What fits an Iplehouse SID Woman?

Jul 28, 2010

    1. This is a spin off to "What fits Iplehouse's EID Woman" Iple has showed that EID women and SID women can share some of the same clothes. Please post information about what does or doesn't fit your Iplehouse SID (whether it is from Iplehouse or elsewhere) here. Include whether your SID is small or large bust, item name and where you got the item (links are always helpful! And we all know that a picture is worth a thousand words so please include a picture as well!

      I'll go first! :)

      Large Bust
      Dress by Anita N made for EID Woman
      Link: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...a-Narae-SOOAH-Elfdoll**fashion-UPDATE-21-June
      Fit: Stretchy material, fits is a little lower cut on SID than it is on EID. Sleeves are not too long. Overall really great fit!

    2. I want to know which trousers can fit on SID girl? anybody can try a YID boy trousers on her? or EID woman trousers? or other?
      Thank you!!!
    3. Here are some things that I have tried on my SID small busted girl (not all have pics):

      SD17 Boy jeans (4D) - fit, but are tight. (see pic)
      SD13 boy jeans - fit is tight depending on cut. Length is a little short.
      SD13 Button up shirt - good fit. I clipped it in back to look more tailored (see pic)
      SaDoL Dollshe sized tank top - makes a cute dress.

      I've only had her a few days, so I haven't gone through all the clothes bins yet. :P

      SD13 boy shirt and 4D SD17 Jeans:

      SaDoL Dollshe Tank (as dress):
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    4. [​IMG]

      This is the first clothes I tried on my Cherie, Venus, as she calls herself.

      The blouse is an old SD from Glorydoll. The fit is great, but Glorydoll has almost never anything in stock.

      The strech pants is from Dollmore. They belong to this model size set:

      Model F - Zephyr Casual Set (White & Black)

      The boots are also from Dollmore:

      Model Doll Shoes - Long Cut Boots (White)
      They have them in black also.

      Got a lot of stuff to try on her, so I'll report back later. ;)
    5. Bumping this up! I am wondering if the SID body would fit Model girl from Dollmore clothing better.....cause I know the EID can fit some that have strech!
    6. I just notice that they can wear earring!! sorry I am very new with bjd and just order iplehouse Jessica last week. Do they come with ears pierce already or we have to put the hole on their ears ourselves?
    7. aekworks - I drilled the hole myself but you can request to have their ears pierced from Iplehouse I think.
    8. aekworks - Iplehouse make that, but you need that in notice order write.
      I arrived my Jessica without ears pierce, and now for my Carina I write notice.
      iple answered, that this option without costs.
    9. Thank you so much swazini and anita_n :) I will request them for my Jessica. One more question for anita_n, what body type is your Carina? I am thinking of ordering her face on SID boy in custom made doll, what do you think? Please give me some advices and how long do you usually wait for iplehouse dolls? Waiting is killing me :(
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    10. swazini, how do you drill the hole, what do you use to do it? I'm really have no idea, sorry for silly question :P
    11. I used a very small drill bit from a dremel tool but I know of others who have used a straight pin and just pushed it through the resin. You have to make sure you have the right angle though before you push the pin or drill bit through. Is it too late to ask Iple to do it or do you already have your doll?
    12. Thank swazini, I still waiting for my Jessica, so I will ask iplehouse if they can do it for me :) Other thing is I order her with large breast! do you think that's too big? I get scare that it might be too vulgar!! rather than sexy, what do you think?
    13. My Carina is EID medium bust and soon I want last layaway payment pay.
      I do not know, if that possible Carina head on boy SID body, better ask you on Q&A iple board.
      I got two dolls from iple, and Carina is my third .
      My Jessica was shipped about 30 days after last payment , I got e-Mail with tracking number,
      and my Tedros was shipped about 20 days after last payment, but no e-Mail or other notice from iple, I looked at my order status and found , that my Tedros is "on shipment" and also tracking number.
      Carina surprise I let myself. I know , me also "waiting is killing me"

      I think, it is not vulgar. Sometime my first SID doll would also with large bust.
    14. Would SID fit Super Gem clothes? EID girls didnt really fit into clothes made for my Super Gem, some at a squeeze.
    15. Thanks anita_n! I make an error on Typing I mean Carina head with SID body (not boy lol)
      I heard people said EID body is so difficult to pose do you have problem with that? that's a reason I want to order SID body to compare the differences (both with mobility join) please advise. I think I will only order BJD from Iplehouse because no other company make me feel like I have to have it :)

    16. Is everyone having trouble finding wigs that fit? I know that most of my wigs here are size 9-10 and literally swim on my Soo's head. I did get her a Leekeworld wig in size 8-9 and it fits great, I just don't want it staining her head.
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    17. I just ordered this wig for my Jessica EID when she arrives---
      it is weird to me that they have the same sized head---I hope this fits my girl--I get this one an off black same style