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What if someone else opened your doll?

May 26, 2010

    1. I don't know if there is another topic like this and if there is mods please delete it. <3

      I'm in the process of buying a new camera, just waiting for it to ship out now even though the seller is taking forever, and out of excitement brought some lenses for it. Now, the camera hasn't arrived yet but the both set of lenses have and before I had a chance to open them someone else had already opened them for me. Didn't think it would make me that angry, but it did. Like, reallllly angry. I intend to confront the person that opened them tonight to talk about how I feel but until then I have a question;

      With dolls being as personal as they are how would you feel if someone else got to open yours before you did? One of the best part of getting any gift, may it be from someone else or you brought it yourself, is opening the box. And with any BJD being as personal as it is, as long as you waited to get it, the money you spent on it, how would you feel if someone else opened it? Robbing you of that feeling of excitement/joy?
    2. I would hate it, I loathe when anyone touches any of my mail, and that is far worse. I have once had a situation where my partner's doll and my doll came together, so I opened the big box, but I did not open HIS doll at all, he got to do that. I have also ordered him a doll before and opened it, but that was because it was his Christmas present and I was making clothes for it and painting it for him, so when he opened the box the doll would be perfect, so somehow I do not think that really counts. Those situations aside I would never dream of doing that to someone else, and I would hope they would not do it to me
    3. My husband has opened my dolls for me when I have been at work. He knows if the box is messed up that I would like him to open it and make sure the items inside are ok. As long as I have given them permission to open my doll, it does not bother me if someone else opens my doll. Now, if I did not give them permission and they did it by accident, I might be a little annoyed, but not angry. If I told them not to open it and they did, well it be the same as someone touching or grabbing my doll after I told them not to. However, this has never happened and I cannot see it happening as it is just my husband and I at our household and he is very respectful of my things.
    4. I'm not sure how I would feel. I'm a mom and I'm home all day so all packages go through me LOL. I usually attempt to wait patiently till hubby gets home to open up my new dolls, even though he isn't quite as excited as I am. With my most recent boy I contacted him at work to see if I could open the box before he came home (Phaolan was my birthday gift from hubby and I had been waiting forever for him) but he told me to just do it. I guess I'm not sure why some one would open your package before you could. When a package arrives here I check who it is for (typically for me because I do most of my shopping online) and then I either open it if it is mine or put it up for whoever it does belong to. I wouldn't open my husband's packages, though I might open a package addressed to my kids since they are both under age and if they are ordering online we have problems.

