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What fits Iplehouse SID Man?

Nov 5, 2010

    1. I've looked and looked, but couldn't find a thread for what fits the Iplehouse SID man, so I thought I would start one (:

      I have a SID guy coming home soon and while I do like most of the clothing on Iple's site, I would love to know what else he can wear. Clothes and shoes wise. Especially shoes, since Iple only has a few pairs for the SID's...

      Pictures would be nice, but aren't necessary. Looking forward to seeing what people have!
    2. I'm definitely interested in learning this, too. I have a SID body, but he only has Iple clothing and nothing in the shoe department. I do know that Tata Hound shirts do fit him if they are stretchy and don't button up at the front, but that's all I've been able to try so far :(
    3. hi!!
      I am going to be purchasing two dolls from Iplehouse, (EID Bichun, and SID Eva.) Regarding SID Eva, I usually buy most of my clothing through Dollmore, but I can't seem to find clothing to fit her odd size (62 cm.)
      They have clothing on the Iplehouse site in her size, but it's a very limited selection.

      If anyone can help me out with links to sites that sell clothing that would fit her, I would really appreciate it!!!
    4. There is a thread that was started about SID girl clothes. Some of the Dollmore Model clothes will fit but pants and L/S tops would be too long.

    5. I too would welcome more information about where to buy clothes for SID men. So far, I have been improvising. I have commissioned some pants from Marsh, and bought a 70cm shirt from honestrabbit. I know Marsh makes excellent quality pants, so I am looking forward to these, and all being well the 70cm shirt will fit :)
    6. I would like to know as well. I have just purchased an SID Storm and bought several outfits from IH as well, but I would like to know what else can fit!
    7. bumpie bumpie bump bump!
      need advise for those hard-to-find clothes that will fit SID boys....
    8. I'm thinking of getting model doll clothing/tops for my guy, any one know how good that fits? I wanna get the clothing before I get the doll so he has stuff to wear when he gets here.
    9. jacobean, I compared the measurements, and it doesn't seem likely. :( Glamor Model could be worth a try, depending on whether the clothes are stretchy or loose-fitting, but I'm not rich enough to afford lotteries.^^;

      SID man:
      * Circumference of neck: 12cm
      * Circumference of chest: 33.7cm
      * Width of shoulder: 17 cm
      * Circumference of waist : 24 cm
      * Circumference of pelvis : 29.3 cm

      Model man
      * Circumference of neck: 11cm
      * Circumference of chest: A : 26.8cm / B :26cm
      * Width of shoulders: 16cm
      * Circumference of waist: 19.5cm
      * Circumference of hips: 26cm

      Glamor Model man
      * Circumference of neck: 12cm
      * Circumference of chest: 29cm
      * Width of shoulders: 16cm
      * Circumference of waist: 23cm
      * Circumference of hips: 27.6cm

      (I assumed "Pelvis" and "Hips" mean the same for our needs here? :?)
    10. I just bought Storm I'm in the same boat with clothes as everyone here. Looking for advice about what fits. He has no shoes yet. :( Maybe I'll have to place another order with Iple.
    11. Thanks Eshu! :) Super heplful!

      Aww, you could always try places like sunny's world or releaseresin for shoes Tikidoll. Can't wait to see your guy! :)
    12. Me too! I have an SID body on the way, but am really clueless about shoes. I've found only a couple of companies that make dolls with feet as long as the SID man's, but none of the shoes are really what I'm looking for.

      Also, I've found that with my Limwha Mano, although his feet measure longer than a Volks SD man, he can still wear Volks/Dollheart SD13 shoes. I think it is because his feet are so narrow. This leaves me wondering if my SID guy will actually be able to wear shoes meant for guys with shorter feet?

      Anyone with an SID guy out there? Have you found other brands of shoes that work besides Iple?

      EDIT: I just checked out Sunny's 70cm shoes on eBay, and I'm not so sure they will fit? According to Iple, an SID man's feet are 9.2 cm, and the shoes that Sunny's has have an inner length of only 8.7 cm, with an OUTER length of 9.5 cm.
    13. jacobean, You're welcome! It looks to me right now that stuff is either too small or too large for SIDs :( Like, EID or Idealian stuff should be huge, but everything else is too narrow. Even SpiritDoll Proud stuff, as I looked now! :o

      Girth of the neck: 10.5 cm
      Girth of the chest: 32.5 cm
      Width of the shoulder: 16 cm
      Girth of the waist: 23 cm
      Girth of the hips: 29.5 cm

      Though it looks better than Glamor Model even, doesn't it? Hmm... :| Not that they have a huge selection themselves. ^^;

      I wouldn't bet on it. I got SID shoes from Iple and even pulling THEM on is an effort *_* maybe I'm doing something wrong of course, but they're pretty big, so one should look at the INNER length. And don't forget the inner width!
    14. I'm going to bump this! *bump*

      I need some clothing options for my soon-to-be-incoming boy!
    15. Mmm... Okay, so from my point of view:

      Most Glamor Model doll tops will work, but pants won't. I haven't even gotten to use the underwear Eshu was talking about -bought it, got it to fit but then it got stuck on my boys' thigh joints, so I didn't find it usefull at all-.

      Luts Super Senior Delf shoes will mostly fit, though I've only tried on the white cowboy boots and some sandals (which work, though a little tight). I'm unsure if the clothing will, but I'm not giving it a try... Just in case it doesn't.

      Some Nine9Style 70cm trausers will fit if they're elastic and I think the same goes for every other 70cm clothing that's elastic.

      As for tops, Crobidoll has some things which work, such as these:
    16. Thank you! That was super helpful~
      I think I've got shirts covered, now it's just finding pants. Do you know if EID man pants will fit at all? Or would that be horrible?
    17. Any one tried any SSDF clothing yet? The measurements seem to be closest out of all the big guys. I think I'm gonna try that out but I'm getting my SID on layaway so it will be months before I can find out. If it doesn't fit I can give it to my Super Gem lol ;) Plan B
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