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What Do You Do While You Wait?

Jul 30, 2016

    1. I didn't see a thread on this yet, maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I'm curious, what do you guys do while waiting for your dolls?

      I have had dolls in the past, but those were unfortunately boxed up and placed away in storage because of a small lack of interest/lack of funds for a few years in the past. Because of their current states I have no access to them for now, so I have a new 1/6th doll on her way, and she's expected in mid-August. So out of curiosity, without an actual canvas to sew for, or make furniture for, what do people do while they wait? Do you guys plan ahead? Start sewing clothes if given the dimensions of the doll? I literally have just been cleaning up a nice spot for her to sit when she gets in (because the poor thing is going to be bald and barely clothed because I haven't found quite the right wig yet).

      I might also comment, I'm a huge roleplayer, so I do have her personality hashed/typed out already, so that's already thought out, and I'm modeling her after one of my more permanent characters.

      I'd love to hear what people do during this weird time time! :thumbup
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    2. Hi! I'm also in this waiting stage haha, I'm waiting for my Ringdoll boy to come in!
      Sometimes I buy clothes for the doll, or at least start looking online for any clothes/props I may want to buy in the future.
      I also name the doll if I haven't already, and start to better develop its character and story! This is what I'm trying to work on now.
      Clearing a nice space is a good idea as well, like you said you're doing. I actually haven't made enough space for him yet, but some day I would love to have a nice shelf I could use as a diorama.
      Anyways, I'm curious to see what others see on this topic too!
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    3. I add to the character's story based on my favorite characters from tv/movies, plan their costume and know the wig I want and some faceup details I want for a certain doll. Then I wait for the doll to find me as I search for them because all the ones I want are sold out! :)
    4. To be completely frank, I go about my life and do all the things that I would be doing that aren't related to dolls. XD Sometimes the wait is kind of nice, because then I get to be a little less obsessed with dolls and focus on some other important things, like my jobs or my other forms of artwork or stories. But sometimes I will plan ahead, like get the doll's dimensions and purchase outfits or make stuff for it. I'll embellish on the stories and artwork of my current dolls and brainstorm how to fit in the next doll. That's the stage I'm at right now. I have yet to even purchase my next doll, but I'm already working on how to fit him into the developing story concerning my other two.
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    5. I usually try to buy a wig, eyes, at least one outfit, shoes and done props or accessories for her while waiting. Also I have a character sheet I've written up that I fill out for all of my dolls, so I do that too. I also role play, so I think about their backstory, what type of place they live and look at floor plans because I even like to see the layout of the house they would live in. If I don't have a doll their size to sew for yet, sometimes I will still go ahead and buy fabric but I don't like sewing without a model.

      After all of that, I kind of put them out of mind if it'll be a long wait. Then maybe check their status once a week or month.
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    6. When I'm waiting for a doll, I usually try to make clothes for it, try to find a wig (and hope it fits...), but mostly watching photos of the doll (when it's not a new release). I also try to find a name for it, which can take quite a lot of time.
    7. I hash out my plans for it, look around for inspiration, and buy things. Once I've pretty much decided on everything (or given up, since I know that receiving the actual doll can turn any plans on their heads), I just go about my life, business as usual, until it comes.
    8. I usually start buying things for the doll -- clothes, shoes and accessories of the right size. And whenever I go I kind of looking around searching for a nice spot as a photo background.
    9. I try to see to having a wig and clothes and eyes come in if I have none that would fit that doll, but honestly, I always end up losing interest and going out of my BJD phase before a doll arrives... I have other hobbies, I would call BJDs a secondary hobby even, so I regularly switch around between them all. It's a bit of a bummer because when the doll does come in, I am much less excited for it than if it came in a week or two (which is why I enjoy buying second hand) but oh well, my BJD phase will come again and then my dolls get all my attention again.
    10. I'm waiting for a resinsoul body to come in for my Phantom head. I usually just buy clothes for them while I wait, or delve into other hobbies like Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, artistic works, or cosplay. Though, I might buy a Hujoo, some watercolor pencils, see if I can find a sealant here, and practice face-ups on it. Or I'll just get another tattoo. Decisions, decisions.

