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What fits Cherishdoll Faith Cherish sizes?

Dec 21, 2009

    1. I have a Cherishdoll Alley v.2 LTD and she has one outfit, which is her limited outfit.. I was looking around to get her some more clothes, but I'm not used to tinies so I have NO idea what fits and what I can get for her. Oi oi oi... (This is why I stick to MSDs and UP. haha) Mods, if this is in the wrong spot, feel free move it, and I apologize for having it in the wrong spot ahead of time.
      I was looking at some of the Soom teenie gem clothing, but they're 7cm taller than my Alley is, so I don't know if I can get any of the clothing from Soom, and Cherishdoll rarely has any clothing that I could use for her. So thanks in advance!
    2. They're kind of an odd size, not really aligned with any other Tiny at the moment. Teenie Gem clothing would be too big, it's more on scale with Yo:


      As you can see, Yo size is much larger.

      I dress my girl mostly in traditional 8" vinyl doll clothing, as that's easiest to find....Ginny, some Tiny Kitty or Tiny Betsy will work. Those scrapbooking shirts from Jolene fit (you see one on my Bisou), but you have to be willing to take off her head, as they have no back opening. Some of the Re-ment Blythe clothing fits, but pants would be too long. Some standard Bratz clothing as well, again, the pants would be too long. I imagine some stretchy Kish Riley things will fit, but pants might be short on her.

      If there are traditional doll shows in your area, that might be a good place to look. I also hope to be adding a line for Cherishdoll to my clothing designs, along with a few other specific tinys who are hard to shop for.

      Good luck :)
    3. She's a little chubby, so if you sew, you can use the tiny Betsy patterns with a little extra width around the body/legs and slightly longer sleeves/trouser legs. Not sure that helps much though!
    4. I've had luck with some of the sugarmag blythe size, it really depends on the cut though. She is pretty close to Ginny size too.
    5. I myself have a Faith Chubby. So far, I've stuck with barbie clothes, most fit, though the pants and sleeves are a bit long. It's a good substitute until you can find clothes that fit. ^^;
    6. If you check the tinies size chart it seems as if the Lati Yellow Sp is pretty close in size and I now there is a variety of shoes and clothing available on etsy and elsewhere. the measurements for feet are CD= 3.1 vs Lati Sp 3.4. Double check the chart and other owners but that might be an option as well.
    7. Bumping this up, as we now have another Faith sized boy- Ricky! Need some cloothes for them!
    8. Bratz boys clothing always worked well for my lani boy, so did barbie things, although some needed hemmed/trimmed.
    9. Thanks for this topic! I didn't knew that Cherishdoll Faith Cherish fits almost lati Yellow Sp !