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What Fits the Male Dollshe Fashion Pose 44cm

Nov 13, 2015

    1. Now that the boys are shipping, we will all be looking through our collections for anything that fits these muscular men. Girls will have plenty of clothes to choose from, but these guys are going to need some custom pants! So, they deserve their own thread.

      Shoes! good grief, nothing I have works with him at all.
      Coats, jackets, and a very nice cardigan sweater from Tonner girls & guys fit him very well.

      Matt O'Neil pants just can't handle the....equipment in the front.

      Here's Capt Grant Phillippe. (poor Jack is rather cold right now) perfect fit for the vest & shirt. pants close in the back so they sort of fit, but only the waist snaps closed, not the derriere. so, lo-rise would not fit, and front opening wouldn't work. I tried some nice linen Matt/Sean pants. way too small in waist, hips & length.

      frankly, I think creating a new pattern is the best idea if you sew.

      Capt Grant is wearing 8mm round eyes from Volks. 6mm rounds don't cover the opening. flats might work.
      I made his slouchy beanie. :kitty2


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    2. Can't wait to see the fashion show!
    3. If you would kindly tell me the doll's inseam and waist, I have a bunch of Matt sized patterns I have made over the years, and I can adjust them and offer some trousers quickly.

      For shoes that fit feet bigger than the Matt dolls, I would suggest you look at the Athletic-body sized men's shoes in the shoe shop of FacetsbyMarcia.com,

      Give the cm of the length and width of his feet and I can compare it to my Athletic men's shoes.
    4. Thanks@petiteballerine! That is a tremendous help.

      My Athletic Male trousers should be able to accommodate his junk. Off to translate the mm to inches and compare the body sizes.
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    5. from what I'm seeing & reading, Tonner superhero/athletic shoes & clothes "fit" our fashion Dollshies. shirts, etc. are no problem; lots of Tonner Matt and other companies make the right size. his shoulders are not super wide.
      it's that voluptuous fanny & manly part in front that causes issues. the superhero pants look doll-like to me. but, snip off those clunky belt loops & they're not bad!

    6. Okay, here's my list so far:

      * PJ pants from TNT Doll Clothing on Etsy
      * t-shirts from StarrShine Designs on Etsy
      * Jeans from M3 Studio (snug, can close up, but can't sit while wearing... not uncommon for most of my boys, really)
      * Plaid button-up shirt from M3 Studio
      * 1/4 size leopard-print underpants from Pink Fantasy (mybayer2008 on eBay)
      * boots from Mimi Collection
      * Tonner Matt t-shirts
      * Impldoll button-up shirt for IMPL Young dolls (collar and buttons are huge, though)
    7. Grant Phillippe's measurements are incredibly close to the Tonner Athletic Male body Perseus that I have here. Grant's waist and hips are a bit smaller , but he is anatomically correct, and the Tonner is not, so the hip measurement probably evens out, leaving just the waist a bit bigger on the non-resin doll. I'd also be curious if anyone got one of the resin Kinsmen dolls? They look mighty muscular, and they appear to be more than anatomically correct. They have some enviable physiques, nudge nudge, wink wink.
    8. I bought these shoes on Ebay about six months ago. They are tight but do fit OK. I believe someone in China is still selling both styles but I don't access that site from Australia right now. With the lace-ups make sure it has the 7.00 cm inner and not the pair that is 6.5 cm.

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    9. Luts Model Delf clothes are a win!



    10. @AaloriRian - that's awesome! finally, a pair of pants that are long enough and fit the front of him. yay! :celebrate
    11. great styles & fit! mybayer2008 on ebay.
      they had a buy two get one free with free shipping. arrived in about 10 days to the US. everything fits. but, the boots are tight. slip a piece of silk or other thin material in with your guy's foot so you can easily pull it back out! not a bad idea with all of these.

      be sure to check the measurements carefully. 7.5mm inner is best. 7mm tight fit but works.


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    12. Those are nice shoes. Could you do some pictures of them on?

      And damn if they are the 7.5cm inner size. So is my aGatti and I had a devil of a job finding shoes for him that didn't look blobby. The only ones I could find were SD girl shoes. These, by Doll Mansion. I will try them on my Grant and go and have a look at mybayer2008 for other ideas. I know I have looked there already, but perhaps they have some new stuff in.
    13. @MadamMauMau - scroll up to Charon's post where his Grant is wearing the black 1-strap shoe. + a foot in a lace-up patent.
      they're sophisticated, manly styles with a non-doll fit.
      (I'm super picky about shoes. for me and my dolls) :chibi
    14. Thanks for that. I missed that post, for some reason. Yes, I am also picky with shoes (as I am with most things). Blobby, children's shoes just don't cut it for me.
    15. @MadamMauMau - those tennis shoes look very nice. I couldn't find any grown-up ones in the right size on the mybayer2008 store.
      please LMK if they look nice on your Dollshe man. :daisy I wish I could find narrower laces, though.
      now just have to find some thong-type sandals.....

    16. I swapped the laces for some thin cord. Looks better. I will try them on him and let you know. Wondering if they will look too big, but they are slim, which was the whole purpose of getting them.
    17. I had a few things come in from mybayer2008 on ebay, and the fit is hit and miss. I snapped some quick pictures of the few things I bought.

      [​IMG] Notes: Bottom two buttons snap with ease. Top two will button, but strain the stitching. But Jareth!head only needs the bottom button buttoned anyway, so... moot point, for me.

      [​IMG] Notes: Fits tightly and limits range of motion. A shirt underneath is difficult, if not impossible. The loops for the waist strap are positioned too high, causing the belt to go across the chest, which looks strange, at best. The belt can be taken out of the loops and positioned lower. The buttons are large, but not too off-putting. Over all, a nice coat.

      [​IMG] Notes: These are the same type of shoes that others have been using with a 7.5cm inner measurement. They don't look odd in pictures, but they feel slightly out of scale to me, and it looks like he is wearing clown shoes. This may be mitigated once I find some longer pants. I'm interested in trying some with a 7cm inner measurement.
      [​IMG] Notes: This shirt was a terrible disappointment. I'm not so bothered that I can't button it all the way, but rather, it's the scale of buttons themselves that render the shirt unusable for me. (The shirt in the marketing photos had four smaller black buttons.) I will try to find some smaller buttons to replace them. This is another tight fit that limits the range of motion. It does, however, fit more flatteringly at the waist than Tonner Matt button downs.

      So, my guy still doesn't have a full outfit, but I think I'll be able to make do if I can find some suitable pants. Those model delf pants look awesome! So, I might need to check into them. Has anyone tried JID clothes from Iplehouse's site? I'm particularly interested in these pants.
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    18. Even though the clothes don't fit exactly they look really good! Based on my research of the JID clothes they should fit really good but I am waiting to see if they release anymore since they had a poll asking their customers what styles they would like for JID boy clothes.
    19. @Kayka - thanks so much for the update. I wonder why those black patent leather ones are soooo long. Charon's look like a good fit. I guess items for dolls aren't made to be precise.
      I couldn't believe how much shipping was for two pairs of Luts Model Delf pants. I said. "nope"
      I'm usually too lazy to sew jeans (all that top-stitching) but I think I'll make an exception.