What fits Ringdoll Teenagers (male)?

Dec 5, 2019

    1. Hi everyone,

      As the title suggests, I was wondering which clothing/size fits male Ringdoll Teenagers.
      I have a Ringdoll Hui on the RTbody-3 body. What would fit him better: male SD16 or SD17 clothing?

      Please feel free to share images of your Ringdoll teen boys for reference/inspiration, too! :D

      Thanks in advance! :aheartbea
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    2. Bumping, as I am at a bit of a loss!
    3. This is from the Ringdoll teen thread on this forum. There's some helpful advice in there regarding sizing but it looks like they can wear SD13-16.
    4. I have a Ringdoll Hui and he fits in SD13 sized clothes!
    5. Thank you for your help! I must have overlooked it. *_*

      I have a Hui as well, so this is extremely good to know! Thank you for your help! :D
    6. Oh, thats funny. We all have Hui dolls :XD:

      His little teeth captured everyone’s hearts.
    7. Wish I could trade my Luci for a Hui, he’s too tall and heavy for my liking :roll:
    8. Was he your first of that size? I held a 70cm doll at a meetup and was shocked at how heavy it was. The difference between that and 65cm was quite noticeable too.
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    9. True but Hui is adorable, wish I had a chance to get him before I got Lucifer.
    10. Did Hui come out after Lucifer? Honestly, I can’t even tell if Hui is limited on their website. They had a countdown counter during the holiday sale and I was scared he’d disappear so I impulse ordered it. I supposed you could always sell Luci to order Hui. It just sucks that their wait is so long.
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    11. Lucifer came out first I believe, and by then it was too late because I think Hui is sold out :roll:
    12. I just checked Ringdoll’s site and Hui (both teenager and grown) is still available. Am I missing something? Lol
    13. I thought they were sold out, or maybe they were on sale at one point, oh well, I can’t do anything about it now, I mean when I got Lucifer I didn’t have to wait the long time that Ringdoll is of wait times, I got him through a dealer, and he was in stock, but now that I have him, I can’t bond with him, and I’m trying to sell him in splits and I’m offering to pay at least partial the shipping so others are eager to buy, but no one is buying him :sorry