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What if you lost interest in your dolls or the hobby???

May 2, 2012

    1. Hey all :)
      What would you do if you lost the interes in your dolls???
      I lost the interess some time ago and sold my dolls :(
      I had 30 dolls and now I have only 3 dolls left, but I love them to much to sell them :aheartbea
      And I am sure I newer will sell them ;)

      So what would you do???
    2. If I lost all interest in my dolls...I would either hold onto them or sell them. I don't have children yet, so I'd like to hold them in the event I do and they show an interest. If I never have kids..well... :'(. I'll hold them and keep an eye on my nieces to see where their interests lie. I have one unofficial niece that is very interested and is getting to an age where I feel she's responsible enough to care for one. I'd still wait a few years to see if her interest holds, how she matures, and to let her younger siblings grow up some. If none of the girls or boys want them, I'd sell most except for my first and the one my mom gave me. I'd give them both to her.
    3. Hm. While I've lost interest in individual dolls as shells for my characters, I think I'd have to lose all interest in my characters first in order to want to get rid of all my dolls. I don't see that happening any time soon.
      Still, I suppose there's only two options - give them to family members or sell them. I'm sure I would never give them to a physics lab for experiments or anything... heh!
    4. In the past, I have sold my dolls. But this time, I think I would just put them away in the closet and keep them, in hopes one day I would be inspired by the hobby again. :)
    5. Funny you should ask, I've just got my dolls out again after losing interest for several months! At the moment, I wouldn't consider selling my girls out of lack of interest; getting them out again after a break has been enough to re-ignite my passion :)
    6. I'd sell them and put the money towards new interests, a pet maybe. But I would have to be really, really sure. Like, put them in their boxes and not look at them for a year sure. I can't see it happening, honestly! They're too much a part of my psyche!
    7. If I lost interest in my dolls, I'd hold onto them. They symbolize something I saved for, and I can be proud of that. I also might get interested in them again at some point, so I wouldn't want to write them off just yet.
    8. I sold my dolls becorse I was going to Egypt for really long time :aheartbea
      And that cost me alot, so I had to sell them :(
      But some day I will get them all again, I am sure of that.
      But right now my interest is not so good for my dolls, so they are packt away for some time, but this time I will keep them ;)
    9. It could happen, though I don't see myself ever selling my top 5 characters/dolls or my Blue Blood Dolls. (In fact, I told my hubby last night that if I ever go crazy and sell a BBD, he should probably take ALL of my dolls away and find new homes for them, b/c I'm so obsessed with BBD, if I sold one, I don't deserve to own another doll...LOL)

      But if I did completely lose interest in the hobby and not really want ANY of my characters to stick around, first I'd see if my bff or sister wanted to buy any of my dolls. Almost all of my dolls are in a relationship or otherwise attached to theirs. So they'd get first pick, and if there were any left they didn't want, I'd sell them. Though I've been attached to my first 2 for 4 years now and I think I'd always have to keep them, even if it was in a box. The others in my top 5 (Mikko, Hansel and Heath) and my BBDs, I'd put away for 6 months to a year and see if I missed them. if not, I'd sell them, I guess. hard question, since I just can't see not wanting them.
    10. I would have A LOT of dolls and doll items to sell! :lol:
    11. I doubt that I would lose interest, but if I did I would sell the dolls or give them as gifts to people who would cherish them and take care of them.
    12. It takes a lot for me to truly lose interest in something. Sure, there may be time when my dolls are left alone for days/weeks/months, but I will almost certainly come back to them....but if I did lose interest in them and felt that I could bear it, I would likely sell them... after I have tried rekindling my interest in them several times over, that is.
    13. I imagine I would do the same thing that I do when I lose the interest in Warhammer, Painting, Magic the gathering, gaming or boardgames, I would just stop playing with them and wait and see if the interest was re-ignited. I would probably keep them displayed because they are wonderful works of art.

      I don't think I'll grow tired quite yet though, as I haven't even gotten my first dolls :lol:
    14. I'd probably sell them. But problem is, I'd have to sell all of them, since they're connected by various stories and one missing would be quite a gap to fill.
      I doubt that it will ever come to this, though. All the work and love I put into them... I just take breaks but I think I won't leave the hobby forever.
    15. I have lost interest in my dolls unfortunately!
      I've held onto them for a few years now but I think it's time to sell them! ):
      Being a poor university student doesn't help either!
    16. If I were to lose interest in my dolls I would still hang on to them for about one year to make sure I was finished with the hobby. After a year I would begin to sell them.
    17. No I am not leaving the hobby right now....
      But I do need some input. I have been going through this depression for quite some time and wanted some input on other people in the doll world. I don't like having things revolved around me, but I would really love people to help me out here and get back into this hobby.

      Lately I have been feeling I don't pay any attention to them, before I didn't because I was wanting to get my group finished before I did anything with them, all in all I wanted to do a photo story. But I never did... Now my group is almost finished and now I feel somewhat overwhelmed with how many I have. And I can't focus on each of them equally.

      I want to know if anyone has gone through this and what you did about it? Did you just narrow down your group? Did you leave the hobby? Did you regret it? Or if not what did you do to bring back that happiness and proudness of your dolls?

      Any help would be so grateful.
    18. I don't interact with my dolls all the time aside from my MSD. I don't feel bad for it because I'll try to give each doll a little time but not worry about it. If you feel overwhelmed then just spend a little time with each doll whenever you want. If you wanna leave 'em all posed in a fantastical display? Your dolls your time your money. I just have whatever fun I can
    19. Hello, fellow Seattle-ite! In my case I used to collect other dolls (Fashion Royalty and Tonner) and have moved on to bjds. It's really hard for me to part with any doll, but I'm moving on to the next one! (I'm in the process of doing this right now.) Having my latest doll at hand really helps me out.

      In your case, how many dolls do you have? Do you feel like if you had a smaller number you could focus on them better? Are there any in particular you feel unhappy with?

      Also, can I ask how long you have been collecting? For me, I have always loved dolls, and I know that even if I fall out of interest for a couple years, the interest always comes back (maybe not for the same doll but for dolls in general.)
    20. Hello Momi,

      To answer your questions, I actually already narrowed down my collection a tad to help pay rent when I lost my job. I just know with having so many I look t the ones I don't like as much and go eh... and play with only the ones I like. I right now have 10, but I did have had took out 2 from the group, and also sold 2 others that I did plan to get back. And there are a few I am unhappy with period. But my made-up story they are there.
      I have been collecting for 7 years. I always use to play with dolls as a kid I got into the Bratz and stuff with my friends and American girl dolls.