What fits an IpleHouse EID woman?

Nov 19, 2009

    1. I thought it would be useful to get together a thread for what clothing, shoes, eyes and wigs fit the Iplehouse EID women, rather than having to scan through the whole of the general threads to find the information.

      So, if you have found something other than the Ip stuff that fits, please let us know. Also, if you make and sell stuff for the EID women or have bought stuff that someone has made, please let us know. Photographs would be very useful, but not compulsory.

      Please let us know where you got the stuff, the name of the item (if relevant) any details about the quality and fit and whether your girl is large or medium bust. Links to sales pages would also be handy.



      A quick summary of some of the main finds in this thread. I am not posting links as they have a limited lifespan, so you wil need to go hunting for the more recent ones if you need specifics.

      Clothes (applies to large and medium bust)

      - Dollmore Model girl clothes fit, only if they are stretchy (EID hips in particular are very wide compared to DM Model hips).
      - DM Model underwear also fits. stockings can be got on, but they are very tight.
      - Mothercroce (on eBay) dresses for Elfdoll, if they are stretchy. Possibly a little short.
      - Soom Mecha Angel girl clothes fit in width (a little loose), but are too long in arm and leg.
      - Slim 70cm boy (Hound/Dollmore Model etc) tops and bottoms fit in width, but are too long in arm and leg. Tight across bust and hips if very fitted.
      - Some SD-sized tops fit, if stretchy (eg Nine9Style t-shirts).
      - At least two Souldoll Zenith girl outfit fits, others are too tight. The loose/stretchy ones fit?


      The EID foot is very wide and so needs a correspondingly wide style.

      - Dollmore Model girl boots and shoes fit, although they tend to be long and shoes might need the toes stuffing for stability.
      - Some Volks SD16 shoes fit, some don't. It seems to be an issue of width.
      - A range of Dollheart SD13 shoes fit. The boy boots fit as well, although they are slightly long.
      - At least one pair of Fairlyalnd Feeple girl shoes fit.
      - Luts Senior Delf girl shoes fit.
      - At least one pair of Luts Delf shoes fit.
      - At least one pair of Leeke SD shoes fit.
      - There is a set of shoes from China, usually on eBay, that have thick "stripper" style platform soles. These tend to fit (apart from the boots on this sole, which are too narrow across the lower leg).
      - At least one pair of Dale Ray SD heals fit.


      - 10mm eyes with larges scleras (like Eyeco) work well if you want a realistic look.


      - 7-8 wigs are generally tight, but can be got on if elasticated.
      - 8-9 wigs are too lose for some, but suit others.

      Places that make/sell clothes specifically for EID women

      - PamSD on here
      - Anita_N on here
      - Alice's Collection

      Places that take custom sizes and have made EID clothes

      - Atelier Soda
      - Florellea on etsy (http://www.etsy.com/people/Florellea)
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    2. I've pushed Ariel inside some Dollmore Model Doll tops (most likely stretchy or baggy XD), and my girl is big bust type. About shoes, sd13 boy shoes happen to fit on her feet; on the high heel feet, they are so small that sd13 shoes fit too. Boots wouldn't fit unless they have a cord.
    3. Thanks Nanyalin. Pics?

      My observations so far.


      I have tried Monique wigs and found that an 8-9 was too big for my tastes (it could be pulled down right over her ears). A 7-8 in the same style is a very snug fit but can be got on. I prefer a tighter wig, so am sticking with the 7-8, but I know some people have been happier with the 8-9. A 7-8 without an elastic wig cap would not fit, I suspect.


      I use 10mm Eyecos. These have a larger white than ordinary eyes and have a slightly smaller iris than the comparable Masterpiece eyes (which also have the larger white). There are no gaps, even when her eyes are turned to the side, but they look fractionally small to me. 12mm Eyecos would look too big for what I need so I might try 10mm Masterpieces.

      10mm Eyecos.



      She can wear Dollmore Model girl boots. They are big but, being boots, that doesn't matter. She doesn't stand very steadily in them, largely because they have very bendy heels.

      She can also wear the larger SD-sized shoes. The difficulty with smaller SD shoes isn't the length but the width. This also applies to boots, as her calves are quite well-developed.


