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What heads fit Dollshe bodies WITHOUT modding?

Jan 2, 2011

    1. Hihi!

      I'm curious about what heads fit on Dollshe bodies without modding. I know lots of heads can go on, but the neck and head hole must be modded, and I'm far too scared to ruin a doll.

      If anyone knows, please let me know!
      ~ Nana :aheartbea
    2. The Spiritdoll "Proud" heads are almost the same size.

      I have suspicion perhaps the Loongsoul 70 cm dolls also. check out their head Morgan he's gorgeous I think :D
    3. Wow! That Morgan head is gorgeous! Would it fit the body okay? He might be a possiblily!

      Bumping up!
    4. There was an artist named Psyche who made a limited run of a head called X a few years back that was made to fit Dollshe bodies, we have one here at home name Tyrian. Here's a pic:


      He lives here but he belongs to St. James.
    5. Thanks! Bumping up!!
    6. Dollshe bodies will accept Soom Super Gem heads, but the look is, well, weird because the DS necks are so huge. I was also trepidatious about modding the neck, but I went for it with this result (this is a Soom Lupin head on a DSAM32):


      I just sanded, tiny bit by tiny bit, until I'd taken aff about a quarter of an inch, and then sanded some more to round the top so that it would fit perfectly in the head socket. And, you know, it took a while but it was easy. The mod has no doubt devalued the body for resale, but it's not going anywhere - I love this hybrid! So I encourage you to get a head you love and do what needs doing to the body.
    7. Thanks so much, glad to hear its not as difficult as I thought! ^_^