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What do you know about Lovelyhouse dolls?

Nov 1, 2005

    1. I was wondering iff anyone could give me more information about these dolls cause I really like the bodies and I don't understand their korean website ^^..

    2. I don't think she makes them anymore?

      I wanted a Shinma but from what I understand, it's impossible to get them from the maker. :(
    3. Supposedly they're just taking a break because they're very busy with school. Occasionally they put up one or two on eBay, so you might want to watch out for that.

      They do have an english website...if no one gives you the link before then, when I get back onto my normal computer, I'll post it.

      I think they're smaller than most boys...SD sized, rather than SD13. And the girls, I'm not sure about the boys, have a backnub that seems to have broken on quite a few dolls.
    4. LH is run by one person. The dolls currently aren't in production, she had a death in the family. And yes, they're closer to SD10 sized.

      There's a ShinCho in the marketplace right now if you're interested.
    5. I (okay, my sister) own(s) an LH girl body (not head) and it's one of our coolest dolls.

      Then again, I say that about ALL my dolls, so.... **snickers**
    6. :o Run by one person! That's amazing!