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What exactly is an Obitsu doll?

Dec 15, 2005

    1. I keep seeing it mentioned about OBITSU dolls. Um, what kind of dolls are they exactly? Are they a certain brand? Are they still bjd? I see them mixed in with other doll families and I have been curious and decided to bit the noob bullet and finally ask. Thanx!
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    2. http://www.gigglegeek.dk/dollobitsu.htm

      There are 1/6 sized ones, and then the 1/3 sized ones you see around the board. They're vinyl, they're only girl bodies available, but there's a boy optional chest plate available. I thought I heard rumours about some boy ones on the way or something.

      Hrm, that's all I know. x3 I don't really keep up, sorry! Good luck. (^_^)
    3. Thank you Mortimer. I guess I had a major brain bubble because I had totally forgotten to check gigglegeek's site...then I again, I wasn't too sure if it they counted as bjd's either!
    4. :) Hi there

      I here you have some questions about the Obitsu dolls, well I have 2. they are my joy, they aren't as expensive as the resin dolls, and they are made of vinyl, and they have a cool inner frame.

      I don't have any photos of them on here but I do have alot of photos of them if you needed to see what they look like.

      I honestly didn't think that I was going to just stick with them, but just like the resin dolls I have been hooked. ;)

      These dolls however don't come with a face-up option, and you have to give them a part of you.:)

      I really enjoy my dolls, and you may want to consider them as a first purchase, and then you can do upgrades later, that's what I am doing;)

      I figure with all the optional parts, and wigs, I can have what I want and have it sooner.

      Now don't get me wrong, about the resin dolls, cause honestly I want a Hound so bad I can taste him, but I will just keep saving for him and when I have the money for him , he's mine!!!

      Sorry got a little off track there, but yeah you should take a look at the obitsu/azone site, and check them out and see;)
    5. Hiya nice to see you have questions. i own a obitsu with a haruka head. hmm as for people saying these dolls are not expensive as resin dolls that i find is pretty wrong. infact a obitsu at time can cost around the price of a msd or up someone through a 200-500 dollar bracket depening on what you want and ect. especially the new factory ones that come already painted. i bought sey because i wanted a larger doll i wanted something i could see if i could adjust to and then later i would see if i wanted a resin doll. which of course i do want one but seeing sey makes my heart overwhelemd i have a true bond with her. let me see pricing sey body is a older one when obitsu went under the name deleter really girly hands hard and hard nice feet. she cost about 215 in total to get her to me her head was another 25 dollars her eyes are acrylic about 4 dollars second hand her wig was 5 dollars in total i did her entire body blushing and face up her nails toes and ect. i dont know what you price her around i been offered by someone who happened across her photos 350 but i never sell her. it depends what you want but you get more choices and options. and they are easier to find as well. here is a photo of sey. and they do pose extermly well.
    6. They pose better than the resin dolls do to their light weight and very clever joint system. Obitsu is without question the most progressive company in designing new joint technologies. I think many people have problems with the joints though, they are more flexible but also more unsighly than the resin variety.

      I'm not too fond of the traditional Obitsu head but the new Haruka is lovely, I hope Obitsu continues to move in this direction, there's a big place in this market for vinyl dolls with more realistic and less anime-inspiried headmolds.
    7. I have several Obitsus, photos of which regularly appear on the Gallery. Seraphina is an Obitsu with the standard eyes-open optional head, Ayame (my first ever BJD) started out the same then graduated to a Dollfie Dream body that has now been comandeered by my CP Juri, Galhaia, and is now awaiting a new Obitsu body. Aunrae is another Obitsu eyes-open girl modded with elf ears and vampire teeth. Taliesin is a male Obitsu with a modded Haruka head (though you can see photos of him as a girl here, and Amalthea is an RML K-02 on one of the new ball-jointed Obitsu bodies (she'll have photos up shortly as part of the next photostory I'm posting on my doll LJ).

