What do you think about asymmetry?

Nov 19, 2017

    1. I've come to the conclusion that I actually like a bit of asymmetry/imperfection, in real people and dolls. I like the ones whose ears don't quite match, or who have crooked smiles. It's a rare thing in dolls, as symmetry seems to be an aesthetic ideal. I have no problem with the perfect beauties, but they hold much less appeal to me: all the big eyes and pouty, Cupid's bow lips. I prefer a more natural human look.

      What're your thoughts on the subject?
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    2. I'd never really thought about it but when you mention it I actually really like little things like that about dolls that make them seem more 'human'. Like sculpts with bigger noses or when people give their dolls acne, stuff like that really makes them into the little characters we're trying to create! Cuz people aren't perfect so why should our dolls/characters be?
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    3. I actually adore a little asymmetry. Now, there is a limit to just how much I can tolerate though. If its an intention small difference okay..but if it literally is just an oversight in a poorly sculpted head it bothers me.
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    4. I’ll admit asymmetry does bother me a little. Mostly when trying to place the eyes and they don’t line up right because one eye well is slightly off. No matter how hard I try to get the eyes right, they never will be due to the way the head was sculpted. This drives me nuts!
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    5. I think most people do enjoy a lil bit of asymmetry because they feel it gives them a bit more of a 'personality'?

      And in general i tend to like seeing real people who have that crooked smile going on because i find it charming. But otherwise it goes against my overall aesthetic so I aim for complete symmetry when possible. It bugs me to no end if i notice one eye is higher than the other or the nose is crooked or what have you because I cant physically change that without a mod.
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    6. Real people are asymmetric. So when a doll, portrait, whatever, is totally symmetrical it will sub-consciously look fake or strange to a viewer. So of course I prefer some minor asymmetry in my dolls as I want them to look real. Since they are sculpts by people rather than computers, most sculpts DO have minor asymmetry (that really can only be seen by measuring)
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    7. I love crooked lips on people. I definitely don't mind a bit of asymmetry in people but for my dolls, I prefer symmetry. To me, they are dolls and I'm fine with them looking like dolls. (aka "perfect")

      Now that's not to say that those super realistic looking dolls with the uneven skin and freckles and stuff aren't cool, because they are! They are very cool. But that's the faceup that's asymmetrical, not the actual sculpt.
    8. This is why I love Atelier Momoni. I wish I could afford one of her dolls, but it's just not happening right now. They're so beautiful though.
    9. I know it's extremely hard for some people to realize, but if a sculpt (or a painting, etc) of a face is done by a human (NOT a computer) it will be asymmetrical. The only way to make sure both halves of a face are the same is to sculpt one half then use that flipped as the other half. Therefore ALL the dolls that are hand-sculpted (which I do believe are the majority of BJDs among others) will have those slight differences.
      I'm simply stating some non-apparent facts.
      Dolfie Dreams, however, & other such dolls, I do think ARE symmetrical. Barbies & such certainly are.
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    10. I like a little bit most of the time. I don't want my dolls to be "perfect", as they all represent regular humans in their stories. So the ears having slightly different shape, the smile a tiny bit uneven, the nose slightly crooked--love it! The only time I really don't like it is if it's just too obvious, then it feels like the sculpt was rushed or the artist was careless, like if one eye is much bigger than the other or the ears are at very different levels. I can't remember what sculpt it was, but I once painted a doll who had one eye significantly lower than the other and nothing I could do made it look right. The eyelids/tear ducts were nearly non-existent too, so it felt like someone had just randomly and unevenly punched eyeholes into this poor thing's head. That kind of asymmetry is not at all appealing to me.
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    11. Nobody is perfectly symmetrical, so why should dolls be? XD
    12. Actually i'd like to append to my comment because i noticed i wasn't quite accurate with my first statement lmao

      I think that perfect symmetry is great for the moods that i aim for with my art and with my own sculpts which is a sort of otherworldly inhuman perfection that we could never reach so i think it's great to have a selection of sculpts that have that perfect symmetry!

