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What if a famous company's product looks like your design?

Jun 2, 2010

    1. I designed a pair of SD girl shoes in March, 2010. And organized group orders on both DollZone Forum and DollSky - the two major BJD community in China.

      I received the sample from the factory soon and here is a picture of the sample shoes.



      And just a few days ago, I was shocked by one of DollHeart's new products that a friend of mine showed to me.


      Production of my shoes is even slower than I expected. Then it LOOKS LIKE that I "copied" DollHeart's design because they are so famous and I'm tired of explaining that when selling my shoes after the GO.
      I don't mean to offend but just feel frustrated.:(
      It is so difficult to keep your design "original" in such case and, much more difficult, unique, all the time!
    2. In your case, my sister has a pair of shoes similar to the ones depicted in your design and dollhearts, so this style is not something new. Secondly, there is a difference in design for the toe part of the shoe. In dollhearts, they have three bands going around the toe, where as you have two.

      Also, in the fashion world, everything is being copied. Shoot, I've come up with an idea for my drawings, thinking it has never been done before, only to be proven wrong when someone goes, "hey, that is like...."

      And it is very hard to come up with original ideas. The most I can suggest to you is to grin and say something to the effect of, "no, I created this design and had no idea that dollheart was going to be putting this out."
    3. Seeing as these kinds of shoes are very IN this summer for normal people, it's no wonder the dollie world is picking up on it aswell.
      Not to mention these shoes have been around for quite some time, and there's other companies that have similar shoes.
      It's probably just a big coincidence. If your shoes were more 'special' (no offense, just saying this because they are very basic, and like I said, been done before) I would maybe have believed Dollheart somehow took your design, but that's not the case here.
    4. Absolutely this. Unless a design is copied and looks exactly like something else or has a logo, it's never really an issue. This even happens among top designers as all it takes is one idea to set a trend.

      I don't think you have to worry too much about the shoes being considered copied, as others already said, they're in for people, so it's no surprise that they would be in for our little resin counterparts.
    5. I think the shoes look different enough. I wouldn't worry so much.

      There is a lot of copying in the fashion world. There is also only so many ways things can be designed unless the design is really very strange! Unfortunately, that is just life.

      I do like your design, by the way, if that helps at all! :D
    6. Shoes like this are not uncommon though. You see them everywhere. And Dollheart is using a different material also and the design isn't exactly the same. You don't have to feel bad about it really!
    7. I used to own a pair of shoes that look like the ones you designed, it's a very basic dress pump in patent leather. I could see claiming some sort of proprietary ownership of the design if it was something really unique but your shoe is not a new design. Comparing your shoe and DH's I can see that the heel height and type is different, the styling is different, the material of the shoe is different and the DH's are a two tone spectator shoe. The only thing that is the same is the use of a velvet bow a the front which is also not terribly unique as a feature on any shoe.

      I like both designs but if I was shopping for a low heel in patent I wouldn't be in the market for the DH shoe and if I was looking for a high heel spectator I wouldn't be in the market for your shoe. In terms of use with an outfit they are really not the same shoe at all.

      Here's another companies' take on the spectator design for reference. Leeke also make several similar styles. So if DH is "copying" anyone, it's more like copying Luts and Leeke than you.

      What I'm more surprised by is Leeke's latest batch of limited shoes, most of which are direct rip-offs of Volks limited shoes.
    8. I don't think you need to worry because like others have said, they're not 100% the same as dollhearts and similar styles are in fashion at the moment. I understand how frustrating it could be for you, though and it must get tedious explaining yourself if people keep asking. Still, I think the amount of difference is enough and if you have more to sell, a simple disclaimer ought to be enough, if it's even necesary to the similarity yourself.

      And for the record, I like your design much more!
    9. Sometimes these things happen. Total coincidence because people were inspired by "what's hot" and/or "what's in season" and/or the same sources.

      I work for a website that makes pixel artwork items for avatars. The same month (ie: this one) that Menewsha came out with rainbows and clouds (with faces, no less!), a competing site called Ernya came out with... clouds with faces and rainbows. If we hadn't come out with them within hours of each other, I'd expect that one would have been accused of copying the other, even though the items themselves were fairly different from one another.

      And that's a much bigger coincidence than your shoes resembling the shoes noted. ;) I wouldn't worry about it. xD