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What Fits Raccoon Doll Mature Minis

Jun 20, 2016

    1. Since the first 44.5cm girls arrived from Korea last year, we've all been aware of how hard it is to buy clothing and shoes for them. Raccoon Doll sells a few items of clothing and shoes. What is available from other sellers? Please use this thread to post your fabulous finds to help us shop for our girls. If you sew, please feel free to post patterns and examples of clothing made from them to help other seamstresses.

      Things will get even more interesting once Raccoon releases male dolls in this size. Please post information as it becomes available.

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    2. thanks for this thread @vermont chick! Here is a short list of what I have found fits so far and a few things I remember from previous posts:
      Clothes: Iplehouse JID Girl Cinnamon Coat, JID Girl knee high stockings & socks, most JID Girl tops, JID Girl lingerie, JID Boy Jeans
      Shoes: Iplehouse JID Girl high heels and boots (large but fits ok with socks or felt insoles)
      Wigs: 5/6 Monique Gold, SS 5.7-5.8 For My Doll wigs
      Eyes: 8mm Glib low dome Oval Glass Eyes, 6mm Glib low dome Oval Glass Eyes, 8mm Round Glastic Acrylic Eyes
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    3. I may as well post a few things that I remember off the top of my head.

      Clothes: Sadol Classic (MSD size) and Lolita-pk (MSD size). And because of similar measurements, clothing designed for Luts ModelDelf girls should fit.

      Shoes: Fairyland Minifee high heels (expensive but fit perfectly without socks).

      1. Designs by Jude featuring Fletcher Pattern Company patterns for Super Deluxe DeeAnna. I have used 5 of these: Hollywood Ahoy, Lunch Date, Regency Dress, Urban Beat and Night at the Opera. All needed a bit of tweaking to make them fit, but the DeeAnna Denton doll's measurements are pretty close to Raccoon girl's. I also sewed Dressing Up for Nancy and Hermione with good results. Be aware that we have two body types to choose from (hourglass and slim fit) and that may affect the fit of your garments. Also, our girls are taller than the model dolls used to draft these patterns, which calls for additional adjustments.
      2. Gracefaerie Designs. I have used #14 Mini Wardrobe for Narae and #21 Corset for MSD. Again, patterns work if you are willing to invest the time to make adjustments.

      I'll take new photos and post them later.
    4. That is a very good point! Which body were you sewing for?
    5. Let's see if I can remember. I may have to go back and look at photos. I made the Regency Dress for Mika, who has the hourglass figure. The rest of the Designs by Jude patterns were made for Lucy and Gene, who have the slim figure. The sleeveless dress--adapted from the EGL dress in Gracefaerie's #14 Mini Wardrobe for Narae--was intended for Gene (slim) but fits somewhat better on Mika (hourglass). All outfits got plenty of tweaking along the way. The Night at the Opera bodice didn't fit even after tweaking so I substituted the Gracefaerie #21 Corset instead.

      Do you happen to know if we are allowed to post multiple photos in a thread of this nature?
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    6. Good point about the body types @nancy_schroeder_ca and @vermont chick :). All the clothes listed on my post fit on slim body dolls.
      One more thing to add...
      Slim body Undergarments: "1/4 BJD MSD skin color highly protective jumpsuit #sen-63c" made by a company called blueblood doll. It's a tight fit (especially length wise on the legs) and takes some inching and stretching... But it does eventually fit ;).
    7. I finally took a photo of my girls wearing various fashions I sewed from the patterns mentioned above in post #3.
      From left to right: Lucy is wearing the Night at the Opera skirt (lengthened through the thighs) with Gracefaerie's #21 Corset. I don't remember what adjustments I made to the corset, except that I used the solid front version that laces up the back. Her wig is a mislabeled FairyLand 6-7, supposedly for LittleFee but much smaller in reality. Mika is wearing the EGL dress from Gracefaerie's #14 Mini Wardrobe for Narae. I omitted the sleeves and any hint of frills or lace. The waist could be a wee bit longer. Her wig is Yuri from Monique Gold. Sarah is wearing the Dressing Up for Nancy and Hermione. I sewed this in a quilter's weight cotton and don't remember making any adjustments to it. @Robyn_in_WA also made this dress but in a lighter weight fabric and had fit issues. Sarah's wig is Shaine from Monique Gold. Finally, Gene is wearing Hollywood Ahoy in a quilter's weight cotton. I had a lot of fit issues with this one, which may be due to my choice of fabric. The top part of the bodice needs to be gathered, but my fabric was too thick to work so I pleated it lightly and removed excess fabric. Gene's wig is Paris from Monique Gold.

      A note about the shoes: I found flats that fit! I bought them for my Unoa Chibi, but found they were a bit narrow for her. Happily, narrow on a Chibi turned out to be perfect on a Raccoon girl. (Gene is wearing stockings but Mika and Sarah are not.) The shoes are Bows by DollinStyle. They measure 54mm by 20mm. Denver Doll has only 3 colors left--I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy the others when they still had them. I'm afraid that DDE won't or can't restock, as the two styles that fit Minifee are all but gone and have been for quite a while. I haven't found any other shop that sells them.:(

      @Naïka - Thanks for posting the qipao pattern. I haven't downloaded it yet. The host wants to place a tab on my computer and I'm still thinking about whether or not I want to allow that.
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    8. That's strange! Maybe I don't get that because I have uploaded a pdf. I have saved the pattern and would be happy to email it to you.
    9. I clicked on PDF Host and that's what happened. If there is any other way to get it I would be thrilled. Can you PM it to me? Or if not I'll PM you my email address. Thanks!
    10. I got the same message that the host wants me to download a new tab and I am not really keen to do that, normally a pdf download is very straightforward.
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    11. I don't think DOA will let us attach a PDF. I just tried to open the PDF to check them and got errors on both files. I'll try again.

      I tried to open one from the link and got an error again. I think we'll have to wait for Naika.
    12. Greetings to you all !
      I asked a moderator if it's possible to add a PDF file to a thread. Answer : " the image codes will only accept jpg, gif or png image files. As long as the PDF file is hosted somewhere, however, you can include a link to it. Alternatively, you can use your image processing software of choice to change its file type to jpg, gif or png, host that file, and then use the IMG insert codes (the little box with the mountain/sun) to include that"
      That means I must find a way to convert this file, which I'll eventually manage to do ... Then I'll post it.
      @ vermont chick : your four dresses are very well done, and I like very much Sarah's. The flat are quite pretty, too.
    13. Qipao front : [​IMG]
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    14. @Naïka - Thank you for posting the pattern here. I appreciate that it represents a great deal of work on your part. I will certainly try making a qipao with it.

      Also, thank you for liking my dresses and shoes.:)
    15. @ vermont chick. You are welcome ... From what I could see in this thread you are a good seamstress, but if you happen to have a question about this pattern or my explanations, please don't hesitate to ask, you and anybody who wants to try it. As it is, my "red lines" don't show, for some reason, but I think one can work out where they are since they are the bias binded bits.
    16. Naika sent me the file in two formats. The red lines are the edges that are bias bound with no seam allowance. The images above work fine. For those on Windows, right click on an image and save the image. Whatever program you use to print it, you must choose exact size or 100% scaling. The pattern is on A4 paper, so use legal size paper if you don't have A4.

      I will work on creating pdf's.
    17. Sometimes I wish I were still working. I had Adobe Acrobat Professional at the office. Creating PDFs was a snap. I would buy it for home use but I'm not sure how often I'd use it.