What do you think? Sizes and fullsets

Sep 5, 2018

    1. Since it posted before I could finish typing...

      I'm wanting to know, in your opinion, what company has the best "fullset experience"? If that makes sense? I have only ever bought secondhand, and almost my whole crew is made of hybrids. I only have one crew member to add before I feel my crew is complete (a 14 year old boy), so I'm hoping to buy him as a brand new doll with a fullset. I just would like to open the box for once, and not have to see all the work I have to do...

      So what company is best, in your mind, if you only planned on buying brand new once? What company makes the best fullsets? The worst? Do they make a wide variety of doll sizes? I just want to make the best decision, as this will be, regardless of size, my most expensive doll. Thank you for your opinions.

      *Bonus points if the company has boy dolls in the 48 to 56cm~ range*
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    2. IMHO Peak's woods release the best fullsets, no doubt.
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    3. If I were to buy a complete fullset I would go after LoongSoul. Their fullsets look amazing and they get really good reviews.
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    4. Angell Studio. I like their "build a fullset" system.
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    5. Thank you all so much for your recommendations! :)
    6. I've owned five fullsets--Dollzone Ying, Doll Chateau Jason, Dollfie Dream Miku, Volks Ayumu, and Bo Bergemann Rose. I like fullsets in general and think each doll company/artist has their own touch, their own style. I've been happy with all of mine. :)

      I tend to buy them according to how I like each doll, and even though I might switch some pieces out, I want to like the fullset overall. So, for example, I wouldn't go for a fullset if I liked the sculpt but didn't like the clothes. Best wishes finding the fullset that's right for you! :)
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    7. Thank you for you help and well wishes! :) I think what I'm struggling with the most is trying to find 1) sculpts I like, 2) dolls with fullsets available. I keep finding beautiful outfits on dolls, but so far none have been right. The search continues. :)
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    8. I'm fond of Volks limiteds and one-offs, which always come as full set dolls when purchased from the company. I usually end up replacing their wigs, since they typically use regular synthetic fiber and I prefer the texture of artificial mohair for my gang, but I always hang on to their eyes and outfits. The quality of the eyes can vary a bit, but the outfits are pretty universally nice.
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    9. I don't own a fullset myself, but I've seen some. I am actually impressed with Ringdoll's fullsets. Collectors close to me got a Red King and a Merlin in fullset. Both of them had nice quality clothes, artificial mohair wigs (Red King's hair is no a wig as in it is glued to his head, but still beautiful), really beautiful eyes and faceup. Red King had some or two issues, but I would look past them. Merlin had no flaws or issues at all, it was absolutely perfect. All of this for a price I consider fair.
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    10. @Brightfires @Matafleur
      Thank you so much for your recommendations! I've looked at both Volks and Ringdoll fullsets, and they are absolutely gorgeous!
    11. Loongsoul and Ringdoll are my favorite in term of fullset and doll aesthetic with very fair price.
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