many members here who seemed prepared to get up in arms over things that were not intended to offend, and I don't have the time or the inclination to waste on defending myself to total strangers.
    2. When I was trying to find the darkest eyes for my Soulkid Apple, I ended up with Masterpiece's "ebony" color.
      Here's her pic:

    3. I usually use either nearly black eyes, very dark brown (think puppy eyes), and if I could find them, ( I did once, and they were so perfect but they weren't the size i needed) I'd use dark brown with flecks of gold. The last ones are the ones I think have the most depth, and have just enough "light" to make them photograph wonderfully and look a little closer to the real thing, since they have the brown highlights and are nearly black all over.
    4. I use Mystic Eyes for all my dolls, and for my two Asian girls I have one set of Bisque (which are very dark and close to an all-over black once they're in the doll herself, and the pupil can't be seen unless there's a bright light shining directly into her eye) and one set of Coffee Bean for my half-Japanese girl.
    5. Mystic makes all of my favorite really realistic looking brown colors. I'd go with Xi-Feng's suggestion if you want urethanes. I have Mystic Coffee Bean in my Re-Che Max right now (he's of mixed Asian and Euro/American heritage) and I have Mystic Caramel in my F36 Lena (she just has dark brown eyes).

      I'd think either their Bisque or Chocolate might be better for your needs.
    6. Captured in Glass has some very nice dark colors, including all-black.

      Good luck with your project!
    7. My friend Jessie, he is Riddley50 here always uses dark charcoal, almost black eyes on his Mir and I think it looks wonderful! I do know they are glass eyes but I don't know the brand. I could ask him if you like...:)
    8. My only asian-type doll is not actually a human so his eyes are purple.
      A dark brown/off black would probably be best. Looking at the chinese members of my immediate family (who are of chinese/mongol/siberian descent), their eyes are dark brown, so something like that
    9. Brown. Because, Asians have... you know.. brown eyes.
    10. Mine also has brown eyes. But i am thinking about getting green ones if i can find the right size.
    11. Thanks guys! This is very helpful! There is so much to learn in this hobby.
      One thing I have decided for sure is that I want only glass eyes for my dolls. Some of the urethane eyes look absolutely wonderful, but from my experience with my Himstedt dolls I feel that the look and depth of glass eyes is what I am really after.

      Oh wow! What a GORGEOUS girl! You made the right eye colour choice for sure - she looks so sweet and realistic!

      Thanks for the tip! Do you have a url for Captured in Glass? I did a search for them but didn't find them.

      Wow - that would be very kind and helpful! Thank you!!
    12. I have 3 dolls that are Chinese/Korean and one that is half Chinese. Two of them do not have realistically Asian colored eyes, so I'll just focus on the 2 that do. One of them has dark brown eyes. They were her default eyes from Luts, back when Luts still gave the Delfs glass eyes. They are, to me, the most beautiful eyes, but unfortunately I don't think that company makes them anymore.

      I recently got another Delf who I wanted to be half Chinese, so when I ordered her from Luts, I ordered a pair of the Dark Grey glass eyes too. I wanted black, but they were sold out. However, these eyes are such a dark grey that they pretty much look black anyways! They are very pretty too. If you look in the Soony and Soo Dark Human databases, you can see pictures of their eyes (or PM me if you'd like me to send you pics instead ^-^)
    13. I only have one doll of asian heritage, and I actually have him in a pair of soom eyes that are an extremely dark blue, foggy night or one of the other night series, I can't remember off my head. They are almost black, but with a faint hint of blue grey
    14. Both of my big dolls are supposed to be of Asian descent. Yumiko is Asian-American and her ancestors were Peruvian Nikkei, and Zetto is half Korean and half Japanese and a naturalized American citizen.

      Yumiko's "normal" eye color (she has Animetics) is called "Apricot" by Volks and looks kind of amber-brown. She has three other sets of eyes, Volks Animetic in red and blue, and a pair of brown Glastics. The brown Glastics look very odd in her head, so I don't use them very often. Maybe if she cosplays Lain sometime. The red ones were specifically gotten so she could eventually cosplay Ayanami Rei.

      Zetto's eye color, however, is an unearthly turquoise that can look blue in some pictures and green in others. In spite of the unnatural nature of the eye color (and hair color) he still looks Asian to me. Why? Because color contact lenses are very popular in Japan, particularly among the fashion-forward. So much so that up until recently non-corrective color contacts were sold in drug stores without prescriptions. The Japanese Health Ministry has now cracked down on this, and only Optometrists, Opticians and Opthamologists can now dispense them. It's a similar move to one made by the FDA in the US about a year ago. You now have to go to an eye doctor or an Optician to even get "Halloween" contacts for that perfect Vampire look or for your Marilyn Manson costume.

      Zetto's nearsighted in his one working eye and he has another eye that got permanently dilated thanks to an accident at birth and which he can barely see out of. So he wears contacts all the time. You can't catch him in glasses other than sunglasses...he hates them.

      A friend of mine found a pair of mismatched iris aqua glass eyes and I bought them off of her because I initially had conceived Zetto to be kind of Bowie-esque. It does work for him and when I got him his current wig (dirty blonde/light brown) the natural way the wig fell was to have a lock of hair falling right over his "bad" eye.

      So yeah, Yumiko will wear contacts for cosplay purposes, and Zetto wears them all the time. Since Yumiko is very Anime-aesthetic (Volks Dollfie Dream Yukino) having light-ish brown/amber eyes as a default is just fine.
    15. None of my "Asian-styled" dolls are actually Asian... the Turtle House characters inhabit a world of their own... so I didn't feel particularly limited by real-world considerations when it came to picking their eye colors. They've ended up with everything from olive green to pale violet.

      The ones with the most "realistic" color are Kitsumaru and Hogasha... They both have antique blown glass eyes (Kits' are English, Hogasha's are German-). They're a medium-brown chocolate color and a very dark, caramel-like shade of hazel brown respectively.
    16. Yeah.. My boy Tachi has black eyes, but I think if you want real, authentically Asian, a dark dark brown would be best.
    17. Brown Asian eyes can vary in hue but generally don't have flecks or very distinct striations. I'm ethnically Asian and I'd say my eyes are in more of the raw umber or sepia range of browns rather than chocolaty brown. My boyfriend's eyes are less brown than mine (his family is from the same Chinese province as mine). Not all Asians have very dark, almost black eyes either. Some have eyes that are a bit lighter than others. i have a pair of Everpurple brown eyes and my sister noticed that they have too much depth to be realistic. Brown eyes don't have the same illusion of depth that blue eyes do because blue eyes have unpigmented stroma.

      I'd recommend the Mystic eyes that Xi-feng recommended but I also like these: http://www.handglasscraft.com/acatalog/Extra_Dark_Brown___D400.html
    18. Hey there...he bought them at the Dollheart store in Glendale here so he's not sure what brand they are but it would be whatever glass eyes you could get from the showroom here..I know that's not the most helpful but I'm assuming you could email Ms. Cholong from Dollheart and ask her?
    19. Brown...dark brown. Different shades of brown though. My family is Chinese and all have varying shades of brown. My mom has one of the lighter shades and my younger cousin has almost black ones(trust me I know, I almost twisted his neck while trying to determine the colour of his eyes). Anyway, dark eyes always appealed to me. Somehow.