What ever happened to AngelDen?

May 8, 2016

    1. AngelDen was the best english language (and I dare say any language) reference into limiteds and FCS for Volks. Does anyone know who was the moderator of the site? I'd like to at least take over or create current FCS guide, but I haven't been able to contact the site's owner.
    2. I have no idea, but I would imagine you could make your own site using information from there, here and things you already know. Although it would be nice not to start from scratch >.> I hope you find out how to contact them
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    3. I tried the email last year, but there was no reply...
    4. Still no luck. It's about time to buy some hosting too... google drive is no longer hosting our podcast!
    5. The owner and sole proprietor of Angelden was (and is) Cassiel -- her name is on the site. You may be able to reach her through LiveJournal (continuing solitude), because I remember seeing a post on her LJ within the past year or so.