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What if you can't find a doll you like, even though you love BJDs?

Nov 10, 2010

    1. Do you know this situation?
      You look through the net, searching for the perfect doll, but just can't find it?
      It's a situation I'm currently in, I'd love to get a second toll, a 60cm male, a music teacher, and see loads of dolls I think of as quite pretty, but I can't find the one where I think "Wow, that's perfect!".
      I have "already" saved up around 165$ Doll-money, but it's not really an encouraging thing to save up for something that you don't know yet. (Expecially if my beloved Ophelia just longs for getting the new School Uniform, a violin, new strings, etc...)

      Have you ever been in a situation like this?
      What can you do, then?
      Why do you think this is happening?
    2. I've had a few characters that were harder to find bodies for, but that's about it -- and it worked out in the end, it was just a matter of being patient. Usually I have the opposite problem. Really, the things you can do are keep looking -- companies are putting out new releases all the time; check the marketplace since there you have access to LE, discontinued and harder to find sculpts that you may not see listed on company pages; and before writing off a sculpt, make sure to look at owner pics -- they can look very very different.
    3. I'm having sort of the same problem.

      I'm looking for a SD boy to go with my SD girl, but every guy I find and say "OOOOOHHHHH Gorgeous!" has something I don't like about them. For some body sculpting, others lack enough poseability, some I love, but they look too young for my girl.

      I don't know how I can love so many, and still find so little to buy.
    4. Sigh! My problem is opposite, way too many
      dolls I want.
      Good luck in your search, your guy is out there waiting for you to find him!
    5. Most of my BJD were "love-that is the character I deeply want" at first sight. I only looked for the last three of my twelve BJD, without knowing if they would ever appear. They took about three years, but I found them as suddenly as the rest. What did I do in the meantime? Not buying anyone else. I am patient. If I do not find a BJD for a character I really want to have it may happen with time. It can be harder if this happens with a main character you have in mind, but... What if you rush and right after you realize there is that "perfect", I rather saying ideal, BJD for you?
    6. I was like that for a while. I've gone through so many phases in this hobby it's downright silly. :sweat At first, I liked only one type of doll. Then I liked a lot of different kinds. Then I liked literally only two dolls.

      Well... I got those two dolls and I ended up not liking them as much as I thought. Now there's one single doll I want, but I want two of them. :lol: Or so I tell myself. In the same breath I can also say there are two other dolls I find myself wanting, at least semi-wanting. Like you, I like them but I don't find myself saying "Oooh! Do want!" or even planning to save up money for them.

      From what I've gathered from personal experience, sometimes there's just one or a couple dolls you truly want and the others aren't as enchanting, not even the millions of other dolls out there. That just shows you've got one who's really special to you and it's hard to find something even comparable! ;) That's not always a bad thing! Companies are coming out with new molds all the time, I'm sure you'll find the right mold for your guy when you're closer to having the money.

      Although I'd say if you want to use the money for things for the girl you already have, go ahead and do that. If you don't have anything truly in mind for the boy yet, why not enjoy playing with your girl with new things? :aheartbea You may even be one of those people who in the end likes having and spoiling one doll. I'm starting to wonder if I may be that type of person, too.
    7. Have you ever been in a situation like this?
      I hear ya!:doh I'm currently facing this dilema right now. I've built myself a wonderful little band of 7 neighborhood misfits for my crew that are absolutely perfect.:D I worked very hard at collecting them...I truly agonized over each and every collecting decision and patienty waited until I found the perfect sculpt for each one. It's been an awesome, though sometimes difficult, quest. But...

      Now hubby says he wants to buy me a new doll for my combined birthday/Christmas present next month. Wonderful, right? But I'm having the same problem you are...I'm just not finding anything I want.:...( I find sculpts that are beyond beautiful, or full of unique character, but then I think, 'do I really want this...will it fit in with the rest...is this a new character I really want to add?' I love ABJDs...having someone say, "Go buy yourself another one" shouldn't be so hard!

      What can you do, then?
      I suppose waiting patiently for the decision to become clearer would be the best thing to do, but that's very difficult since this is a gift. Besides, I feel that I really need to figure out what the problem is...it's like a puzzle that needs to be solved, so it's driving me crazy.;)

      Why do you think this is happening?
      Everytime I see something I kinda like, I think about what kind of character they would become...what look I could see them having...what eyes, what wig. And you know what? Without fail, everytime I do that, I then realize that they'd be redundant to something that's already in my collection.:? Obviously, I won't be able to find anything I truly want until I can see a very unique character in them first.
    8. I'm in the same boat. I have two characters (male and female 1/3 scale) that I am currently trying to find the right mold for. I keep browsing different websites but I've yet to find the doll or dolls that seem right. One of these days I am gonna find the doll.

      I think my biggest problem is finding a doll that looks happy. You think it would be easy but there are very few doll molds that genuinely happy. This is for the female character, Katie. The male, Julian I want to have the hint of a smile but I also want him to look as old as his partner Issac. So frustrating.
    9. Have you ever been in a situation like this?
      It has happened to me from time to time. I am very particular about finding just the right mold for my characters. Though I could easily impulse buy any cute doll that caught my fancy (and I have made that mistake before) sometimes I feel like I will never find just the right doll for the character I am trying to shell.

      What can you do, then?

