What did you learn about money when joining the hobby?

May 22, 2018

    1. This hobby was the only thing that taught me how to save money.
      But the biggest discovery was that, firstly, you can buy the head separately, and the body separately, perhaps even from another company, which means that you need to save up a smaller amount at the time, and secondly, that you can earn on a hobby, doing something for the dolls.
    2. I used to think $99 for a doll was ridiculously expensive, and I have found over years of collecting many different types of dolls that what I once thought was expensive now seems kind of funny and that makes me cringe at the amount I spend now.
    3. I definitely learned to save and to be patient but I also learned that "budget" has no meaning as ive recently gone way beyond what I intended when buying a doll lol :)
      No regrets though
    4. I learned that if I want to I can actually save money, but I still buy dolls with layaways :D I spend more money on cosplay than dolls...
    5. I've learned one simple thing with the doll hobby. I go hard or I go home. I'll screenshot or take note on smaller things I have in mind to make up the parts of a doll I'm working on, yea. However, when I have the money, I spend shamelessly. I don't react in this manner with anything else.....eh, the hobby is worth the gamble.
    6. and I came here to say the exact opposite!
      I have been collecting for as long as I have had an income (technically since before, I started in my teens with birthday money), so I never knew finances outside of dolls. When covid started I spent a few months not ordering online at all, and realized I'M RICH...er than I thought, and hey look at that putting money in savings is easy.
      I feel the need to note I'm not in debt due to dolls, just that I never gave a second look at how quickly and how much buying various doll-related stuff adds up.
      It's motivated me, once the pandemic is settled, to find some sewing lessons so I can start making clothes instead of constantly browsing etsy :sweat
    7. I learned that money will go fast while in this hobby. Simply learning to make things yourself rather than buying them would be more cost effective than what most would think
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    8. make sure not to look on websites at night and to only buy dolls if they are on sale and to throw your money at companies