What do you look out for when buying doll clothes?

Sep 28, 2018

    1. I kinda just let myself go crazy when I'm looking at clothes. Anything I like, I add to my cart. Then I go back and look over everything and pick things out of it.
      I delete the things I'm not in love with, set aside the things that I want that are currently out of my price range to save for them later, and order the things I love that I can currently afford.
    2. The first thing I look at is how the piece of clothing fits the doll modeling it. If the fit doesn't look right I pass.

      Next, I look at how the doll is posed and displayed. I know that has nothing to do with the outfit but I think that if the clothing artist hasn't taken the time to make her doll look nice then I don't want to spend time looking at the outfit.

      Third, I look at the quality.

      Fourth, I look at the price.

      All of my dolls are little girls so the outfits I pick for them are cute ensembles that little girls would wear.
    3. I look for the opposite - I'm buying the clothes, not the doll modelling it. I'd rather buy from a picture that shows off all the features of the clothes than one posed prettily to show off the doll.

      I HATE sales pictures that have loads of "artistically posed" shots from different camera angles, but not a single shot of the doll, from the front, facing forward, with artms down by their sides (preferably a side and a back view of the same pose) so I can tell exactly where the hem of the skirt falls, what level the waist of the dress or trousers is at etc. I don't care how pretty the dress looks if shown with the camera pointing down at the doll, that is no help at all for illustrating whether the hem of the skirt falls above, at, or below the knee.

      And as for sales photo's of trousers - Why are so many of them shown with an untucked shirt hanging over the trousers so you can't see how the waist fits, or how high/low waisted they are!!? Sometimes you'll get a shot with the shirt tucked in or no shirt on, but the doll's arm is "artistically" posed so it obscures the very details you need to see. It drives me mad.

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    4. I try to go for full outfits, I gather over a period of time. I do spend a lot when I am buying clothes. It is a choice I make. That being said, There are lots of quality full outfits to buy that are underpriced for what you get.