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What fits Fairyland/Feeple Pukipuki? (clothes, wigs, etc.)

Dec 3, 2007

    1. If you find something that fits your Pukipuki, please post about it here!

      It looks like Orientdoll So-sized clothes might be a decent fit (based solely on this photo, and the wigs also seem to be similarly-sized.

      Please share your success stories -- lots of naked and bald Pukis will thank you!! ^_^

      -- A :kitty2
    2. If Orient So fits then Kelly dolls clothes should fit also. Although I think Orientdoll clothes are cuter
    3. Some shelly dresses fit, short but cute.
      volks WTG wig fits, not perfectly (I have cutted it a little).
    4. hmm can puki puki wear petite blythe's clothes?
      their height is similiar though.
    5. Orientdoll do fit
      so do Lati white ...the new size
      OD and Lati are just a fraction larger ...noting to worry about ...shoes they can share even though FF is a fraction smaller ...nothing a pair of socks wont cure
      wig size ...identicle
      and I can say that with some authority :)
      my wigs are not that forgiving ,I make them to fit each doll
      the OD ,Lati pattern fit the ff

      the tiny Blyth clothes I have wont fit ...apart from the kitty hat

      Holly showing off her dress again
      which is a Shelly/Kelly size
      shoes are PocketFairy


      Holly in LATI wHITE cHICK SUIT ....looking happier than Albert My Laches

      and this is Otto -Lati/Orientdoll hybred , and new Laches
    6. Volks DP wig fits wonderful, I found all my PF shoes too large.
      I think it depends :D for me they're large, for tinybear they're ok!

      I found other shelly shoes, and I cutted the end of the shoes, now they fit even if they're a bit too little they're almost perfect.

      Wonder if mame momoko clothes will fit?
    7. Really Dollfie + wigs fit?? that's a great news, ^^ i thought it wad too small.
      I will be able to find some cute one on Volks shop.

      I wonder same about Mame Momoko, i have some paterns should try.
      But they are shorter i think, mabe size is ok but short, ^^
    8. Yep, DP is Dollfie Plus. I ordered a DP wig from Mimiwoo on eBay -- will let you guys know if it fits once my Pukipuki gets here! (I got the Snow Pipi fullset, so I'm not sure when she's shipping out.)

      -- A :)
    9. Ashbet, I think Mimi's wigs are bigger than volks, because she says that they fit PF and obviously they will not fit them or they'll be big for DP. :|
      But we'll se when it comes.
    10. This is the one I bought -- the Pukipuki measurements say that their heads are 10cm, and the auction says 10-10.5cm.

      We shall see!

      I do think that Orientdoll So wigs would fit best, but I'm not ready to spend $23 in shipping for two $4.50 wigs, so I need to wait until a group order gets together.

      -- A <3
    11. Hmm...I have a Monique Ginger wig in size 4, with a nice, stretchy cap. It fits my Souldoll Little very nicely. But it wouldn't fit a PukiPuki? Is it because it's too long, or because it's too big around the head, even with the stretch cap?
    12. I think the wigs that mimi sells will probably fit o.o
      I bought the black wig my sugar is wearing in my post here
      ^^; but I donno about clothes... I know her eyes fit perfectly well. but the colour choices are/were when I checked last alittle limited.
      But I can say forsure because my sugar loves her wig and it hasnt fallen off yet xD that the ones that say 3.4/4 will fit and if not they will fit one you attach the velcro (Or whatever one uses to make them stay these days ;> )
      :D BUT thats just my opinion, check out the picture and deside if it looks loose or tight :>
      I have 2 other wigs that are the same size at home i'll try them on tonight to see if maybe this one is actualy smaller :o !!
      :D i cant wait to see what other wigs / eyes / clothes these cuties can wear!!!
    13. I posted this in the other thread, but think I should add it here:

      Ginarolo can preorder glass eyes in any colour for you in 8mm. I emailed her a month ago about 8mm but still haven't gotten the funds to actually buy a pair. Her colours look lovely and I have heard good reviews about them in other threads.
    14. Blythe shoes are too big, aren't they? I just happen to have a pair laying around but yeah, I'm figuring I'm out of luck there. XD
    15. I have tried sara princess and they are too big, yes.
    16. How about the clear jelly-type shoes from Kelly dolls? Since the Tommy sneakers fit, those might work.

      I have a couple of Poshdolls LatiWhite wigs as well as a Tinybear LW wig, I'll try those on my two when they arrive (soon, I hope).
    17. If Kelly clothes really fit, that will make my life a whole lot easier. Oh, and has anyone yet tried Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Wear by BanDai? It's around Kelly-sized too, I think.

      This just makes me so excited. I can't wait to get my little Pipi. :)
    18. I have the Strawberry Shortcake clothing, but my doll isn't here yet. So, I will post about it when I can. Oh, but someone posted in the regular thread that bratz kids clothes fit. Some need adjusting, but some fit just fine.
    19. Please if someone can post infos about petite blythe, little pullip and mame momoko I would be very grateful! :D