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What do your friends think about your dolls?

Jul 14, 2009

    1. I started collecting BJDs last year around April. At first my friends were happy for me when I got my first doll, but once I bought my second one they thought I was really weird. I'm the only one in my group of friends who collects and I only have one friend who is actually really interested but will never buy. I hardly ever see that friend though because shes always so busy. My friends poke fun at me and i know its all in good fun, but sometimes it makes me feel like a total weirdo...

      How do your friends react to the face you have BJDs?
    2. Well...I have 1 form before I started collecting who also collects, and really gave me the push I needed to start collecting myself. Some others think the dolls are creepy and don't like them...others who think my sister and I are odd for collecting them given their cost, and others who look at it as any bother hobby, and know more people who collect. There are a few who show an interest in my dolls...but for them it'll likely pass pretty fast. And all of them agree it's my hobby, and my money, and respect that it's something I enjoy.
    3. It's split between the perps who got me into bjds and those who think it's uber-creepy. ;) My parents think they are cool, though my Mom has always liked the traditional Japanese costume dolls and my mother-in-law also collects Asian and angel dolls, though not bjds. But I have had lots of weirder hobbies, so this is OK with most of the people who hang around with me. My cousin collects 1960's Mustangs, which cost a lot more and take up a lot more room, plus leak oil! BJDs are nothin' compared to that.
    4. i got one who think im totally crazy and since i bothered her so much about my doll, i think she hates BJDs now xD ^^;
      i got one who likes them a bit but not enough to buy one, and one who might be willing to buy the head im selling :D but i dont see her much anymore cuz she got new friends TT^TT
    5. Most of my friends also collect BJDs. Thtose that do not mostly gont know, but the few who do don't seem to think much of it; it doesn't appeal to them but their all collectors of one thing or another.
    6. Well, I guess I'm at the age where most of my friends don't say much about what I collect. Of course there is always the 1 exception . I've known her for years, 10+ and always considered her like the sister I never had. Until I got my 1st doll. Oh My Gawd! You would have thought I brought Child's Play's Chuckie with me to the convention. If she was to be in the room with the doll, the doll had to be closed in the carry bag. If she was changing clothes in that room the doll had to be zipped in the carry bag and that bag had to be in the closet or dresser with the drawers closed. TIGHTLY! When I went home for the evening I had to take the doll with me as she refused to sleep in the same room with the doll and she was paying for 1/2 the room rate that week-end. Every time she saw me with my BDJ's and the other collectors, she would act like she didn't know me or would say something like "that's just creepy" under her breath as she'd walk by; making sure it was loud enough for it to be just barely heard above the noise of the crowd. I have never seen an adult woman (50+yrs.) old act so silly in my life. Even her adult, married daughter could not understand her mom's phobia with the dolls. Needless to say it was not a good convention and I'm almost not looking forward to the con this year as a repete of the last one. *_*

      - ShadowHawke -
    7. Luckily for me all of my friends are respectful people. :) Even those who don't like them and who find them creepy won't keep ragging on me about it. They'll just say once: "Wow. o_o Those dolls are kinda creepy." or something, then leave it at that. They're smart, kind people. :aheartbea They see no need to keep repeating how creepy they find them as they've already said it once, and when they did say it they didn't say it in a judgemental tone or anything, just said it as they would say about how a kitten poster was cute. :lol: They understand that even if they don't like something, doesn't mean they have to suddenly not like or be judgemental of that person.

      I see things the same way as them, that's part of why we all get along so well. xD I have one friend who paints celebrities on her bedroom wall, to some it's creepy, but so what? What's the point in repeating your thoughts on it over and over to that person? Nothing, except to purposely make them feel bad, and what kind of friend would you be to do that? ;)
    8. I must confess I was like one of your friends. The first time I heard about bjd’s I had no idea what they were talking about. But I learn that it was a doll and that it was very expensive. But my best friend got more and more interested in bjd’s until last year spring she ordered her first doll. I said she was crazy and the craziness became worse and worse. She now has 3 dolls one head and one incoming.
      She was always talking about the dolls. So I learned more and more about them. Also that you can make them look precisely how you want.
      I write a lot of stories and one day the idea popped up in my head to make some of the characters from my stories and I became really enthusiastic.
      I bought my first doll I December and the scond one is on its way my sister and mother have think the same thing as my fist it’s an really really expansive doll why would you buy that? And also my sis thinks there scary (but she is afraid off dolls.)

