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What draws you to elf ears?

Mar 19, 2018

    1. Always been curious at what draws people to elf ears as I personally am not drawn to them. I often see faces I like but they seem to come only as elf ears so therefore I just don't pursue them.

      I guess I'm always curious about what draws people to other types of bjd dolls that are only part human as well. I know it's probably just a personal preference but I'm just curious as to why people like the elf ears etc.
    2. Personally, I think it's cute seeing the points of elf ears peaking out of a wig. Just an aesthetic preference. You have to be careful with them, though, as many times elf ears actually disrupt what would otherwise be a good wig fit on a head.
    3. In my opinion elves just have an elegant "aura" around them, I don't know why, but when I look at a BJD with elf ears I get a feeling of awe, it just gives them something special :)
    4. I've always loved elves and urban fantasy is also a big genre favorite of mine so the idea of urban elves is irresistible!
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    5. I think because I've always been into fantasy stuff and like Lord of the Rings, elf sculpts are just super appealing and beautiful to me! I actually only own one human doll currently, my three floating heads are all elves and most of my wishlist dolls are too!
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    6. I am having a lot of girls with pointed ears. But mostly, I just liked their face most and they just came coincidentally with elf ears. If I am thinking about it, I never choose a girl especially to get her elf head version or an elf itself. It happened or not, but I never wanted them as elves. I don't really care about their ear form honestly. Fun fact, I once dressed one of my girls as elf and she was one with normal ears!:sweat
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    7. I ADORE elves and faeries and fantasy. Always have, always will. Love to read about them, write about them, watch shows and movies about them...

      ElfQuest was one of my favorite graphic novel series in high school, and right after high school I discovered anime and pretty much became obsessed with that, too. When I first saw the CP/Luts elves I thought they looked like 3D anime characters, and even better, like 3D versions of ElfQuest characters. It was pretty much my deciding factor in starting this incredibly expensive hobby. lol
    8. I play an elf character in D&D. :)

      I enjoy fantasy sculpts in general, though, because I like seeing dolls that look like something out of the ordinary and not part of the "real world." My fantasy dolls currently include creatures like a goblin and a unicorn, too. :)
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    9. Seconding that I love to see ears poking out of the wig. :chocoheart
      But I also play D&D (high five @Juxtaposition) and my elf dolls are PCs and NPCs I've run. ^__^
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    10. I like elf ears because it designates the bjd as a non-human figure. There are no fashion rules for non-human bjds. Supernatural bjds can wear nothing or everything. Ice fairies can be naked but wear a scarf for style. Other outfits can be outrageous and/or unwearable for human activity. I like that freedom for those bjds, but I also like my human bjds, too.
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    11. Eh... total cuteness overload. All my human like dolls are elves and if not, i turn them into one. I have developed my own style of elf ears. A little larger and pointing more sideways.
    12. I don't typically like elf ears for my own dolls, but they can look really cute poking out from under hair. <3 It's also a good way to have a character who normally passes as human, but secretly isn't.
    13. I've always drawn myself with elf ears... so it extended to my dolls.
    14. I am enjoying reading what everyone is writing. Please keep the comments coming
    15. That’s funny because sometimes I see a face I like but it doesn’t have pointed ears so I’ll pass haha. I think there are many fantasy characters that benefit from pointed ears, like vampires or aliens. I think for me personally I associated pointed ears with a level of sophistication and elegance just outside what can be achieved in day to day life. Of course, deformed elf ears can imply the opposite, like on a goblin, a character lacking in refinement.
    16. It just fits with my characters' story-line, okay?:wiggle

      But seriously, my OCs exist in a steampunk/fantasy sort of setting, and elf ears enhance that aesthetic. Plus, I also love that little extra bit of artistry that elf ears can add to a sculpt. There's just so many ways elf ears can be portrayed, from small and dainty, long and pointy, cruel and crooked, and everywhere in between. It also adds that nice extra little touch that pokes out from their locks of hair. I also love to add interesting colors to the ear tips, varying from cultural, color aesthetic to character personality. They can speak a lot about the makeup overall of that character.:kitty2

      Plus, admittedly....I find human ears a little bland. They're just boring accessories that are either hidden away behind hair, or unnoticed and often overlooked features on the sculpt:3nodding:
    17. I think they're very elegant and cute, and I love the elves in Lord of the Rings and the Dragon Age games. I have one D&D character that's a half-elf, and my other character's boyfriend who I have in doll form is an Eladrin (a high elf, basically.)

      That said, there was a time when I only wanted dolls with human ears, but that was before I started getting into fantasy. :)
    18. I love fantasy especially Tolkein's works, and I'm fascinated with Norse mythology so of course love elvish fantasy.

      My first doll has elf ears, funnily he's actually my only elf bjd, but really I bought him as I just loved his face. His cute little pointy ears were an added bonus! :whee:
    19. To be honest I never understood the whole elf ear thing. I do however love any deer like ears such as on Resinsoul Rong or Impldoll Dream's Art Nancy.
    20. Aesthetically, this is a big part why I'm drawn to elf ears. I like especially the bigger ones like RS Ju (which I'll be ordering in the near future) and DIM Flowne. I'm also smitten by Realfee Mari's sort-of-kind-of elf ears. Fun fact: I also like dogs with big and/or pointy, expressive ears. Elf ears add an element of fantasy nicely and it makes them fun to photograph in different environments. It's a different feel to look at a photo of a human doll in a cityscape than a fantasy one. I like that sort of subtle storytelling.

      I've also always loved elves in fantasy. I walk and hike quite a lot and I feel in peace in the woods. To me, for example Tolkien's elves have always represented the same values. Besides, they're cool as heck. B)