      Obitsu are intending to bring out an actual proper boy body early next year; in the meantime, they are concentrating on the new ball-jointed body which is similar to a DD2 in construction, and various optional parts such as the male torso piece, the Haruka head and new optional hands.
    8. Amazing. I had no ideas some of the dolls I had admired had actually been Obitsu dolls! Thank you so much everyone for taking the time out to really explain these dolls.
    9. Hi, as you can probably tell I am a new member here to Den of Angels and I am also still learning a lot about BJDs. I have a few questions about Obitsu bodies (http://parabox.jp/eng/index.html). These are my questions -

      1.) Are Obitsu bodies BJDs?

      2.) Are Obitsu bodies also made of resin like BJDs? If not, what are they made of?

      2.) What are the pros and cons of an Obitsu body?

      3.) Have you ever bought an Obitsu body, and if so, why?

      4.) Would an Obitsu Body be a good buy for a beginner in the world of BJD?

      If you have any information on Obitsu bodies I would appreciate it very much. Thanks!!! :)
    10. hmm, I'll try to answer these for you.

      1.) Are Obitsu bodies BJDs?
      Since they aren't made of resin and aren't strung, they are not bjds by this forum's standards. They are very similar aesthetically though.

      2.) Are Obitsu bodies also made of resin like BJDs? If not, what are they made of?
      They aren't made of resin, they're made of vinyl.

      2.) What are the pros and cons of an Obitsu body?
      -doesn't yellow in the sun
      -extremely good poseability and ability to hold poses
      -various bust sizes and color options

      -the vinyl is more prone to getting stains and harder to clean than resin
      -extremely difficult to mod the body compared to a resin body
      -harder to hybrid with other heads/body parts
      -not as detailed as many resin bodies

      3.) Have you ever bought an Obitsu body, and if so, why?
      I have a few of the 1/6 dolls, but they are made of the same kinds of materials and have a similar structure as the bigger ones. I like the poseability, but not the look or feel (personal taste)

      4.) Would an Obitsu Body be a good buy for a beginner in the world of BJD?
      If you like it, go for it. The care and maintenence is different than with a resin body though.
    11. 1.) Are Obitsu bodies BJDs?
      Technically no. The bigger obitsus are just within the same scale and have similiar aesthetics.

      2.) Are Obitsu bodies also made of resin like BJDs? If not, what are they made of?
      Vinyl and ABS. This makes them lighter and such.

      2.) What are the pros and cons of an Obitsu body?
      -Light so easier to cart around.
      -Insane posability. (I has two)
      -Easier to have option parts and different boob sizes...

      -DOES yellow, but not at the same rate as resin... (I have a two-three year old Obitsu and you can see his vinyl is sightly off compared to his newr obitsu counterpart)
      -Can be fragile (especially in the waist)
      -More of an action figure body, than a sculpture-esque BJD body

      3.) Have you ever bought an Obitsu body, and if so, why?
      I wanted insane posability, I wanted a slightly smaller than average boy doll and thought the price was perfect.

      4.) Would an Obitsu Body be a good buy for a beginner in the world of BJD?
      It was for me~! 8D
    12. The first two have been answered, but more opinions on the others can't hurt. ^^

      2.) What are the pros and cons of an Obitsu body?

      • very cute sculpts
      • posing on the magnetic base is fantastic
      • even without the base, posing is good
      • optional parts are available and reasonably priced
      • light weight and kind of foldable, easy to carry around
      • they don't yellow as fast as BJDs

      • the waist joint is prone to breakage, buy a spare just in case
      • new dolls can be stiff and creaky
      • vinyl stains easily from dark clothes
      • you can't sand or modify the vinyl parts as easily as resin
      • they are slender and a little hard to find clothes for
      • the part that holds eyes in some of the head sculpts makes them really hard to position and remove.

      3.) Have you ever bought an Obitsu body, and if so, why?

