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What do you think about the DoI (Dream Of Idol) body?

Feb 15, 2008

    1. I just dropped by the DOD site and checked on what's new and I found out about the DOI body.

      So what you guys think about it? Sexy or scary or finally-thank-god-they've got-muscles?

      The side and back contouring of muscles actually scare me(in a positve sort of way that is-if there's a positive way.:sweat) It looks so real now. Reminds me of Genjo Sanzo.

      Share your insights guys.:)

    2. Gar, I saw the DOI dolls. At first the bodies scared me but I guess it would better without body blushing which is probably the standard of which they come with....or so I hope.

      (Well thats my preference)

      But they are definatly nicely detailed, though I do wonder what a DOI is like in person though ; D *shot*(Yeah I really want one ;_; )
    3. Uhmhm. I agree.:) It'll look better without the blushing because it'll exaggerate the muscles.

      The site says its about 28inch tall. So it's gonna be bigger than my t-square?:o whoa!!
    4. :) I have a DOI with me, and they're fantastic. At first i was worried about the elbow joint, on their pictures they look like they jagg out, but they really dont. Not to the point where it's really noticeable... and the abs are so yummy D:
    5. I like Luke V.2 most.

      Which one do You have at home Ai Kazi? Do You have pictures?

      Can You tell me about the quality? Did You order a faceup? Was it ok? How is the posing of the doll?

      Thanks for Your time!
    6. Oh, they are yummy indeed~ I love their broad chest and shoulders too. It makes them look proportionate and not very thin and lanky compared to other 70cm boys.

      I find that their arms are a bit difficult to hold some poses tho >_<
    7. Celyne -- how do you find your Luke compares in height to your E-An? Is it the same difference as a SD to an MSD? Or could you pose them together in a picture and not have it look too funky?

      Also, what companies make clothes that fit the DOI bodies? I'm an accomplished seamstress, but I also want to buy things for my dorries because I can be lazy when it comes to my own creations.
    8. kitastical - She's like a very short girl next to a very tall guy. But, you can put them side-by-side in a picture and not have it look too awkward :)


      Here's a thread with more pic requests of DoI and DoT

      As for clothes, I had mine made too ^^;; But I hear Dollmore Model clothes fit DoIs well.
    9. I think the body is fine, but have you seen their ummm.... "parts?" They are in a very strange location! More like in between the thighs, a lot lower than it should be.
    10. It is a lot lower than it should be, it's to make them able to wear pants. Looks fine actually.
    11. I think it's quite bugly really, it doesn't look natural at all!:huh?:
    12. About that 'part' - it throws the measurement of pants a little off ^^ ... it looks okay until you look at their butt from behind ^^;;;;
    13. I really like the new body makes me want one even more lol
    14. I've been eyeing up the DoI dolls for quite a few months now - even before my first doll arrived - and I've finally saved up enough to order one. But before I do, I'd like to ask a few questions and I hope someone can answer them for me :sweat

      I've searched the board for information on DoIs already and I have a good idea of what kind of clothes and shoes will fit them, but some of the info given is from when there were less DoIs around and before other companies came out with 70cm boys too. So I'm hoping for some more up to date info if possible!

      I'd like to ask about the following;

      1) How well does the DoI body pose?

      The doll I have right now is a DoC so he's relatively smaller than a DoI and is easy to pose. Since the DoI is larger though, is it difficult getting them to stand and hold poses? (I'm willing to seude him if I have to or even try my hand at wiring him if I need to, but I want to know how well a DoI holds a pose straight out of the box :XD: )

      2) Does Dollmore Model sized clothes and Luts Super Senior Delf clothes fit DoIs?

      I've seen the measurements for all three types of 70cm dolls and compared them and there are differences here and there so I know some clothes may be too tight for a DoI (especially when it comes to pants)... but I was wondering how well the clothes that do fit the DoI... err... fit them? Too loose? too tight? Just right? Also, if anyone could give me suggestions on where to buy casual clothes for a DoI, that'll be great :D

      3) How heavy are DoIs?

      I'm asking this question out of curiosity more than anything else. I have a habit of sitting my DoC on my lap when I'm at the computer (he's sitting there right now as I'm typing) and I was wondering if anyone does the same except with a DoI or whether they're too lanky/heavy to sit on one's lap?

      Thanks in advance to any and all who can answer my questions for me or give me suggestions on where to buy clothes for DoIs! :aheartbea
    15. Eh I'll try to answer some..

      1. Good. I only have a 70 cm Dollzone so compared to that he's like the most poseable thing ever. Straight out of the box he's a bit kicky in the arms though. Mine needs loosening up the string anyway. He stand decently really. Finding his balance was a bit tricky but once he stands it's pretty firm.

      2. For what I have to compare: Mine fits SD size Anotherspace jackets, SD sized boots and hound/Model sized pants that are a bit baggy.

      3. Mine sits on my lap all the time. He's not too heavy for carrying or sitting on your lap but definitely too heavy and bulky for sitting on your shoulder. *gets on scale* He weighs 2 kilos.
    16. 1) How well does the DoI body pose?

      I had some problems with posing him when he got here because he was strung very tight and his arms would tend to not stay in the poses I wanted them in. All it took was a little sueding, and now he poses very well!

      2) Does Dollmore Model sized clothes and Luts Super Senior Delf clothes fit DoIs?

      I really am not sure about the clothing you asked about, but I have a lot of Hound size clothes that fit Blisdon really well. I would have to say that the best fit on him though, has been the SD17 size clothes I've bought from 4D. I only have a shirt and a pair of pants from them, but they are by far my favorite thing for him to wear. I don't know if ALL SD17 clothes would fit them, but 4D's sure seems to.

      3) How heavy are DoIs?

      You know, I honestly expected Blisdon to be heavier. All I heard on the forums before I got him was how heavy the DOI's were, and when I got him I really didn't think it was that bad. Then again, he's my first doll, so I have nothing to compare it to.
    17. 2) Does Dollmore Model sized clothes and Luts Super Senior Delf clothes fit DoIs?

      well I've never had a DoI but I do know Dollmore tend to make their clothes on the baggy side, the jeans fit the Dollzone doll I had with room to spare and Dollzones are genrally chunkier than Model boys
    18. Voynich, Loagaeth, vulpes - thanks for answering my questions :D

      I'm glad that it seems the DoIs can hold poses pretty well with a little tweaking and it seems they're not as heavy as I imagined they would be either.

      I'll have to look into Hound sized clothing, but with the answers I've got, I think I'm definitely going to order my DoI later tonight or tomorrow.

      Thanks again for answering my questions ^^

      (And if anyone wants to contribute more with suggestions on where to buy clothes for DoIs, please do! I really appreciate any and all suggestions!)
    19. Volks SD17 stuff fits them well too. Kauko is rocking the H.Naoto Red Rum set. Their shoes are a bit on the floppy side though.
    20. Yeah, the shoes I have gotten for mine are a little big too, but I think they look better that way. I think sometimes, Blisdon's feet look a little too small.

      I also have a Mecha Angel sweatshirt that is really cute on mine. :)