What hybrids are successful?

Dec 23, 2019

    1. What head/body hybrids have you found worked well? How was the fit? How was the color matching? How were the proportions? What modding, if any, did you have to do? Pictures encouraged!
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    2. I agree with the above post.

      Personally hybrids are one of the best parts of this hobby to me. Some people have created amazing bjd's that way.
    3. A lot of hybrids are trial and error. I've probably had more failures than successes. Checking through the photo references is a great start. If you can't find what you're looking for, you can also make a post asking for specific comparisons with in the photo references or even on the discussions page for a specific company you're trying to hybrid. I've also dug through IG tags looking for comparisons as well as searches through flicker. Sometimes even googling company1 company2 hybrid or company2 company2 comparison has helped.
    4. Sorry, I didn't know there was already a discussion of this. But I was mostly asking for fun and curiosity, not because I currently want a hybrid. Thanks.
    5. I find I like dolls whose head-to-body ratio is in the realm of human proportions, so I'm often trying to figure out which companies make smaller mature heads that can fit on the biggest SD body possible. :)

      Does anyone have any tips on companies that generally have human-like head-to-height ratios? Think Dollshe or Marmite Sue.
    6. I have lots of "normal" skintone hybrids on other companies "normal" skintone equivalents without any need for modding:

      RML, Alice in Labyrinth, and Ninodoll 1/3 heads on Volks SD10 and SD13 bodies,

      a Merry Doll Round head on an old Luts Delf body,

      a Ninodoll head on a DollsTown 13Year Oriental skin body,

      an RML head on a Custom House body.

      An RML (intended for Dolfie dream, I believe) head on a DollsTown Elf body

      Two 1/4 RML heads on Volks MSD bodies,

      a CustomHouse 1/3 head on a Luts Baby Delf body,

      a Ninodoll Shampoo head on a DollsTown 7Year body

      an Alice in Labyrinth head on a Minoruworld Junior body

      Sorry, I can't help there - nearly all mine are children so the head is bigger in proportion to the body than adults would be.

    7. Thanks for giving us an insight into some combinations. L♡VE Merry Doll Round. No worries about the proportions, the great thing about this forum is that it's a place where many different tastes meet! ♡
    8. It's mostly trial and error, even when you have been told something matches. Most companies have some color variations from batch to batch. And of course people have their own tolerances for what constitutes "matching" and "proportionate". What matches to them may not be matching to you.

      I've had successful hybrids with La Legende de Temps and Dollshe, Doll Clans and Dollshe, Rumpel Doll and Dollshe and then Volks and Ariadoll, Volks and Kanon, Volks and Alice in Labyrinth, & Volks and SWITCH. I have an Ozin5 on an SQLabs, an LLT head an Ariadoll and a SIO2 head on an oooooooold Iplehouse body that are all perfect matches.

      I find that the resin colors used by Dollshe (and the dolls he casts for other sculptors like Dollstown) have the span to match decently with a number of other companies. Volks on the other hand doesn't do a huge range of colors, but their resin colors are the most consistent from one batch to the next.

      I also have some hybrids that really don't match, but in person it isn't glaring - so I don't care. I'd rather have a doll assembled weirdly than have an extra head and body laying around in a box.

      There are also companies that offer color matching services, which I keep in mind but have not done yet.
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