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What fits a Sugarble tiny?

Jul 29, 2011

    1. This will with time become a comprehensive list over what fits (and does not fit) a sugarble tiny doll.

      * Rapunzel wigs size 5/6
      * Luts TinyDelf-sized wigs (~5,5-6 inch) fit pretty well

      * 12 mm CR Crafts glass eyes (company link) (picture)
      * 14 mm acrylic eyes (unknown make) (picture)
      * 14 mm soom eyes (sorry about the position)
      * 12 mm unoa acrylics (picture)

      * Soom: a bit loose, but can be modified to fit [link to pictures]
      * Fairyland / LTF: very loose, but long enough
      * yukijiro on Etsy
      * Tata's studio YO-SD sized dolls

      * Soom Tiny Gem shoes

      Does NOT fit:


      A few notes about using this table:
      * All measurements are exact. For the clothes you make to fit, add at least 5 - 10mm to each measurement, unless you want the clothes skin tight.
      * Since Sugarble dolls have magnetic hands and feet, they can be removed. There is no need to worry about getting sleeves or pants leg over them.
      * Shoes should be at least 5mm longer than foot length to fit properly.
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    2. Soom dress on my Sugarble Rudy:

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

      I don't have any trousers from soom, but from how the dress fits I think they would be a bit too wide, and maybe a bit short. Unfortunately the dress isn't on their pages any more, so I don't know how to compare it to the fit on a soom doll.s
    3. Thank you so much Feather for all this info. I am going to get a glamour Rudy. What is the difference in all the numbers on the dolls on their website mean? There seems to be more then one version of each doll?Thanks for the help!
    4. CyCool girls tops and skirts will fit. If they have the 'sculpted' (Ie pleather) busts they fit best on the glamour body, but the styles without the sculpted bust work on the other styles.

      More modern Barbie clothes will work- the older ones are too big in the bust.

      12mm Ersa Flora eyes work as well.

      'In Motion' girls shoes from Ruby Red Galleria, they have a heel but the foot can fit into them regardless of the heel. Boots will fit as long as they can be laced- tip boots are too tight in the calf.
    5. Ladycrow: If you're talking about the numbers in their titles (no.6, no.2) that's the order they were made available for sale. Dolls with the same face mold (like Rebecca and Isabel, or Chloe, Rudy and Patrick) share a number.

      DeadLegato: Thank you! That's a lot of new clothes to add to the list! :D
    6. Has anyone tried Ellowyn or Sabrite shoes on them? I'd love to havesome of those heals they have.
      This is really helpful,before I waste money on things that don't fit.
    7. LadyCrow, are those Tonners?

      Because I can tell you Antoinette's shoes do not fit them, the heel is too steep.
    8. I think they are. Its too bad she didn't have a foot change for heals!!!
    9. Luts wigs for YoSD are too big for them, I think someone mentioned it already in some other thread
    10. Those are some pretty sweet eyes in your girl- what are they?
    11. Added the info, NioSpica. If anyone else knows of anything that fits, PM me or post here and I will add it to the list :)
    12. I have heard it mentioned that cy girl clothing will fit - does any one have any photo's they can share of their sugarble doll wearing cygirl clothing? sorry if this is the wrong place to ask - if I don't get any response I'll try to remember to come back to this thread when I have my dolls in hand and some cygirl stuff, cause it looks like some outfits are pretty neat for the more grown up glamour bust!
    13. MonstroDesigns wigs in Pukifee/Lati Yellow size are a good fit. Here's my Hellena wearing one... it was kinda snug going on, but once it was on there, it fit her perfectly, and keeps her faceplate on too. Because that thing likes to pop off :P

      The standard-Yo-SD sized boots from CoolCat on Ebay do not fit her, however. They go on, but they look like she's borrowing them from her older sister.
    14. There are photos of my helena wearing her cycool girl outfits in one of my gallery posts. I am on my phone now but can link when I return to a real computer.
    15. will Barbie/Stardoll outfits fit them?
    16. Yes! some Barbie stuff fits them nicely.


      Also just today, some shoes from Ebay for Hujoo Berry arrived and fit her PERFECTLY!
    17. Would anyone be willing to tell me the measurement for the doll's back/spine?
    18. shoes for Hujoo berry fit beautifully!