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[What If?] Not Enough Time for Dolls

Mar 11, 2011

    1. Lately I've been thinking, right now I live with my parents and am racking up enough of dolls, but If I end up moving in with my boyfriend in a few years then what? If its an apartment that im moving into, will I be able to take them all with me? If I have a job will I be able to give them enough love and attention? I'd like to hear about other people who have already experienced this or have seen other people who experienced this and to calm my mind a bit X.x :o *_*
    2. Dolls demand only as much attention as you think they need. They do not hunger. They do not get sick. They will simply wait until you are ready to play with them.

      But whether the dolls will physically fit in your new living space is something I cannot predict. :P
    3. I've never had this issue with BJDs, but I have collected other dolls, toys and items which took up quite a bit of space in the past. There were a couple times we moved into some places that didn't have enough space to keep and/or display all of my dolls. In some cases I reduced the collection, in other cases I only kept my favorites on display and stored the others in their boxes in the bottom of my closet. Some of the ones without boxes needed to be wrapped in blankets and stacked into dresser drawers.

      As for the time constraints, that has never effected me in that way. I will soon be starting a new job (which will be helping to afford new dolls and items for them) so I won't be spending but perhaps an hour or so a week with my dolls, but that doesn't bother me. I don't feel like I'm neglecting them or anything. I guess if that kind of thing effects you, try and think of it this way; when you're away from them working, you'll also be making more money which can be used to spoil them! And love exists in the heart, even if you're not with your dolls you'll still love them all the same no matter where you are. ;)
    4. Well it's ok to consider a what if, IF your doll family is starting to feel too large. You might want to come up for air and slow it way down. Reflect apon your doll family. Sometimes I think the mind can go a big crazy when it's trying to figure out a problem. It could be the problem is in the now and not in the future? I agree that your dolls will be fine with less attention. Though that money might be better building up in your savings account at this time in your young life. :)
    5. As a full time student with a part-time job and other life obligations I don't really stress over whether or not my dolls are "receiving enough love and attention". I haven't really touched them for longer than a few minutes in the past couple weeks because work and tests are more important than them. Yes, I love and and adore having them here, but they don't need my attention 24/7 and you shouldn't feel obligated to do so.

      As for space, that's up to how many dolls you have, how big your living area is and how you like to display them. Even when I was living at home I never took them out of my bedroom so that was the only space I had and it honestly worked just fine. But then, I'm quite content sitting my 9 dolls on two shelves built into the wall, and all their belongings in 2 boxes stored in my closet. Done. I had them all out for display and they really didn't take up very much space at all and I had another shelf that could have easily seated 5-7 more dolls, and even then they would have taken up less space than a 3rd of one upper wall.
    6. I'm sure you'll be fine! Just get a nice little shelf for them. Even the big ones should be able to fit! As for their things, just neatly store them in the closet or something. You can fit more if you organize!
      I have college in a year, and I know I won't be taking my doll (hopefully dolls by that time) with me until I get associated with my roomate. But don't worry, your dolls will always be around for you! :aheartbea
    7. The dolls can always wait for you if you are busy working--unlike kids or pets ;) A nice storage shelf from IKEA and you'll be all set! (Just pick a boyfriend who likes your dolls).
    8. I think you should discuss this question with your boyfriend. Of course, dolls can wait you infinetly, by what does he think about them?
      If he shares you interest I suppose all is OK. But in another case you may be in trouble with him, because he may be jealous of your dolls or require your time that you plan to spend playing dolls and so on. I hope you will be in harmony of interests with your boyfriend.
    9. I live in a two bedroom apartment. Right now I have the place to myself, but in the past I had a roommate. We both had abjds, me a good deal more than her. I don't find that they have to take up an inordinate amount of space -- a lot of it really comes down to being organized about them and their stuff. As for time, everybody gets busy sometimes, and your dolls will still be there for you when you do get a little time here and there. Hobbies are good things to have as they can help you destress. I was working full time when I got into dolls, and am currently going to school and working. I've been busy and tired lately -- especially since starting the new job, but for me, that's all the more reason to have something like dolls -- they give me something fun to look forward to at the end of the day. Working doesn't mean that you'll never have time for anything fun.

      Also, when it comes to living situations, you're jumping the gun worrying. First off, you don't know where specifically you'll be living a few years down the road, or how much combined income you'll have (which will largely determine the size place you get). Second, when it comes to integrating your stuff with his, you'll need to discuss it with him.
    10. I'd say that there are a fair amount of people who are living in apartments with or without boyfriends who have BJDs. I was working and living in an apartment when I started buying BJDs... I don't think I could have bought them if I was still at my parents' house. And I didn't have any more room there than in my apartment. I don't see what the big deal is, really... You deal with the time and the space you have and that's that.
    11. I have to second this, in addition to the mention that the dolls really will wait very patiently for attention when you have time. That's one of the best things about them: they don't mind waiting as long as is necessary. :)
    12. I'm a mother of three, the youngest of which will be 4 in May. That means there are periods when I am extremely busy and sometimes I just don't have the time for dolls for anywhere up to a few months at a time. The dolls don't mind this; they sit looking pretty on their shelf, and they still get admired by visitors and sometimes I'll snatch a moment in the middle of a busy day to just stand and smile at them. I know they'll wait patiently for me until I have the time to play with them again!

      And although there are 13 at present (with number 14 en route right now), they all fit quite neatly together sitting side by side on their shelf. So they don't take up much space really. :)
    13. Space isn't really an issue for me - I could easily have 20-30 dolls and find space for them. Probablly alot more than that - just in my bedroom. As for time, I don't spend alot of time with my dolls per say. I work and go to school so most of my time I have other things I have to do. I just sit them out where I can enjoy glancing at them abit and when I have time again - I enjoy them more fully by doing some photoshoots. :) My Chihuahua will get time set out for her everyday to cuddle and play but the dolls dont need that - I love that I can set them on the backburner of life.
    14. I'm just moving out of a small two bedroom place that my husband and I live in - he collects dolls as well and between us we have around 40. We can fit all of those in the lounge room. At the moment it's not the neatest way of having them around, but in our new place we're buying a cabinet to fit them in. If you're smart about it they don't have to take up that much space.

      As for time, well I work two jobs, and spent most of last month overseas and haven't touched most of my dolls since we've got back. When I have time I'll play with them and they won't complain one little bit. ;)