What company deserves more love?

Mar 10, 2017

    1. They could have outstanding customer service, maybe they respond to emails faster than anyone else. Perhaps they sell ALL of their sculpts as individual parts! Whatever the reason, what company do YOU feel deserves more love than they get?
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    2. That's hard to say for me, I've always gotten responses back from everyone I've ordered from pretty quickly. I can't wait to see what others respond to this question!!
    3. Maskcatdoll, because they allow you to pick out a pair of eyes and wig when you buy a doll instead of that 'random eyes' crap. Also, their boxes are gorgeous.
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    4. Doll stories!! The owner is amazing and kind. I have never felt softer, smoother resin. I hope she does some boy dolls in the future.
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    5. Angell Studio. They have always responded quickly to my emails, have tons of optional parts and resin colors, and their dolls are really well made. Plus they include joint pads so their dolls pose great right off the bat :thumbup
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    6. SpiritDoll. Their dolls are great posers even in huge sizes, I've always gotten timely responses when I had questions, and the big dolls all come with their own sturdy carrier bags with removable pillows to wrap them in, reinforced bottoms, and pockets, which is so much better than another shipping box that's only useful as storage.
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    7. No random eyes might just makes me a customer XD

      I love when a company goes ll out on the boxes. It's not a small detail!
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    8. enchanted doll (eye company)! their email rep, peter, is one of the nicest guys in the business. he goes above and beyond to give you the exact eyes you want. though most of their eyes are custom order, if you inquire about in stock eyes in a certain color or size, he will send you pictures of all the eyes he has that match. totally friendly and helpful, and very accommodating for custom orders as well. ED needs more love!
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    9. I love Doll Legend. Their sculpts are somewhere between an anime face and a human face. Their Female SD and and regular MSD dolls also have these lovely hourglass figures. You can buy the majority of their sculpts as individual pieces and they also sell a practice head that is only $20. They make beautiful jointed hands as well.
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    10. Two companies come to mind Impldoll and LoongSoul. LoongSoul's Bjds are really stunning and very poseable. When I was purchasing my custom color Deborah( her name is Pearl and her color is a beautiful jet black)they made sure her color was perfect and seamless.
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    11. Limhwa has a rough, organic look and feel that no other maker has ever really captured outside of the art doll world. Also arguably the most realistic women's body sculpt that isn't from Iplehouse.
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    12. I totally agree! Enchanted Doll still makes my favorite eyes, and they're so accommodating. I know they're pricey, but they're so beautiful.
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    13. Dream High Studio. Donny is just wonderful and his little fairy dolls are incredibly detailed, and a lot of them Glow in the Dark. How cool is that?
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    14. BlueBlood Doll- Medusa is a very sweet and helpful person and she genuinely cares that her customers are happy. The dolls have a beautiful environmental resin, and they don't yellow fast at all. The sculpts are beautiful in head and body, smooth jointing and pose nicely. They come with a sturdy, pretty box and a foam cut out lining for extra protection, AND if you buy dolls from the site, you get 5-10% discounts on everything after your initial doll purchases. Much much better than the whole point system that requires saving up 10 points after spending a thousand dollars!

      Little Rebel- Kat is friendly and hardworking, fast to reply to messages, makes unique gorgeous sculpts and is very helpful in listing what bodies and colors are a good match. The heads arrive in cute little boxes, which in turn make good night stands or storage in doll dioramas.

      Magical Angel- Lower priced dolls with jointed feet that come in a rainbow of color options, offer resin matching and custom color services for only a small amount more than standard and offer custom sculpting/minimee services. Amy answers emails very quickly and thoroughly. This company was suspected of being suspiciously similar to Domuya when they were new, but Amy clarified that one of Domuya's sculptors works for Magical Angel--even when being questioned about the company's legitimacy, she was very calm, friendly and informative.

      Impldoll- A lot of their very first dolls had strange proportions, wonky faces and didn't look the same in person as the photos, but they have improved SO much over the last 2-3 years! Some of their sculpts are almost comparable to Iplehouse at half the price. I've owned several bodies from them and they pose like a dream. They also do resin matching and custom colors, send a doll bag with doll orders, and often send free gifts too. In my experience, wait times tend to be under 3 months, sometimes within 30 days!
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    15. I absolutely agree, Angell Studio is awesome. I also absolutely love that they let you choose the faceup design among all the ones they released for their dolls, so you can choose any faceup to be done on the sculpt you order. They were also happy to accommodate a change I requested on the faceup.
      The silicone joint pads they include work so much better than hot glue suedeing in my opinion, that I ordered sets of them for my dolls from other companies.
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    16. Little Monica and Crobidoll! They have gorgeous dolls and I hardly ever see them mentioned.
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    17. Asleep Eidolon. They get criticized for their long wait times, but I think that's a bit unfair. There are much more popular companies with even longer waits, that are much more expensive! Besides which, when I ordered my girl through Mint on Card, I didn't even have to wait that long!
    18. I'd like to add BeYours. Honestly, they're very inexpensive for SD sized dolls, and my boy poses like a dream. He came perfectly strung. They're such nice dolls.
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    19. Someone else has already mentioned Impldoll and Doll Legend, which is great, but I also need to mention Mirodoll and Resinsoul.

      Resinsoul is unbelievable. They let you order just random parts. They will cast dolls in custom colors and make a personalized doll cast just for you. (That's what's involved when you order an elf-eared doll without the elf ears, a conjoined twin doll which hasn't been made conjoined, reduced muscles on a doll torso--they have to make a BJD mold specifically for you--and they'll do it.) Perhaps it's obvious, but this is really above and beyond what is expected of a doll company--and they do it for you relatively inexpensively.

      Mirodoll is the cheapest doll company. They offer multiple sales, and they're also willing to modify their doll sculpts based upon customer feedback. They'll sometimes post the plans for a new doll head or body on the Mirodoll Discussion Forum, and ask that Den of Angels users critique it. Then they actually take the suggestions to heart. This is also kind of unbelievable because for most companies, the sculpt is their baby, they don't want to change it--it's understandable, but listening to your customers also has huge potential for success.

      I also have a soft spot for Xagadoll, although I haven't handled one of their dolls yet (I really want a Black Obsidian Ted and Lara and one of their heart-kneed dolls). This may be less true now, but for a while, there was kind of a dearth of hyper-articulated, mostly realistic, non-limited 1/6th scale dolls from a company which offered both male and female dolls (Lumedoll Lights (single jointed--I think--and discontinued), Limhwa/Eosdoll To You (single jointed), and Soom Fairies (limited), Dimdoll 1/6th (not realistic), Dollmore Neo-Gem (no heel articulation; off-topic), Dollmore 12" FMD (single jointed), etc.).
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    20. Napidoll: They seriously need more love their heads are gorgeous with nice default faceups. Also their normal skin resin matches real skin normal color from Luts. (though now you have to order from their Korean website as their English site is closed down)

      Asleep Eidolon: I have a merman Sachiel from them and he is just wonderful. He has such a serene gentle face, and his merman parts are beautifully detailed and executed. Also their default faceups are nice- bodies pose well too.

      Dollmore: They have awesome clothing, props, furniture and dolls that are amazing quality. Their resin is a nice texture too. Staff is really helpful and go the extra mile to help!
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