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What fits Iplehouse Fashion Women & Men

Oct 27, 2016

    1. Since they're arriving now, it's time to get to the nuts and bolts, or at least the pants and shirts - and shoes!

      Please share the clothes you've found that fit (really fit, please, not just goes on) your FIDs.

      So far, IH YID can work, depending on style & bosom size for the girls.
      CED clothes fit, depending on style. A bit loose in the waist, tight on hips, but some fit very well.
      Shoes for girls: Deeanna Denton 17" by Tonner supposedly fit, but they're sold with CED size which doesn't. Confusing.

      Photos, photos, photos! We'd all love to see your FIDs in various outfits.


      Mystic fashion size doll (please correct anything you find doesn't agree with your measurements & add what I've left out)

      Height = 43cm
      Shoulders (from outer arms) = 10cm
      Chest = (above nips, just under the arms) = 204mm
      Waist (just above belly button) = 16cm
      Hips = 19cm
      Inseam = 24cm
      Arm = 132mm
      Back (just above shoulderblades) = 8cm
      Foot (botton heel to end of big toe) = 63mm
      Foot Width at ball = 21mm
      Top of Shoulder to Waist Front = 11cm
      Top of Shoulder to Waist Back = 10cm

      This man is built like Fred Astaire. If he stands sideways, he's a straight line (with his codpiece on) so I'm gauging the waist as just before a small swell to the hips.

      Bermann Head = 13cm (head circumferences will differ depending on sculpt)
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    2. I'm not sure if this counts, but my FID Lawrence should be arriving today or tomorrow. :D Once he does, I'll be drafting and tailoring a suit for him, and shoes as well. I plan to be opening an Etsy shop for fashion doll stuff, including the FID suit once I finish. :D
    3. Thanks for this! All my clothes fitting plans fell by the wayside yesterday, but I'm shooting for Sunday now. It's too bad that work gets in the way of my playtime!
    4. [​IMG]20161030_110628 by Dude Lebowwowski, on Flickr
      Raffine is wearing a Tonner doll Hardy Boys trench coat and it fits perfectly, even the belt is at the right place at the waist!
      Her shoes are off of Ebay, supposed to fit the American Model dolls, on her fashion high heel feet. The fit could be a little better, but not bad.
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    6. so, basically, try everything on them! you never know what might fit. :aninja:
    7. Your Raffine looks lovely Sprocket! I bought some American Model doll shoes on eBay myself. I'm pretty sure she'll arrive before they do though.
    8. @luckeegurl36 , thank you! I bought two pairs of AM shoes but only one fit. The second pair was a pointy toed pair and was much too narrow.
      @petiteballerine , that's right, it's just a trial and error process.
      I've been haunting Iplehouse daily just hoping for some new duds for my girls. Miho won't try anything on at all, insists Raffine be the guinea pig. She stole the trench coat already.
    9. Tonner Kitty Collier shoes fit the FID girls. Kingstate makes that size. I hope people will post pics here.

      kingstate no longer makes kitty c. shoes.
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    10. How are you drafting the pattern? By blocking method or a drape method??
    11. My Raffine and Stella wearing Souldoll Kid boots. Actually Raffine's top and jacket are also Souldoll Kid.
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    12. Shanleigh stole my Vito Freya's default outfit. She's an Irish lass after all and I was pleased to see that it fit her quite nicely. Her purse is from Target.
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    13. Happy Hols to those who celebrate Thanksgiving.
      Nik (Nicole) decided to watch the sunset and contemplate all she's grateful for.


      Tonner wig, CED dress & bracelet.
      glow real skin Stella.
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    14. So far I am having success with clothing made for the CED dolls but I know not all items fit.

      The lingerie that came with some of the basic dolls works very well.


      I also bought some American Model shoes and they work well even though they are a bit long...

      FID Stella

      I bought a couple of pairs of boots for Evangeline Ghastly and they won't go on as they are too narrow. My mistake as the listing was clearly for Evangeline only. However some sellers are offering shoes as fitting both and I'd be wary of buying those for our FID girls.
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    15. a note about CED clothes: their arms are longer by quite a bit - a hand's length, so look for 3/4 sleeves or short/sleeveless tops.
      the CED waists are smaller by a bit, but can have the snap moved if your CEDs don't get angry about it.
      it's very hit and miss + sleight of hand with pins on most things.
      pants aren't too bad. the length his good but again, small waist.

      none of my Am Model shoes fit at all. way too long for my taste. about 1/4 inch at the heel left over. so, I'm relying on IH to offer shoes.

      if you use the super high heels, they fill up the back of the Am Model but the toes don't go far into the shoe. not a good fit or look. some people have had luck with other Am Model versions, but think we should ask for more high heels made for our FIDs and offered separately. They have a space for FID-W shoes. I want more killer heels!
      #15 petiteballerine, Nov 28, 2016
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    16. Arvid arrived yesterday. With an IH wig I thought he might share with his girlfriend. No. It only fits her if it comes down low over her forehead. pops right off him.
      so, not sure what the promo pics represent showing the guys with the same style wigs the girls are wearing. Maybe after stretching the heck out of it, it might work with a siicon cap.

      Souldoll Vito pants do not fit due to the big bootay. but, tops can if you don't need to button/snap across the chest.
      I only have one pair of Vito shoes: Roman sandals. They fit very well on big FID men's feet. room for lightweight socks, but I didn't snap them all the way up the calf so next ime he's barefoot I'll try that.

      my advice: IH clothes are so beautifully made and fit to a "T" so buy whenever possible.

    17. I couldn't fit a silicon cap under Arvid's Iplehouse wigs if I tried. I have two of the short mohair ones that they show the guys wearing. I don't know which one you have. I wrap a rubber band twice around his headcap and it keeps the wig on once I finally get the things to stay on, but it takes work.

      Not sure how useful this is, but DollHeart shoes meant for 60cm girls, even ones with narrow toe boxes, fit FID boys. I have no shoes for Arvid and was really tired of cutting off his feet for photos, so I dug out shoes I got in fukubukuros because it was better than nothing when he was wearing baggy pants anyway. So, I wouldn't buy any for that purpose, but if you have them lying around and need something, they work.
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    18. Wow I am definitely interested in your progress on his suit and shoes and especially your Etsy shop!!

      Your photo of you Miho is incredible! I love the lingerie--sorry to be so dense but is CED the name of the company or just the initials?

      My Felix and Lawrence arrived last week, I noticed with their wigs--I have to really work them, stretch and stretch and stretch--and they fit great. So don't give up on them, just keep on stretching them out! And... There was no extra room for a wig cap with my guys either.

      The trench coat looks really great on your Raffine, and the shoes look like a perfect fit. So, American Model shoes, and possibly Evangeline shoes. I was hoping my Ellowyne shoes would work, I have some really great ones, but sounds like they will be too small.
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    19. google ced dolls.
      there are newer resin ones but they're much smaller in the waist.
      doug james designed them.
      fab clothes from quite a few years ago. some fit well & some fitted ones not so well.