      So far, I haven't had much luck. A Dollmore Model leopard coat I have is too tight across the shoulders. She can just about be struggled into it, but then can't put her arms down. LOL! I have some stretchy Model dresses coming in this week so I will report back on those presently.

      She may be able to fit into SD boy clothes. I just don't have many of them to try out. She fits wonderfully into a Tata SD boy biker jacket which does up comfortably over her medium bust.

      She can not fit into SD boy or Hound tight or fitted trousers, due to her voluptuous curves.

      More cogitations and pictures as I make more discoveries.
    4. Shoe fit post:

      Patterns I have made for her:

      basic sheath dress
      flowing gown
      strapless gown
      Renaissance gown
      Medieval gown

      She fits in this SD16 top (sorta) from dollmore

      Though they have had the waist cut off and trim added, these dollmore Pants fit nice
      they originally looked like this: http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1113

      ANY SD16 girl shoes so far.
      some large SD13 size heels
      Dollmore girl boots though loose

      personally I like the 7-8's best.
    5. This is a very useful thread as I have caved and bought a Jessica O_O I will keep an eye on this thread!
    6. Mwahaha! You did it! I'm sure you will enjoy her tremendously, SDink.
    7. when ya'll are talking about shoes, it would be good to know whether the high heel feet fit or the flat feet. or is there a difference (other than one foot will arch?)
    8. For any footwear with heels you need her to wear the HH feet for the locking in the ankle to work.
    9. IH site doesn't specify HH or flat with the shoes they offer for EID women.
      anyone know if they are all the same and which?

    10. I think all the shoes on the site that are specifically for EID women have heels, therefore you need the HH feet for them. The flat feet can wear YID (SD/SD13) size boy shoes.
    11. I have tons of heeled shoes for my flat foot dolls. they have a smooth inner sole, not curved. so, you can't tell by the heel. well, my split doll will arrive in a week or so. I'll experiment with what I have. ;)

    12. All of my recommendations will only fit with high-heeled feet, petiteballerine.
    13. Even cheaper than I got Mauzi's signatures killer heels!

      Those others look to be on the same sole as the sandals, which are a little tight across the ball of the foot and these have rather more material there. So, there is a risk that they might be a bit snug, but I would chance it.
    14. I just got my Dollmore consignment in. So, here is my review of what fits the medium bust Jessica.

      MSD - Dollmore Sunglasses II (BR/BK) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=3347. She has a head that is between SD and MSD sized and I thought I would try small and work my way up. They go on but look perhaps slightly too small. But I feel that the SD ones would swamp her little face. I would be interested to see anyone who has them in this size.

      Model F - Soft Ice Dress Set (Black) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6564 Tight and needs a bit of effort to get on. But, it looks very nice when on.

      Model F - Niagara One-Piece (Black) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6833. Stockings are tight on the thigh, but can be got on. Dress quite tight on the top edge when wrestling it over her bubble butt, and I think I might have snapped a thread in attempting it. But it looks really nice on and is a less obscene length than it appears to be on the Model girls.

      Model Glamor Size - Sexy Lacy Set (Black) http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=6773 Fits very nicely. The pants are slightly snug to get on, but it can be done without breaking anything. The stockings are rather long and slightly tight on the thigh, but nothing that I would worry about. And can I just say phwoar?

      Model Woman Size - Leather Top http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=1859 This DOES NOT fit, by any stretch of the imagination! I had hoped that I could leave it gaping a bit at the front in a sexy sort of way. No. It doesn't even reach round as far as the front!

      If anyone wants photos of the fit, I might be able to do this tonight.
    15. Mau...for the leather top...cut in back and add new grommets so it laces front AND back...that's how mine is on SHE.
    16. Ah! Now that is something I hadn't thought of. Thanks Pam.
    17. Works great since it will still fit other people that way.
    18. I have no other people who might wear a busty leather top, being a troupe of males, but nice idea anyway!
    19. does any one know about wigs from leekeworld? i got an 8-9 wig that i'm hoping will fit my luna, but now i'm wondering if i should have gotten a 7-8....