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What human stores/brands would your doll/s love?

Jan 4, 2019

    1. I was just thinking about this while looking at outfit inspiration- what clothing stores or brands would your dolls totally wear if they were doll-sized?
      Cyn would definitely get her clothes from Dolls Kill, and maybe Cyberdog here and there (she doesn't wear cyberpunk exactly, but the more neon-sexy pieces are totally her style)
      Not just clothes either! Where would your dolls shop for home decor or general items too? I'm curious!
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    2. My girl Merlin would be all over thrift stores and apps like depop. For home decore honestly the target home goods section haha. (So much stuff there is perfect for dolls too).
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    3. Hyun my first big guy would love stuff from places like Hot Topic, Box Lunch and of course the Disney store. Stone my other big guy would rather shop Abercrombie and Fitch, Macy's and Famous Footwear for them both.
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    4. I feel like Elliot would like to buy from Brooks Brothers or maybe from small indie lolita brands that sell ouji clothing. I wish that most stores or websites made their clothing for dolls! :XD:
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    5. My msd girl Dinah would love the sweet lolita stylings of Baby the Stars Shine Bright, (if only I could get my hands on some of their doll clothes sets!! ...i don't know if any of them would fit slim MSD though :sweat)

      Syl being my little punk girl would go for Hot Topic and thrift stores for that ragged but cool look, and Claire and Iris both love the boho chic stuff at Free People and Anthropologie!! Lots of breezy tops and flowing dreses~
      90% of my crew also adores Sanrio and will happily wear any merch of their faves!!

      I love questions like these, it's great for character development or simply having fun :XD:
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    6. Marley would live in Hot Topic, and Remy would like it for some of the pin up style dresses and bright makeup and nail polish. Remy would also like Ross and TJ Maxx for all the random finds and Claire's for colorful jewelry and hair accessories.
      In character, Opaline actually works at Spencers (like me!) and she would buy body jewelry and lingerie there regularly. Zander would buy band shirts there.
      Luc would probably shop exclusively at places like Outdoor World and Bass Pro Shop.
      Lakin would like vintage music places for vintage band Ts, but otherwise isn't much of a shopper.
      Parker would just buy everything Urban Outfitters and Yeezy Supply.
      Meghan would like American Eagle, Aeropostale, Aerie, Forever 21, Old Navy, Target and Rue 21 for clothes and also love Sephora, Ulta and Starbucks.
      Stephan would like Nordstrom, Macy's, and similar.
      Charlie and Tate would like vintage secondhand stores to find clothing from the 1940s-70s.
      Amir will buy whatever catches his eye, which could be a Goodwill find or a designer shirt that costs $500.

      Francis doesn't care about clothes, just give him FYE, Gamestop and a bakery, and he's happy.
      Allison hates shopping at all, so would probably go with Target or Wal-Mart, somewhere she can run in and get everything she needs and get out.
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    7. My SD boy Otto would LOVE Queen of Darkness! And also Restyle (which I've bought from in the past for myself heh).
    8. I have no idea what brand they would wear since my dolls are boys and I know like next to zero male fashion brands XD. Part of it is also I have to actually see them wearing it to know if it suits their liking or not. Maybe Mochi would wear Supreme and Saku would wear Off White. In the end I think Mochi prefers more extravagant clothes while Saku doesn’t mind being simple.
      I think they would both like generic sporty things like Adidas. They are both somewhat ok with cross dressing so they would probably wear Lolita brand dresses from things like Alice and the Pirates.
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    9. My boy Yuki would like any high brand store like Armani, his character likes high end stuff yet at the same time be the type to do some extreme haggling in the farmers market. My other doll....undecided for now.
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    10. My two SDs, Mo and Fia, would both be tailored, designer mavens. Mo is a Saville-Rowe kinda guy, though only for fun because his professional wear needs to be easily washed and travel hard. Fia is less flashy but still all about timeless quality. Edith Head would have loved dressing her. If she had to shop for herself it would be Lord and Taylor, Bally of London type stuff.
      My MSDs are a whole whack of different styles. Pike and Annix don't really care about clothes. Pike's a Vans kinda guy and Annix will wear whatever is to hand. JoJo needs dancewear so probably something like Lululemon but less pricey and more hard-wearing. Gilly is a kodona so stuff like Baby The Stars Shine Bright etc. Mona would be into retro wear, things from Modcloth and Doll Factory. and Kandyx is from the future, with neon and techno embedded in the cloth. Robbie's all designer athleisure, everything Nike and Yeezy, Abercrombie and Gucci's leisure line. And Roscoe's a poor monk, so he's more concerned with other things, like his soul and fighting demons.
    11. I go to the department stores at the mall to get inspiration for Hyacinth. I wish I had the skill to make things as delicate as what I see! Places like Belk in particular tend to stock the kind of floral/feminine clothes she likes to wear.

      Essie wears basically anything, so I picture her shopping at mostly the same places I do: something comfortable that she can move in that doesn't take a whole lot of thought. Although she'd also probably be that girl who has an extensive legging collection to go with her boots and long button-up shirts.
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    12. Killstar for sure!

      My girl is goth goth witch kind of styled and it super suits her
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    13. Karma would probably frequent HotTopic, and Spencer’s gifts, where as Charlotte would probably get 90% of her wardrobe from the Disney store! Lol
    14. Adrian would totally be into the men's lines from stores like Zara, and H&M. He'd also wear stuff like Leifheit Nelson, and Burberry. The man's tastes run on the expensive side. He's also fine wearing a nice worn in tshirt over a pair of jeans from your regular old big box store too though when he's just hanging out with his family or whatever.

      Riley, on the other hand, looks like he fell into a thrift store dumpster and just went on with his day after climbing out of it.
    15. I feel kind of lame for saying this but my dolls are mostly very basic non-fashion people so they definitely wear thrift store/department store clothes. A lot of them are goths but they're all the hipstery "I wouldn't be caught double-dead in that FAKE Hot Topic TRASH" types
    16. Eilis would haunt Forever21 and thrift stores/second hand/exchange shops. Leon would shop Target for both himself and June. Annalise goes the custom route, granted her story takes place 150 years ago. The rest would probably just shop at various malls, shopping plazas, or amazon.
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    17. Wendell would totally shop online at historical emporium or at thrift stores.
    18. Ohh, fun thread subject! My doll isn't fashion conscious, but would probably like the stuff on asos. And what luck that iplehouse sold a boot with similarly beautiful lines as a brand like SLP.


      I also really love it when doll shops stock things that are fashionable in the human world.
    19. I keep saving Fashion Nova ads for clothing inspiration for my FID characters... The Minifee girls would probably like Black Milk Clothing and similar edgier styles.
    20. Noah would definitely be a sucker for Sanrio so would Kazumi. Avalon would be Hot Topic and probably Urban Decay.