      Just keep looking. There are many doll companies out there and they are releasing new molds all of the time. I love looking through owner photos in the galleries for a new view of a mold I might not have thought twice about as well as taking a look at what is available on the marketplace. Sometimes dolls that are no longer available through their companies are just what you are looking for.

      Why do you think this is happening?
      Maybe you are feeling a little hesitant about the commitment of spending that kind of money on another doll? Or maybe you just haven't found the right one yet. I'm sure the right one is out there waiting. It took me 6 months and several re-shells to find the right mold for Killian but I am so pleased with him now. It happens that way sometimes. I've been going through every link I could find for months looking for the perfect mold for another character I am wanting as a doll and just finally found him. Now I just have to save enough money.
    10. It took me five years to find my first doll. I looked and looked but it wasn't until after that time period that I started finding dolls that were right for me. Usually if I have trouble finding the right doll to match the character image in my head it's because nobody has made the right doll yet. I keep a close eye on the companies I think are stylistically heading in a direction closer to my idea and wait. It's paid off a couple of times now. And after re-shelling a few characters I am now okay with getting a doll that's really close but not exact knowing I can re-shell them if the perfect one comes along.

      Just have fun with it and do the best you can.
    11. Currently in the same situation, as I'm still searching for my first BJD. I like quite a few dolls, but none of them have yet to click in that "That's going to the one." My indecision may stem from that fact that it will be my first doll and I'm anxious about it. However, there's also just finding the "right" one to have a great experience. Like others have mentioned, looking through many photos in all angles, and owner's pictures if possible, certainly helps sheds some light on narrowing the choices. Sometimes it just directs you to the right one (that I've heard) about. Good luck with finding your second doll, I'm sure you'll find him. :)
    12. I will say it's MUCH easier finding dolls to buy when there is no pre-planned character they have to fit. I've gotten dolls as gifts that my husband and mother have picked out, and even though I didn't choose them myself I love them to bits.
    13. Have you ever been in a situation like this?
      Up until just recently I was in this situation. I just couldn't find a doll to fit my OC.

      What can you do, then?

      For me, I just kept searching. Yeah, it took a couple years, but I knew I had to get that "perfect" feeling about a doll before I made a decision to start saving for a specific doll.

      Why do you think this is happening?
      I can't speak for anyone else, but I just hadn't found the right doll for myself.
    14. Exactly. You can find seductive or tragic or pensive by the boatload; happy, not so much. I wish you luck with your search! (Speaking of happy, your user pic always makes me smile.)
    15. I mod. *grin*
      Or I wait. No sense in spending money on something I don't absolutely love.
    16. I found it really hard to find a doll that matched one of my characters a while back. I just kept searching. I went to all of the BJD sites listed in the master list sticky and carefully looked at each sculpt that grabbed my fancy. If I decided I liked it enough I came here and looked at owner pictures.

      I try to ignore features that can be changed, like faceup, eyes, wigs etc (which can be hard sometimes in company photos) and try to focus on things like lip-shape, eye-shape etc. In the end my search for one of the dolls came down to two sculpts, and I went with one over the other because he had a more 'Roman' nose. If anything. This really made me think about the small details of my character's appearances.

      Now I have two dolls that I couldn't be happier with, they look exactly like their characters and I didn't have to mod to get them that way. The search took a lot of time and effort and frustration, with a lot of doll possibilities thrown on the 'rejected' pile, but it's the sort of thing I wanted to put effort into to make sure that I was 100% happy with what I bought.

      Also, my piece of advice is to look at owner photos. You'd be surprised that the same doll can look completely different with different faceup etc. Try to look at the doll from the company as 'character in progress', not 'character full stop.'
    17. Hm...for me it's a bit different because the character I'm trying to choose a sculpt for is a character I came up with very recently. Because of this, I don't have a lot of specifications for the sculpt but I'm very sensitive to the fact that the sculpt I choose will likely define the way I see the character. A more gentle sculpt might mellow how a see her while a bold sculpt might make her even more fiery.

      So I definitely understand how little nuances can throw a wrench in the system and force you to agonize over slight differences in nose shape. For me, I think once I have the money, I'll just go with my gut and order a doll. I've been wanting a BJD for too many years now to put it on hold any longer now that a character of mine has finally sat up and said, "Get me a body!"

      I think the important thing to remember is that while a BJD is a hu~ge purchase that you don't want to rush into, if it turns out you don't like the sculpt, there is an active community willing to buy it second-hand. :D Good luck!
    18. Thanks for all your answers!
      Funny thing is, that today, one day after I opened this topic and after almost one year of searching I saw a sculpt and think I fell in love... Let's see if it lasts, if so, I found Ophelias teacher.
      But it's one of those dolls were not one owner picture exists... So it's a risky business. But I can't imagine this doll NOT to be perfect...

      Well, but I'm moving away from the topic. My apologies.
    19. It was hard for me to find my ideal couple. The boy I had but the girl always failed in some way or other. To tall to real, not real enough, looked like his sister. So I just resolved he would be single, share life with his brother and no women. Then I figured what I next wanted was to get a gay couple, that took some doing, but found that I just had to back track and go back to a company I love and who is great to deal with. So now I have my gay couple and couldn't be happier. Just look at reviews in Box openings and in databases and ask friends. Me I love Blue Blood Dolls right here in USA and Dollstown. Good Luck!
    20. New dolls are released every month. One day it will be the one you were looking for :) Save until then :D But, grats on finding one this very day already!! Which sculpt was it that you did finally end up falling in love with?