What if DOA had an app... How would you react?

Mar 19, 2018

    1. Hello! I'm a little bored and a thought had popped into my head; Den of Angels app. It would be really cool if we had one haha.
      I recently created an app of this site for my android (Not uploaded anywhere. Only on my phone) since I hate being on forums on phone browsers (They always act terrible on my phone ;0;. So far it works pretty well! Was a pain trying to upload an icon to the app. ;A;
      But overall, it took me like half an hour. I just used an app to do this. Thank you YouTube for helping me with this.

      So far the app is a bit slow. It also cannot zoom in and out. But overall, it's pretty good. It looks exactly like the doa site if you were to use it on a cellphone's browser. Like the mobile version of this website. I expected it to come out from the website to app creator as how it would look like on a computer.

      All I did for the icon was a screenshot of the little cute wing right befoee the uppercase D for 'Den' on the pretty logo.

      And funny thing is, where the doll website advertisements are, if you click it, it won't take you out the app but it would just load and go onto the site as if I was using the app for the site. xD (Not sure if my explanation was good. 0_0)

      It would be really cool if there was an official doa app. Cause then it would be much better and faster to be honest.

      To the moderators: I hope making a doa app just for my phone isn't bad. If it is, I'm sorry and will remove right away. qwq
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    2. Oh, I think an app would be super useful! o.o Even if it's just for my tablet, it would make things a bit easier, or at least, replying a bit faster.
    3. I actually like the mobile site for DoA, and I'm on mobile 95% of the time. It takes some getting used to (at first), but I've never really had any issues. Only one of note I've had is the large images that are shown smaller, if I accidentally click on the pic it usually blows it up to a ridiculously huge (the original) size and a lot of times that size is larger than my screen. I've had that happen on the regular website as well, it's just that it's easier to accidentally click the pic on mobile.
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    4. I probably wouldnt use it to be honest. The mobile version is just fine for me. I think its amazing you were able to do that though.
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    5. Personally I wouldn’t use it... I prefer the bare minimum of apps on my phone and I find the mobile site works great. Others may be interested, though. I know nothing about making apps so that sounds like quite an impressive undertaking.
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    6. I think an app would be great! I use DOA from my web browser on my phone currently and I feel like an app would be so much easier to use.
    7. It’s awesome that you know how to make apps, but if the app works pretty much like the mobile site, then what’s the point of having it? The mobile site works just fine for me, either on my phone or iPad.
    8. Since I don't have a Smartphone I wouldn't use it.
    9. I think it's great to have one as I'm quite lazy to online by my laptop... Also, it's more easier to use!
    10. It would depend on how well it worked and what it did. The DOA mobile site is one of the few mobile sites I actually like, and I don't know how it could be improved.... I'm not sure what I'd do with an app unless it was amazing.
    11. The mobile site is fine for those (very) rare occasions when I feel the need to use DoA on my phone... and like Havra mentioned up-thread, being an "app minimalist" who keeps as little excess on my phone as possible, I wouldn't see a need for it.
    12. An app would be really nice! Even though the mobile version on the smartphone is already really good, it would still make things a lot easier!! :)
    13. I just mainly view this forum on my Samsung galaxy tablet. Haven't used my Samsung phone to view yet as I just bought the phone. Normally I prefer Mobil sites to apps. But I thank you for taking the time to discuss and pursue.
    14. There used to be an app, sort of. The old forum software worked with the Tapatalk app, but the security was rather poor and the app isn't all that nice, honestly. It was a necessary evil, though, because the software ruining the forum was not optimized for mobile, so the app was the only option for mobile access.

      That said, the new software has none of those issues, and is not compatible with Tapatalk (again, the bad security), and it is really no loss at all. (And I do use Tapatalk for another forum; the browser is a vastly better experience and I wish that forum was also mobile-friendly.)
    15. No, i like the comfortable big screen of my mac rather than the tiny one on my phone.
    16. That'd actually would be really nice! I've been thinking about a DOA app! I would be using it a lot!
    17. I've been using DoA on my phones (and then tablet) for years, first through various Opera browsers, and then through DoA's mobile version once it was offered. I've had no issues this way and it makes me doubt I'd use an app version, as I'm not sure what what additional experience benefits it would give me.

      That being said, as proven above, it could be of use and great for others.
    18. Den of Angels has no plans at this time to create an app, so no need for any further speculation.
      In the future, if anyone has a suggestion for the staff, please bring it directly to us in Ask the Mods.
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