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What do you tell people who dont know what bjds are?

May 31, 2007

    1. I just got my first bjd.So I thought Id take her to my friends house.His mom asked me what kind of doll she was.All I could tell her is that she was a ball joint doll.But I didnt know what else to say about her.So Im interested to see what other people tell people who dont know what bjds are..If you have any hints since no one in my neighboorhood seems to know what they are besides me..
    2. I talk about my ABJD in passing, I've never had her in person with anyone who didn't know what she was. I usually say "They're Asian dolls made of resin. They're very realistic and poseable, and designed to be customized."

      More often than not I get "Cool!" as a response. Then again most of the people I know don't have any preconceptions.
    3. I always just say they're like giant customizable action figures.
    4. Generally I say they are art doll, high quality from asia that are fully customizable & posable.
    5. I say that they're Korean (or Japanese, depending on which one I have with me at the time) collectors' art dolls. :3
    6. I get people asking me in the fabric store if I made mine. I explain that I make all their clothes, but that they are customizable dolls from Japan.
    7. Usually I just show them. Because saying they're dolls isn't going to be enough. Most people then think they are large Barbies...
    8. I usually tell people that they're called Asian ball jointed dolls and are made of resin. They're strung with elastic and are very posable and are made to be customizable. Or something along those lines--when I have one of my dolls out in public, there's usually people who are curious.
    9. "Barbies. Only, expensive and not plastic."

      "But those are not barbies!!"

      "Oh good! So you won't call them that, right?"
    10. When people that aren't familiar with ABJDs ask about my dolls, my standard response is, "They're handmade dolls from Japan and Korea." Sometimes they follow-up with where I bought them and how much they cost. (If in the right mood, I like to joke I'd rather buy a doll than say, a Prada purse, or Versace high heels, hee hee.)
    11. Ah I tried explaining to a few friends an telling them what they are an what they do. The guys tend to think I am crazy for spending so much an say it much be a girl thing U_U one girl say they scare her an doesnt understand an one really like them but says they aint worth it.

      I start with saying that they are high quality customizable dolls from Japan. So at least they see that they are hig value for the price. Then tell them I can make their clothes etc usually sparks a few interest but I cant help but feel that they are jealous of th emoney I spent lol XD
    12. I usually describe them as being a bit like a modern version the old German jointed dolls (Most of the people who ask about my crew are older ladies, and a surprising number of them are familiar with those-), just made of resin and better jointed. I tend to talk about how well they pose, and how easy it is to change the way they look... how their faces are painted, their hair and eyes... their outfits. I also mention that most of them come from Japan, Korea or China, and that they're made in all kinds of sizes. ^_^
    13. It depends what the group asking is. If it's at a con or my group of friends, I say "Well, you know Rozen Maiden? It's like that, only mine aren't possessed." ;)

      If it's a stranger or the city Doll-Club, I tell them "It's a customizable hobby/artist doll from Asia. They're made of resin. I collect 'em."

      More often than not, people think they're interesting and want to hold them (feel the weight, joints, etc). The other half of the time, people are really creeped out by them O.o (pediophobia, perhaps?)
    14. That is almost verbatim what I tell people. ^_^
    15. "They come from Korea, mostly, and they're very expensive, mostly, and you can change their hair and their eyes, look!"

      That pretty much covers it for most people. If they're really interested I tell them a bit about how they're based on the old German ball-jointed dolls, how I paint their faces and bodies and make the clothes, what exactly resin is and how they're held together - but not many people are actually that interested. They usually just want to know enough that they can go and find out more if it takes their fancy.
    16. When I first showed my boyfriend a doll I said, "Look at these dolls from Japan! Aren't they just lovely?"

      "Great...Another thing I have to compete against..."

      He doesn't like things from Japan, he blames Dir en Grey, But he's just crazy. Most other people I just show pictures and they think they're really pretty.
    17. Asian collector dolls with ball-joints jointed with string. :D
    18. I just say they're ball-jointed art dolls from Japan/Korea/etc. I never had any Barbie questions/comments by throwing in "art doll". That term tends to make things sound more exotic and special to people not in the hobby. :cake:
    19. I generally don't talk about them unless someone asks, then I say they are dolls from japan and sort of cultish, just to simplify it. Oh and I mention you can customise them to look how ever you want just to make them more personal.
    20. "They're Resin Dolls made from Japan. They're handmade. You can change the eyes and wig and things!"