What Image host do you use?

Nov 14, 2020

    1. Hello all! I'm wondering what image host you all use to post pictures here on DOA? I've been on here for more than a decade and I used to post quite regularly, back then I used photobucket till they got greedy. Recently I've really wanted to be more active on here but I can't find a free image site that will work on here. I've tried Flickr in multiple browsers and it does not work for me either.
      Any other recommendations?
    2. I use Flickr, but only from my laptop. DoA doesn't like it on mobile. :sweat Have you tried Imgur? A lot of people seem to have luck with it.
    3. Imgur, they’re free, the image url is relatively easy to find and on desktop ver. you can choose the image size on the outgoing link!
    4. I use Imgur as well, and it hasn't given me any problems!
    5. I use a blogger blog that I just dump all my photos onto- it's pretty easy :)
    6. Imgur. I quit Flickr when they started charging again. So far very reliable.
    7. I use tumblr... i have a “side blog” where i can make “private” posts and then direct link the images from there. Ethical? Nyeeeeeh....
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    8. Oh my! I tried to post with imgur and it popped up saying DOA had blocked it as a security threat. What am I doing wrong? I've been fighting with multiple hosts trying to upload a pic on here and none work
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    9. So on mobile you have to use the app and what I, personally (there might be easier ways but idk ‘em), do is go to the album or photo and copy the post link, paste it in a browser, then hold down on the photo, select copy, and that gives me the image url...
    10. I use discord for image hosting. If you're already on discord a lot you can just make a server with only you in it for that purpose and avoid needing another login somewhere.
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    11. Aha! Thank you! I would never have thought of discord. I finally got a picture to be recognized and show up
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    12. Glad I could help. :)
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    13. Oh good! I was wondering the same thing :-)
    14. I use Flickr on my phone with the app, but to get the link to past on DOA I have to go on my browser and put in in "desktop mode" while opening the picture link, so it gives me the option to copy the right code to post here on DOA so that it works. It's a little annoying having to do this every time, but it works!
    15. I use deviantart's stash to upload images, then use the link for posting images here on DoA :D
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    16. I do the same thing, I made a whole server just to get images from my phone to my computer really fast.
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    17. If this is not the correct place to post this, please move it. I'm looking for recommendations for free, simple photo hosting sites to use for Marketplace listings. Currently I use Flickr but you're only allowed a small amount of photos unless you pay for it. Plus it is quite complicated to post from. There's got to be an easier site! Any ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance.
    18. Imgur is a common choice.
    19. I use Flickr, has worked for me so far!
    20. Photobucket or Flickr:whee: