What do you like about big dolls?

Aug 23, 2020

    1. I like MSD and smaller, as small as they can go.
      There are SD sculpts that I like, but the big size just turns me off no matter how much I like the sculpt. I just don't understand the appeal of bigger dolls or bigger anything. I prefer miniatures and small things.

      But that's just my personal preference. I see that the large doll thread category has the most posts, and a lot of BJD companies seem to be releasing SD dolls more often than MSDs or smaller.
      So I want to understand what BJD collectors like about their big dolls and what people like about them. What do you like about dolls bigger than a MSD (SD size and up)? What is the appeal for you? What about them is something that you can't enjoy with little dolls? Why do you collect bigger dolls more than smaller dolls (or vice versa)?
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    2. I prefer smaller sized dolls as well, but my limit is 1:6, anything smaller and I'll get paranoid about losing parts and never finding them again. I prefer smaller sizes because they are not as overwhelming (for me) in size. I own mostly larger BJD however, but only because that's all there was in the earlier years of the hobby. I would have purchased smaller mature dolls, had that been an option.

      I do love my larger dolls because I chose them and paid for all myself (except for my 1st all resin BJD, which was an Xmas gift), it wasn't something anyone forced me into getting. I have modified and repainted most of them over the years, and I have bonded with each in different ways. Larger dolls are very impressive in real life, and easier to sew for, as well as easier to paint and customize overall. More so. for someone like me, with terrible trembly hands. They are great dolls for people with tons for energy I feel (or strength), but I'm not one of those lucky people. I wouldn't sell the dolls I own now, but I wouldn't have purchased a larger one, had there been smaller mature options back in the day. They are easier to shop for, or so I've heard, I don't purchase ready made clothes for any of my BJD. I do believe it is easier to buy eyes for them, although I already stopped purchasing BJD related items for over a decade now. I have seen eyes that are more impressive for the larger sizes, than for the smaller ones. They are also probably easier to photograph, but maybe that's just because I suck at photography. DX
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    3. I like both small and big dolls
      I like bigger dolls because I feel like I can have more fine details, and I like smaller dolls because they are easier to carry around.
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    4. I chose an SD for my first mainly because I loved the sculpt, but I also thought, at the back of my head, that it would be easier to sew for her. You have a lot more things that are more or less "in scale" already (buttons, zippers, etc.)

      But, if I fell for a 1/6 doll instead, I would have crafted him his own house, because furniture seems easier at this scale.

      So pros and cons on both sides!
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    5. Big dolls are more impressive (in every sense). When I look at them, I no longer have the feeling that this is just a toy.
      At first, I also considered this format too big for me. I sold my first SD, then when I already had a number of 1/6 size dolls, I bought a large doll again. He was my grail, I admired him while spending time with the smaller ones. Then I just got used to owning such large dolls and bought more.
      I can't describe exactly how I feel about them, but it is definitely different from how I feel about small dolls. I'm somehow easier for small ones and large doll are the artwork for me.
      And yes, they are easier to sew on.
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    6. i really like the sheer presence of bigger dolls! most of the dolls i have are 1/4, but i knew from the second i unboxed my first sd that it was the right size for me? they're more inconvenient to handle and carry around, but i like how they feel in my arms and how there's generally More Doll to admire. i can't do anything smaller than an msd - i get too anxious about losing or breaking them, which is definitely less of an issue with the bigger guys. clothes and accessories also feel easier to come by with larger dolls, though that could just be me.
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    7. They're just awesome :D I recently had to decide upon owning only one size (due to space and constant moving lol) and I decided to keep my standard SD girls (SD10-SD13). The things I love about them the most are the following:
      1. All the cutests high heels are in this size (I usually buy SD16 which is a perfect fit, just higher than the ones labelled as sd13 :D).
      2. When I use patterned fabric, I don't have to worry that much about the scale as with smaller dolls.
      3. Though I don't care about other people's opinion when it comes to dolls, I am happy to own things that are visually impressive and don't just appear to be toys. I can be then taken more seriously.
      4. Sewing is easier, especially when I want to do some intricate beadwork, etc.
      5. My favourite sculpts are in this size - both realistic and animesque.
      6. The price-to-size ratio is most cost-effective in this size as regards the clothes and accessories. (with the dolls themselves, I'd say it's the MSDs though :D )
      7. When I take some outdoor photos, I don't have to worry they'll end up not reaching the level of colourful blossoms (when I owned YoSDs and now Barbies, often, the only option is either holding the doll in hand next to the flower, or just photographing the soil background lol
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    8. Most of my crew are 1/4 size and I never really had any plans to go larger, but then a 65cm guy just kinda happened and I've grown very fond of him and the size in general now that I've had some experience with it. I love how easy it is to find clothing, and especially nicely made shoes, for him. Outside of a single lucky purchase off of someone on IG, I've never so much as even seen boots for 1/4 size that aren't the round, chunky toed type, and the sneakers I've come across aren't much better. My big guy, though? All of the questionably outdated premade stuff I fancy that's meant for SD17 guys work perfectly for him, even if he is considered a tiny bit skinny compared to the Volks "standard". Poor guy's wound up my fashion plate. If it wasn't for me being unwilling to mess with his discontinued company faceup, he'd likely resemble a mid-90s VK artist by now.

      Oddly enough, there's just something about how heavy he is that's kind of endearing, too? I've had him sat on my lap for hours while I've worked on wigs for him and, while he was awkward at times depending on the direction because I wasn't quite used to his faceplate yet, something about his heft just felt, er... satisfying, somehow? It's kind of hard to explain, but I've seen others with larger dolls reference a similar feeling. Maybe it's a comfort thing, like why weighted blankets are popular. It's kind of nice to just chill with him sometimes.

      I will say, though, that the idea of bringing him to an IRL meetup is a little daunting. I'd love to do it, especially because from what I can tell the majority of people who attend also prefer to bring larger dolls and group photos wouldn't be nearly as awkward as it's been with my 45cm boys, but I'd have to work out how to transport him safely and comfortably. I can just throw a bubble mask onto the smaller guys and bundle them up in their cushioned blanket in my backpack and it's super easy (stubborn knees not withstanding), but he's A Lot and I feel I'd have to look into some sort of proper case if I want to take him out sometime.
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    9. Is everything a fair option?
      But really I enjoy dolls of all sizes, though I more often than not go for big dolls. With my fave size of male or female being 65cms to 68cms. I like the feel, and size of bigger dolls, and the details. I also find many of my big ones pose better then some of my 1/4th and my even fewer 1/6th dolls. I have a Granado doll titan and that's my max size for a doll, for smallest I can go YoSD/Littlefee. For me it's about look/character, and posing as much scale. Most my dolls that are 1/4th I have modeled to be younger teens like 13ish, and then my Yos are tiny little kids. (With a handful of out of scale grown up smaller dolls where mold was too perfect so to heck with size or scale..) So like that Titan is meant to be a Hulk like superhero in scale to my other dolls.

      One thing I love in this hobby is no two people are 100% the same with, we all have our own styles, and favorites. I enjoy bigger dolls, though have many smaller ones I love just as much.
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    10. The vast majority of my collection are minis (they're my favorite size :whee:) but I DO have 10 dolls over 50cm. I think I mostly just like how substantial they are- they have a nice and heavy hand feel. Handling a large resin doll is just a completely different experience from handling a mini, and the weight of their pieces effects their posing and stuff differently. This has pros and cons depending on the doll, but I just like the experience generally.

      And sometimes it's just the sculpt, and size doesn't really matter. :lol: Like I'd certainly PREFER DC Snowborn at 50cm, but he only comes in 70+ and I like the sculpt so much that I takes what I can gets, you know?
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    11. I so like smaller dolls too, but I like the level of detail that you can get with bigger dolls in terms of dressing and accessories.

      The smaller the doll the harder it is to get fabrics that are in-scale, not just in terms of the pattern, but in terms of the thickness and drape of the fabric - and the harder it is to fit in all the detail that making clothes for larger dolls allows. Also, while I can sew, and have sewn, for dolls down as small as RealPuki (and 1/12th scale dollshouse dolls). I simply don't enjoy doing it. The fiddleyness outweighs any enjoyment from creating the clothes. Most of my tiny dolls have bought clothes and I concentrate on sewing for LittleFee/Yo-SD size and upward.

      And in terms of dressing my dolls in historical styles, the smaller the doll, the more "cheats" I have to incorporate in terms of leaving out and/or faking underlayers because the bulk of even the finest fabrics adds considerably to the doll's measurements and the finished outer-layer can so easily look bulky and out of proportion if all the period-correct underlayers are included. The bigger the doll, the less of an issue that becomes (in fact my Lusion is the combination of big doll with out-of-proportion tiny waist that means I could probably put her in all the correct Victorian layers of petticoats without making her look fat around the middle when her dress is over the top of them.

      Mostly I sew for my SD size gang though. They're small enough to be easy to handle and not to heavy to carry around at meets and events, and large enough to sew for without trouble finding in-scale fabrics, fastenings and trim and without having to compromise too much on underlayers and "cheats".

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    12. I used to collect 1/6 scale figures and its amazing what detail can be done at that scale. Having said that, a while ago i roughly finished and stringed my own doll. She's about 75cm tall and she really is a presence in the room. Even my cat thought it was a real (alien) person in the house :)
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    13. You are like me, but regarding small dolls, since they are so unappealing to me.