      Oh right, waiting. LOL
      This time for waiting I just bought him an outfit and I'm waiting for a pair of shoes for him to come in the mail. I also made purchases for another doll I just got. He has a shirt and a pair of pants, but other than that, he's completely blank. Waiting for my commission artist to be open again so I can send off both my blank heads for face-ups.
    11. I finally officially ordered my first doll (well just the body for now), and know it'll take a few months to even be ready for shipping so along with just going about life as usual, I browse here and am preparing myself. 0.0 Like reading up on face-up materials and such. Lots to learn. Also trying to find her elusive head. :P I also thought I was pretty set on which character of mine my first doll would be but that kinda got borked so now I'm creating a character around her sculpt instead, so that's fun.
    12. I'm like, super nervous about purchasing a wig quite yet for my doll. She's based off of a roleplaying/video game character, and I think I'd be put more at ease if I see her actual faceup done before purchasing her a wig. I did buy her a cute onesie though to hide her bald head until then. :lol:
    13. See I'd like to be like that, but at the same time when I end up trying to focus on something, I then end up kinda consciously drifting off and day dreaming about it. Though the only thing productive that happen to benefit both the doll and myself is me cleaning up some desk space for her when she arrives.
    14. I have got a long wait for my bjd doll and I am still in the saving stage, so while I wait....I am researching dolls and definitions, as well as, look at lots of pictures and prices. Sew for, make wigs for and work on customization of non BJD dolls that I already own. Dream about dioramas and settings for dolls. Talk to other doll people. Think about dolls. Dream about dolls and hope to win the lottery someday to make dolls come to me faster!
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    15. Well if I won the lotto, I don't think I'd have the dolls come to me at a faster pace I would just have more dolls coming to me at whatever pace they please.

      Where are you doing most of your research?
    16. Well, I've been in the doll business for quite some time selling suri alpaca doll hair mostly, so I have talked to quite a few doll people and got turned on to bjds through my customer base. I recently joined several facebook groups for BJDs. I'm 44 years old so I'm a bit slow to get on the social media band wagon.

      I must say, joining the groups has not helped:) I have learned a lot and seen many bjds from box opening to custom. All it has made me want to do is buy bjds now-lol! I even joined a bjd sales /trade group there just to see if anyone would want to trade doll hair for one. No takers yet, but there is always hope! I heard about DoA through the groups, too.

      Also, I have been putting random bjd words, dolls and Artists, when I come across tantalizing names and phrases, in the browser search to see where it will take me. I've found so many wonderful things that way, too.

      Now I've started to look through all the wonderful bits here. Glad I did! I thought that I had my first doll all figured out, but learned here that the website that I was eyeing sells recasts. As an Artist myself, I will not be going there. Rather pay more money for my doll than buy a stolen idea:)
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    17. That's always a good way to research, I wish you luck on the alpaca hair though - I hear it can be quite a handful to actually wash, clean, and if you do, dye properly before it's sell-able.
    18. Hi, Sabrekitty! I have had a great time researching bjds. It has been both exciting and educational:)

      Thank you for the well wishes on making doll hair! I have been making doll hair for sale on Etsy for over 7 years and still find it very enjoyable. I sell it combed, washed dyed (or left natural) and ready to use. I find the process very meditative and satisfying. I love talking to my customers and hearing about their doll visions and their custom colour ideas. I have had so many fabulous colour combos custom ordered that I would never have thought to pair and been like....Wow, who would have thought! Those colours are awesome! I love how the hair looks when it is all colourful and nice and ready to be shipped. I do think that my favorite part, is when the doll moms and artists send me pictures of the finished doll and I get see those creative visions in full colour!
    19. I'm receiving my doll in a month hopefully. I already got her several wigs and outfits during the waiting time (I couldn't decide on one), so now I also have options and when the doll is here I can make her complete. I wasn't planning to much on a character, I think I'll be able to decide once she's here.
    20. I usually continue my research: hair fiber for doll, fabric, modding supplies, potential names. I also sketch my clothing and modification plans.