      So I there will always be pll that think that you are crazy but that’s there problem not yours. You must be happy and if your dolls make you happy then your not crazy. You just have an expansive hobby. ( and maybe is you keep talking to them about your dolls you may turn them over just as my friend did with me and her boyfriend ;)
    9. I haven't told my friends that I'm saving up for my first doll and that I'm thinking of going into this hobby, but I'm sure they won't mind. They would be astonished at the price tag but I don't think they'd go so far as to make fun of me or anything, that would just be rude. We all have our random hobbies.
      Now that I think about it, I think only my best friend knows a little about BJDs (and she'd love to have one) but she was turned off by the price of the dolls. She told me that if she ever got one she'd be really nervous about handling it and just put it in some glass case and just stare at its prettiness. ._.
    10. Most of my friends and family are used to my strange ways LOL,and have tolerated my Blythe for over 5 years,but my resin dolls they are a little bit more reserved about them,my husband loves my Lati Lumi and my other Lati,my mum thinks my Lati are like soul less ghostly children and isnt keen at all,but most of my friends love me for me and take me dolls and all:lol:
    11. I'm saving for my first one and I'm already a weirdo.
      No one in my family or friends circle has never ever heard
      nothing about BJDs, nothing.

      I'm the only one who knows that BJDs exist!
      probably in my town..

      but I don't care about it, I think we all have different hobbies and different ideas,
      and if we like what we do, it doesn't matters what other people thinks. (:
    12. My friends that I went to highschool with, and my family love my dolls. They love taking photos, drawing fan art for me and two of my friends are saving for their own dolls.
      My friends that I made at university thought they were a little strange at first, but once they saw some of the photos I took they warmed up to them.
      I've never been teased by anyone for my doll hobby before :) I've had friends be shocked and surprised when they found out how much I paid for them, but ultimately they realized it's my money and it makes me happy.
    13. Not to worry, you are far from the only person in your town who knows about BJDs. ;) You're from El Paso, correct? I know four other DoA users who are from there as well, let alone the people who aren't active or who don't know about DoA who own BJDs. :)
    14. One wishes she could buy them too, the other is going through a 'material possessions are bad' phase because he's in debt over collecting rare comic books ;)
    15. I won't mention online friends who I'm close with since pretty much my two close online friends I met through this hobby so that's pretty explanatory how they feel and view about my dolls. Aside from them though I only really have a couple of close real life friends anymore who know about my dolls. One of them does think I'm exceedingly odd for spending so much money on dolls, but she kind of thinks I'm crazy anyway, and plus she does spend her own fair share on purses and clothes. She thinks her purchases have more of a use than my boys do, but it's mostly teasing in good fun, and it's not like we really talk much about them anyway. My other friend is a bit more open since her father is an artist and she can see them for their artistic value and why they would appeal to a person like me...plus she also thinks I'm a tad bit crazy.

      All in all, pretty much all my other friends I've mentioned them too do think they're a little weird, but as they're my friends kind of just accept that it's something I'm into and leave it at that. We all have our vices and mine could be alot worse than huge asian dolls.
    16. i haven't told my friends about my dolls
      and i think if i did they wouldn't care
      (they'd probably just think its another one of my quirks!)
    17. most of my friends generally accept my girl. some of them want their own now!

      Not many negative comments so far
    18. Mine mostly think I'm batty, but they don't care too much. Some of them think my boys are cool, and that Dan the Practice Head is amusing. XD Mostly because his name is Dan. XD

      I've always had weird hobbies and collections though, so dolls really aren't much of a stretch. Better than vases or stamps, ne? ^-^ <3
    19. Well, I didnt exactly show them the real thing yet (since my doll yet to arrive ><''), but I did show them a picture of him over at the website, its a mixed reaction, one of my friends rolled her eyes and wondered why do I want such a thing while another squealed and exclaimed how gorgeous he is, haha!

      The latter even told me to invite her over to my house when he arrive cuz' she wants to see me open the box and be the first to see him beside myself ^^''
    20. My friends aren't doll's collector and they don't understand this hobby. So they think I'm totally crazy to spend so much for a "resin piece"!