      I did buy hubby a doll for Christmas last year. I opened it when it arrived to assure it had made the journey then wrapped it back up and gift wrapped it to put under the tree. I didn't want to wait several weeks till Christmas day to contact the seller if something was wrong. I will do the same when my son's first doll arrives. It is a birthday gift and while I would love for him to open his first doll for himself on his birthday, that is several months away and the doll should be here any day (I plan ahead and got a great deal on the marketplace) so I will open it to make sure it arrived safely (never can tell what will happen in shipping) and also to get an idea of sizing so I can make some clothes up for it. Then I will package it up as close to how it arrived as possible and gift wrap. It's the best I can do to preserve the box opening experience while still ensuring the gift will be in good condition upon opening.
    5. I often ask my husband to open small packages with eyes and wigs and clothes while I'm at work (he works from home). As far as the Big Box, I'd rather experience the excitement myself, and he'd never deprive me of that.
    6. no i don't have an issue with people opening up my dolls. and i actually prefer that they do if they have first access as its faster to know if something is damaged or missing.
    7. This actually happens to me more often than I'd like (having my mail opened). My father and I have the same name. He also gets packages from his clients, which means they can come from all sorts of addresses. So he tends to open my mail and packages regularly. >.< I've had to make it a habit of telling him that I'm expecting something so he knows not to open it. But, yeah, it makes me upset, but I'm pretty sure when he sees the long box from Korea he'll know it's my doll. :P
    8. I would probably cry.
      But definately be very angry.
      My family know to just leave any of my mail by the door if I'm not in when it arrives.
      And I'm pretty sure they know I'll flip if they even considered opening any of my mail, dolls or not.
    9. I don't see why anyone would open a package that's not for them.
      It's illegal even to open someone else's mail. At least here it is.
      And yes, I would be hella pissed if someone would open any package of mine, simply because it's none of their business and it's very respectless.
      The only person I wouldallot to do it is my boyfriend, but he has no intention in going through my stuff.
    10. Honestly, anyone opening any of my mail would bother me. My mom did open my first doll, but that's because she was a Christmas present, and Mom wanted to make sure that she was okay. And even then, she fought the urge to dress her and put her wig on, because she understood how important that was.
    11. This has happened to me twice.
      When my very first doll came my husband pretty much completely unboxed it.
      I was in the other room looking for scissors or something, came back in and he was to the bubble wrap stage.
      I kind of grabbed the doll and explained that I wanted to finish unwraping him.
      I think he understood after that it upset me a little.
      The second time, the doll was delivered to my husband's work and he only opened it there because the outside box was damaged pretty badly and he wanted to make sure the doll inside was ok. But, he called to to tell me this so I was ok with it.
      He told me later that I probably would have cried if I saw what the condition of the package was, thankfully the doll was ok.
      I really like to open the boxes myself. To have someone else open it is like someone else opening your x-mas or b-day present, something you've been waiting in anticipation for. It takes away some of the excitement of the arrival.
    12. I wouldn't really mind if someone had just cut the outer box off, because I hate hacking those things open :XD: But if they had unwrapped the doll and stuff, that would be disappointing, that is one of the fun parts ;) In my current situation it is unlikely to happen though, especially as I try to intercept the package first so my Aunty doesn't see the declared value on the box lol
    13. I would be seriously angry if someone else opened a box with a doll in it for me. I check the mail every day when I'm expecting packages just for this reason. The box-opening is half the fun!
    14. Oh hell no, that'd be an @$$-whuppin.
    15. As long as they didn't hurt it and were careful with it and then put it away after they opened it, I wouldn't really care that much. Opening is a fun part but the fun part for me is just having them. n_n I'd only be upset if they were careless and stained or harmed the doll in some way.
    16. I would be really, really upset/mad. I have a serious thing about being the very first person to handle, touch, and play with my dolls. As soon as they're opened - whether the doll itself is secondhand or new - I have to be the first one to touch and hold them! I would be very upset if someone took that away from me, as it's a very important part of the bonding process for me. Every doll I've had that was a "success" (that is, all of mine except an accidental BBB Espree that had the wrong body) felt somehow right to me as soon as I was able to hold them and dress them.

      This is especially important to me because, with my anxiety, I always spend the whole time I'm waiting for a doll I've ordered (surprise gift doll notwithstanding, lol) worrying that there will be something wrong with them, or they won't be right for the character, etc. Opening them up and seeing them, that they're just fine and so perfect, is amazing to me, and it erases all of that worrying.

      Thankfully, I've never had anyone try to open my dolls on me before. The only time one was opened before I got to it, it was my surprise first doll from my best friend, who put in his eyes, wigged 'im, and clothed him as his intended character as part of the gift, and it was lovely. <3 But when the AoD box's lid came open, I still had to be the first one to play with and hold him! xD

      I'm really glad that my aunt would never open my mail. Even my mother won't open my mail unless I tell her to (we're like, four or five states away, so). It's a big relief.
    17. I would be SO. MAD. I'm mad when someone accidentally starts taking the corner off my bank statements. It's ignorant AND a crime!

      See, my landlords have a tendency to open almost all our regular mail (old people don't pay attention to anything they're doing apparently). They opened my Christmas cards and were like "Oh what a nice family! Haha sorry!" and I'm like "WHATS WRONG WITH YOU" but they've never touched any of our packages... yet. Good thing too, 'cause we've ordered some pretty.. questionable stuff :V
      Not that dolls or doll accessories are questionable, they're perfectly normal, but it's the principle of the thing. If someone got to see my brand new frivolous indulgence I mean boy before I did, I'd almost feel like.. he's not quite as mine, y'know?
    18. My mom used to open my mail all the time when I lived with my parents (it was only ever bills or financial info that they were handling in my name), but she would never open my packages. I'd probably be aggravated if someone opened a package or letter of mine now without asking, but it has more to do with an invasion of privacy than any happiness I have at a box opening.

      I actually find box openings anticlimatic.
    19. I would be upset if someone opened my doll (or mail in general) - especially if I'm not around. Arg. It's a pet peeve of mine. As far as dolls go, I really love taking box opening photos and to me it's part of the whole "initial bonding" experience. I'd be disappointed if I missed out on that.

      My husband generally helps me "open" the outer box but he knows better than to open the doll box/carrier/etc. The only exception I can think of would be if the doll is a present and the purchaser wanted to make sure everything arrived in one piece prior to giving it as a gift. I'd be okay with that.
    20. :o

      You're the first person I've ever seen on this forum to say something like this :lol: