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What fits ShinyDoll Fragille bodies!

Feb 26, 2012

    1. Wally made a thread for Thaasa bodies, so I thought I'd start one for Shin-san's lovely Fragille line of dolls! They are so petite and delicate, it can sometimes be hard to find things that fit well :)
      Here's what I've found out so far:

      Ruby Red Galleria shoes fit well, especially with socks!
      Dark Blue brand shoes fit with socks (but are sometimes hard to find)
      Goodreau doll shoes fit perfectly!
      Rosette School of Dolls shoes & boots fit perfectly!

      Goodreau fashions fit perfectly! Search for handmade items on Etsy ;)
      Cheery doll items made for Unoa fit well
      Ajumapama dresses are a tiny bit big in the bust, but with a pin they look great
      K2 brand clothes fit great, and are inexpensive and nice quality. You can find them on ebay or at Mint on Card. MOC is in the US but I believe they will ship internationally

      I'll add to the list as I find things; I hope this thread will be useful!
    2. Luts Kid Delf things fit well too :)
    3. This is a big help, thank you!
    4. Oh, EXCELLENT! Thanks for starting this thread, renee_chan! I want to play too!

      My Meefa is wearing Mio jacket and skirt, Swan20 stockings, MinoruWorld Jr. boots (awesome and a perfect fit), and an Atelier Momoni T-shirt. Atelier Momoni has been a really nice fit, shirts are a little loose, but still a really nice fit. The Mio stuff is excellent, not much help since they're so difficult to find now though!

    5. Tonner Kish Shirt, "Angel. Candy-Rock" (now lovesprung on Etsy) tulle ruffled shorts, Dolheart boots (hit or miss on sizing-look huge here due to camera angle, but this pair is a good fit), Swan20 "Unoa" size stockings.

    6. D'awwwww!!! Ruffly shorts!!!!
    7. I tried the minoruworld shoes and boots that I have at home, on my Hikali. They went on but were very tight - I personally wouldnt try them again.

      These are the ones I have.

    8. samson, what size are they? The "Junior" Minoru boots I have are a perfect fit, with stockings!
    9. Hi wally they are the junior size too- it may just be a question of different styling . I could get her foot in them but it was a squeeze, and taking them off was a nightmare.
    10. Good to know samson! The Junior boots I have are perfect, but I don't have any of the style shoes you have! I was just about to order those ankle boots though, so I'm thrilled that you had some to check out and keep me from ending up with something that won't work!
    11. wimukt's Unoa items on etsy are a pretty good fit! A little big in the waist, but overall, a nice fit. I received two of their outfits today, mixed them up a bit, tops from one, bottoms from the other. Skirt, tops and leggings are wimukt.
      My Hikali is wearing Luts rocking horse shoes and thick socks from one of the 1/6 army guy sites. The thick socks from those sites are cheap, and really help with the fit of most MSD shoes.

    12. I love Wimukt's clothing and those shoes really 'rock'. lol I mean it though - I love them !!!
      And I love that you mix and match her outfits !!
    13. Bumping this thread - I just found out that Minifee shoes are a good fit.