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What inspires your doll purchases

Sep 15, 2016

    1. Each doll I have purchased has been because of a character from my stories. what inspires your doll purchases and their look
    2. Pretty much the same! Haha, my original characters and how they look make me search dolls that resemble them and get them if possible, sometimes I change the way how they look just so I can dress them in clothes I would use even if it's different from their backstories lmao, aside of that, they are my OC and that's why I've bought dolls in the first place! :)
    3. Their faceups are what I base them on.
    4. If the sculpt fits into my already existing group of girls as I don't have any written character for them beforehand. She shouldn't look too young or innocent, since they're all grown women.
      And when it comes to tinies, they just need to be cute and make a matching familiar for my ladies :3nodding:
    5. Whether I like their face or not :lol: Although faceup also slightly influences that...

      For look, usually the doll's face gives ideas for clothes and hairstyle, and I go with that.
    6. I haven't even gotten my first doll yet. I ordered a Norman Light 2.0 from Ring Doll at the end of last month and I'm waiting for him and a free event head, Illya. But what made me choose him was I really liked the head sculpt. But I knew I wanted to try faceups on my own and see how my degree in fine arts helps or hinders me there. Anyway, what really made the decision of Norman for me was the versatility of the sculpt. I searched through doll profiles here and pictures of faceups on instagram and flickr just to see how many different things people could do with him. I picked him because he seemed to be able to pull off so many different looks but look very distinct as a sculpt anyway. And though you could say that about a number of dolls, I found that I was drawn to every version of him I saw.
      I'm a writer too, (like so many people on here xD) and I have a group of Darlings I want to shell myself (I'm trying to sculpt them myself xD ) so when I bought Norman, I took sort of a ghost of a character that would fit Norman's face and body and sort of fleshed him out because I was buying the doll. If that makes any sense.
      So bottom line, it's about the face sculpt and how much I think I can do with it, and how much I love it with different faceups other than the one you can get from the company.
    7. If I like the sculpt and get inspired by it to create a character, that is how I choose what doll to buy. If I have a concept I want to make I still take my inspiration from the sculpt.
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    8. I actually purchase dolls with a set "mood" in mind. Both my dolls, and the one I have on layaway, all have a sad, almost haunted look to them. And I simply love that look on dolls. It's my downfall. If I'm faced with two dolls and told to pick one, I will always go for the darker or "sad and sweet" one. MSDs are a weakness for me because many of them have those darling angelic faces.
    9. Well I always thought I'd get a doll based on shelling a character of mine who I thought would be super fun to do. I picked the doll and everything. Then ended up buying two anthro ones. Because I love animals, and my immediate impulse was go go "omg so cute take my money!!" So theyve developed since I've had them. Now however I'm finding I don't really want dolls that won't fit with them. So I may be limited in the future ...
    10. unfortunately just the doll and whatever evil, mystical hook it has to entice me and obsess me to buy it, lol. But I do have ideas of what I want that probably also influence me
    11. Usually shelling a character from my RP, but sometimes I find a doll that is just so cute, or is the right size for all sorts of clothes I want an excuse to buy. Though surprises have happened lately, like getting trade offers I hadn't considered but accepted.
    12. I saw that one and almost got him. I thought he would be perfect for one of my characters and then I saw the Boyce sculpt and I fell in love. congrats on your first doll. I would love to see what you do with him
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      Something like that, give or take a few vowels.
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    14. Hahah that's funny. Pretty much sums up how I would like to buy dolls too :D

      It's pretty! I want it!

      Doesn't have to be based on any character. Like LittleLu, I also prefer the kind of sad looking dolls. Either those or the slightly creepy/edgy ones :)
    15. Yeah I definitely lean toward an aesthetic. I like my male characters most, and they're all between the ages of teenager to late 20's at the moment, so when I shell them I like male dolls who match how I see them... usually a bit more naturalistic looking rather than stylized. If I can find a doll with a bump in his nose like Ringdolls K, or just something that looks a little imperfect and rugged, I am all over it.
    16. Honestly I hardly ever get a doll unless it's on sale, or secondhand at a lower price. I'm just looking out for my wallet!
    17. I go for face sculpt & how he was presented do I can see possibilities of my possible purchase. Otherwise i buy what hits me. I just another doll from someone on a bjd club & she's doing the face up for free to help sell it!! I was sold. Did I need another one no but I want them.... Any good looking male will get my attention but he had to work for my wallet!
    18. I usually go off sculpt or just by how cute they look/based on other faceups that had been done on the doll or how versatile the sculpt is. I also like to buy one boy to the girl for like romantic pictures and such cx​
    19. It's a mix... I mean, whether or not I see a character in a sculpt is a major factor for whether I put it on my wishlist/purchase it (although I'm happy that Vince turned out to be himself and not what I had planned... and the one I'm about to order, I got the character inspiration after seeing the doll).
    20. My dolls are based on characters from my own writing. Once in a while there's a sale I can't pass up on sculpts that could fit. I recently made a new character based on a sale doll. Normally, that doesn't happen, my pre-existing characters are enough, and my wallet is thankful.