      Twice, but I ended up selling both. I bought the first one hoping it would work for a specific head I had (it didn't) and the second because I love the Haruka sculpt. (Still have the head, but sold the body because I was moving.)

      4.) Would an Obitsu Body be a good buy for a beginner in the world of BJD?

      I know people will disagree, but I would say no. They are lovely dolls in their own right, but they aren't BJDs and haven't the feel of BJDs. The difficulty in finding perfectly fitting clothes and the problems with staining and fragility could put off someone who isn't used to them. However, if you've really fallen in love with one, then go for it. I would recommend them as nice dolls, just not as beginner BJDs.
    13. 1.) Are Obitsu bodies BJDs?

      Not technically as they don't have the internal stringing. They are also made of vinyl rather than resin. However, the 60cm ones are allowed on this board.

      2.) Are Obitsu bodies also made of resin like BJDs? If not, what are they made of?


      2.) What are the pros and cons of an Obitsu body?

      Pros: Extremely posable, lighter weight to carry (if that's an issue), can stand on magnetic base, can order through US dealer (less shipping)

      Cons: You do have to be aware that it is possible to break the torso piece (they have an internal skeleton). However, on the flip side, you can buy replacement pieces for the skeleton should there ever be any breakage and they aren't expensive. They are more prone to staining.

      This is neither a pro or a con, but they do feel different than a resin doll.

      3.) Have you ever bought an Obitsu body, and if so, why?

      Yes, I have one hybrid with a resin head and one complete obitsu (Gretel head). I like the bodies--the one fit my character really well, and for the other since I had a Gretel head I went ahead and got the obitsu body that I knew it would fit. I really do like them a lot, they just feel different from my other dolls. I've had mine for a while know and so far I've had no problem with any breakage *knock on wood* (but it is a good idea to keep a spare part handy just in case), and not too much trouble with staining. I just handle mine with the same care that I handle my resin dolls.

      They do work well for resin heads depending on the size and style of the head, but that's really true of a lot of bodies that are out there--there's a lot of variety amongst SD sized dolls and not every combination works well. If you're thinking about making a hybrid I would suggest looking at pics of obitsu hybrids on DoA to get an idea of what heads work with the body.

      4.) Would an Obitsu Body be a good buy for a beginner in the world of BJD?

      I don't see why not, though, I think most dolls are find for beginners--it's really a matter of what you like and are comfortable with.

      If you want more info on obitsus and their care, go over to Junky Spot (US dealer site) and join their forum--they'll have oodles of info.
    14. Thanks everyone!!!
    15. I was searching through and began to wonder, first are obitsu dolls really ball jointed dolls? They don't have the same type of joint system I've seen with other dolls.

      I was also wondring if dollfie dream and obitsu are made from resin? These dolls seem to be cheaper compared t other olls I've seen and was wondering why thy'd be so much cheaper. I'm just curious
    16. Well they are ball jointed in a sense but this forum allowed the SD sized ones. They're made from vinyl not resin and a lot more of this same info can be found around the forum so that's the short overview.
      Search around some more and I'm sure you can find more info ^^
    17. The first version of the Dollfie Dream body which is no longer made was strung with elastic and was more similar to a ball jointed doll even though it was made of vinyl. The Dollfie Dream II and Obitsu which are both vinyl were grandfathered onto the forum when the on-topic rules were updated, there weren't very many doll companies around when they were introduced to the board but times changed. If a doll of that type was released now it would be considered off-topic.

      There are quite a few threads about Dollfie Dreams and Obitsus if you do some title only keyword searching in Larger Dolls.
    18. I'm fairly new to doa and sorry if this is not in the right place but I was wondering what is the difference between a ball jointed model and a soft body? I was wondering because I was planning to buy a Obitsu Gretal head to practice face-ups first and maybe but a body later. I was looking through junkyspot and it seems a bit weird so I would like to get some more information.^^ :)
    19. A ball jointed would be strung together with elastic and the soft body is held together by screws.

    20. :D Thanks very useful! :)