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What heads would fit the Elfdoll Tiny body?

Aug 2, 2010

    1. I love the look of the elfdoll tiny body, but none of the heads are even close to what I'm looking for so I'm wondering what other heads look okay on these bodies? I would like to think any dolls of the same size range would work, but I don't want her to end up looking like a creepy long neck thing or find the head has no way of attaching to the body at all.

      Any help would be appreciated!
    2. I might be totally wrong and someone else will be able to help you more, but I can't think of any heads that would work well on the body. The Elfdoll tiny bodies, as in Kai-sized, are so delicate and well defined they almost look like little adults. Most of the tinies from other companies I see are either too large or too child-like for their heads to look right on the Elfdoll bodies.
    3. Tiny Elfdolls are pretty much in a class by themselves. They wear size 3/4 wigs, and their bodies are scaled to look mature. Their heads are also well proportioned to their bodies. Most other tinies have a childlike chubby baby body, and wear 4/5 or even size 6 wigs, and so their heads are larger in proportion to the rest of them. Honestly, putting any head other than an Elfdoll's on their body will probably give you a result that looks like a Pullip or a Brats doll.

      As for attachment, my Sylph's elastic runs through a ring in her neck, and you pull the ring up and over a hook embedded in her headcap. She's the older body model though; I'm not sure if the current head design works the same. However I don't think the elfdoll stringing could hold the weight of a larger head's resin up unless the doll was strung so tight the legs stay kicked. They really are tiny and delicate!

      ETA: Did some further poking. Looks like Banji heads could work. See comparison photos here.
    4. someone put there puki pong head on their elfdoll body once and posted some pictures you could look for that.

      and i think banji is in the same size range
    5. Thanks guys, it looks like I may have to decide on a different doll or settle for one of their heads!
    6. If it helps, I don't think the default faceups really do the heads much justice, and since they're all so cookie cutter, it's hard to get an idea of the versatility of the sculpts. Plus, very few people bother to get the faceup changed. If you'd like, PM me and I can e-mail you a couple reference pics I have saved of some with different faceups. I don't think I can post them because they're not my photos.