      But also i absolutely adore people who look like theyve been punched in the face and their nose was never set properly or like with old people where like one eyelid droops more than another...i think i just like old people but thats another topic lmao. But I dont think it looks rushed, i find it really charming.

      What I dont tend to like is actually that middle ground where you can tell they tried to be as symmetrical as humanly possible but messed up (as we tend to do) and then i notice it and realize i cant fix that for them and now i just gotta deal with it
    13. I don't mind a little asymmetry in my dolls! Like a lot of people have already mentioned it gives the doll 'character' and uniqueness just a like a real person. I'm personally quite fond of dolls with crooked smiles (looking at you Iplehouse :)) as I have one myself, so it's nice seeing it on dolls who more often than not have 'perfect' smiles :XD:
    14. I have not been really watching intensely the symmetry or lack of it of my own dolls, even though, a couple of them have evident asymmetric faces, and I can say I like them the same as my almost symmetric ones.
      Your question reminded me my younger brother commented that the face of one of my dolls was not symmetric when I showed to him (when I received it), I was just barely conscious of that before he mentioned it :P
      I guess I don't really mind if there is or not symmetry in my sculpts as long as I like them
    15. I've always been very attracted to people with unusual faces and so naturally asymmetry is something I adore in people and dolls. Now, it's kind of hard to explain what makes asymmetry in a doll look beautiful and what makes it look poorly sculpted but I think the more realistic a doll looks the more it's suited to asymmetry. Honestly I wish there were more "imperfect" dolls! In the effort to make each doll idyllic I feel many end up looking very similar...
    16. I love dolls with character as well, to me they just look that much more human. One of mine has a notably different ear which will eventually play into a story of mine. I sure wish they would make more heads with a half smirk or even a crooked nose because I swear I would buy them all :D
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    17. I was referring to deliberate, noticeable asymmetry! Like the lopsided smiles and odd ears. I have a doll sculpted to have one ear deliberately different to the other: I requested the artist do this for me when he was commissioned. He also has a dimple/crease on one side of his face but not the other. I'm an artist and sculptor myself, so I know they're never going to be bang on like mirrored 3D sculpts but most dolls are sculpted to a traditional aesthetic of beauty, which usually involves getting them as symmetrical as possible. I've seen rants, artist criticism and YouTube tears over sculpts that are noticeably asymmetrical. Admittedly, they're the minority and are probably upset with very sculpting errors rather her than deliberate imperfections. My next commission will not be symmetrical at all: broken nose and crooked mouth. I want him to look that way, though!

      And you're right: Barbies and DDs etc hold little appeal to me because of it.

      That's interesting. Seeing their almost perfection as otherworldly and I understand why that appeals.
      It's also probably a great starting point for mods, as opposed to a sculpt that already has its imperfections in.

      And yeah, bad sculpting isn't great. I think that because my imperfect sculpts are Minimee commissions, it's obvious that they're meant to look that way, while with an original sculpt it needs to be expertly done not to just look like bad sculpting.
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    18. I don't like the perfectly symmetrical faces as much as the asymmetrical ones. A little bit of asymmetry adds visual interest and a lifelike quality, and even when it's a bit more pronounced and I have to "correct" it with a face-up (like when the eyes are different heights or something) I still prefer it to total perfection. :kitty2
    19. I don't like asymmetry, but just a little is ok for me, for people are asymmetric actually. If it's too serious, I cannot accept.
    20. Yup yup! I understand the appeal of both sides but I tend to like really dreamy and surreal aesthetics and a “perfect” face tends to fit better. I enjoy all the perfect faces out there and I think there should be a decent amount for both sides of the spectrum!

      Minimees are based off people though right? I think a better judge for them would be how close it hits the likeness of that person in that particular case rather than based on symmetry alone :0c