      SD are so perfect. I think 60 cm embodies the best height among all the dolls. 75 cm would be too much for me and 40 cm is already too small.There is a wide range of style: I can buy a weird-stylish Dollzone or a beautiful Volks SD13 or an artistic SD like Lillycat or Twigling. Also, outfits are always detailed and different in style: plus, it's easier to find a seamstress for SD outfits.
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    14. My collection ranges from 75 cm to down below 10 cm, with everything else in between. There's something about those two extremes that really appeal to me though, I'm always flopping between Make It Bigger! and But Can It Go Smaller :lol:

      When I first started collecting and going to meets the big dolls really felt intimidating and like they were too much. My first was an MSD and it was a perfect size, I had no desire to go bigger. After that I got a YO and a Narsha, which is in the 30 - 35 cm range. But I started to get a bit braver and people let me hold their bigger dolls at meets ... And I ended up buying several SD of my own.

      Fast forward several years and my SDs out number the rest of my collection. As others have said they are quite impressive to look at, and have quite the presence in a room. I love how heavy they are (it's comforting to me) and mine have more mature, "older" looking faces compared to the smaller ones that tend to skew "younger". Clothing can get a lot more detailed and there's more room on their faces and bodies to customize. My biggest boy is 75cm and my biggest girl is 66cm, and honestly I want to go Bigger. In fact, my Ultimate Grail doll is a Dollmore Trinity, who stands at 110 cm and can literally wear children's size clothing! I can't help but love the idea of her sheer presence and how fun she'd be to dress and shop for.

      That said my current obsessions are actually the smaller artist and fashion sized dolls. I love their uniqueness and the size is great for making sets and they work well with miniatures (clothing is another issue though). It's that flopping between extremes I mentioned haha

      There are so many more dolls and sizes available now than when I started 10 or so years ago, and I love how unique and varied that's made everyone's collections and experiences :D it's made it fun to explore different styles and sizes and finding the pros and cons of each.
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    15. I love miniatures and have both 1/12 and 1/6 miniature collections, but I specifically ordered a 1/3 doll because I'm sick of sewing tiny ass doll clothes that are hard to add details to. I want to sew historic dresses so I wanted to work in a large enough scale for more details and layers that are impossible (for me) to do in 1/12 and challenging or impossible in 1/6. I'm also going to steal pretty dresses from any similar sized porcelain dolls I can thrift and adjust the fit. I've got one in the closet (freebie from my sister who got gifted a bunch for her stepdaughter) who has some lacy bloomers and nice leather boots I'm hoping will fit with minimal adjustments.

      So the appeal for me was in larger, easier sewing. Also more fabric variety since the larger you go the more fabrics will drape realistically at that scale.
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    16. I have a mix of sizes at present. At one stage I thought I preferred MSD and under, so I sold off all but one of my SDs. It turned out I was wrong about that and my SD collection has grown again. I feel that the larger size appeals to me as they're so different to a standard doll and I really enjoy working on SDs as I like to take on big projects.
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    17. I like the style and proportion of the bigguns. I love how they look in clothes, how much detail they can have, etc, etc. Plus, the semi-realistic style I like is mostly with SDs. I also like tinies, but just the little fantasy ones. I want a crew of tiny fantasy creatures, but haven't found anymore I like than my one right now. The one size I am not really into is MSDs. Too big to be cute fantasy creatures, too small to fit all the detail of the bigguns.
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    18. I have 1/6 all the way up to 72 cm and have ultimately decided I prefer 65 cm and up. It was very difficult to tie all of the little bows and corset on my Pink Bear and Black Cat. Such small accessories! I felt much safer manhandling my bigger crew.

      Mostly though, I enjoy the weight and presence of larger dolls. They are a statement and centerpiece when you enter the room. Your eyes gravitate towards them and I frequently get comments during Zoom calls at work asking what that is in the background. Holding them feels comforting and I enjoy feeling like I have several large companions alongside me in my study which the smaller dolls don't contribute to as much. Personal preference!
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    19. I have both big and smaller dolls. Most of my smaller dolls are cute animals and not “people” though (cocoriang, aileen doll etc).
      Actually I also prefer smaller things in general, specially because I have space problems. That said almost all my human like bjds are 40cm~60cm, most bring the second one. It just happened that way, wasn’t a choice. I just fell in love with them and that’s it. Specially Angell Studio’s mermaids, I love them more than any bjd out there and they are only in the SD scale:pout::...(. I also deslike kids and any childish looking dolls, so smaller dolls usually don’t have a sculpt that appeals to me.
      Other thing is, even if I’m not that big or tall, I’m both energetic and strong. So I have no problem at all to handle bigger dolls. Have to agree that thaking them out isn’t the easiest thing, since I always take the train...and for that they usually stay home.
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    20. My first doll was an Iplehouse FID boy. Sort of in the middle of MSD and SD I suppose. I liked him (still do) but he was (is) really small. Next doll was an Iplehouse SID. 65cm chunky boy. I loved that size instantly. After that my crew has grown with an MSD girl (44,5cm), 2 YOSDs and 11 SDs. Still one SD girl coming and I have 6 SD floating heads waiting for a day I have the money and inspiration to get bodies for them. Probably need more space too.
      The SDs are just easier to handle, photograph and pose in my opinion. I often have a doll hanging out with me. The SDs are much more convenient size for that.
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