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What is a good 12cm doll, that can actually be found?

Apr 16, 2010

    1. People, people, people, I am going crazy trying to find a doll that is around 12cm. I had my heart set on a lati white SP, but apparently they are impossible to find anywhere :( Or possibly a puki, though I'd prefer a doll that looks human and not elf or sheep. Any suggestions? :(
    2. i think the average size of most tinies is 15cm

      have you tried oreintdoll? they have some nice cute tinies, and can have elf ears or humans.
    3. I will check that out! I have some 16cm dolls, but am looking for a little sibling type, so preferably something a bit smaller.
    4. FelixDoll Brownie are the same size as a Puki and some come with human ears. But they're currently being redone and hard to get unless you find one on the second hand market.

      Lati White's can be bought as Basic SP, and they're instock on the Lati website. If you're heart is really set on one :)

      Puki's have elfish ears but you can always mod them round, or hair covers them most of the time in my experience.

      You should go check out the Tiny Forum and poke around threads there :) :aheartbea there are many dolls from the 11cm to 16 cm range
    5. FelixDoll Brownies are about 11-12cm. As cute as a button. :D

      You can find them on the MP from time to time. Good luck!

      EDIT: Looks like twylight beat me to the punch! :XD:
    6. None of the lati white SPs are in stock...
    7. *eep* I totally didn't click on the individual names! Sorry >.<; That's sad....*shakes fist at Lati*
    8. Doll Factory makes a few cute 12CM dolls. They are mostly known for their anthros, so their few human dolls barely get noticed.

      As other options, you also might want to look at a Pocket Fairy. They are 14CM, but may still work for you.
      And Pipos new PO7 line is 13.5CM (standards aren't out just yet, but the LE one is).
    9. If you check out the Tiny BJD Size Chart there are a few, though unfortunately you can't list by size.
    10. Helpful info guys, thanks!!
    11. When Lati has a special usually they restock all basics (in all their lines, white, yellow, green, blue, red) in the special size (like the Special Basic Whites) - keep an eye open here on the News Section of the Forum because it usually gets announced when there are going to be some special releases - in fact, I believe there are some Yellow Specials now so the basic white specials should be available.
    12. There are also Naripons, Little Genies by Angel Region, Tinybear is coming out with one herself, DDAnne which are 10cm and Lati white Basic which are 10cm as well...and so are the Fairyland RealPukis

      I've had Puki, Lati White Sp and the Orientdoll ones...I love my Puki to death...Orientdoll was cute and mine did pose well and I like the face of my White Sp so I might hybrid it with a Puki.
    13. I'll add another voice for Orient Doll SOs. I found mine in the marketplace here and I do see some up for sale every so often (although only when I'm broke! I'd love another SO).

      If you are looking at the Felix Doll Brownies I would not recommend buying direct as there are a few people that have had problems with the company and there was talk of them being bankrupt. They are gorgeous dolls and I did have a couple of them myself, but ended up selling them because of my problems dealing with Felix.

      Lati Whites are gorgeous and are a similar size to Orient Doll SOs - I don't have any myself, but a friend does and her Lati White and my SO are pretty much the same size/height.

      Clothes wise Brownies and SOs both fit Mattel Kelly/Shelly/Tommy clothes and jelly shoes. Spampy also makes gorgeous clothes (PukiPuki size) that fit like a dream and are just gorgeous!
    14. I just checked and the Lati White Basic Specials are available for sale right now.
    15. I might be looking in the wrong place. link? :)
    16. Here's the Lati White Special Basic link: http://latidoll.com/2007_en/index.htm?mode=product_list&big=1&mid=74

      Here's the Orient Doll link: http://www.leekeworld.com/En/Product/p_list.asp?B_catalog_num=19 (they are carried by Leeke World - the first couple on the page are larger dolls, you want to go down to Je, Ui, Dong and the smaller ones)

      You can also go to the Links Out section of this forum. There is a whole list of company links so you can look at what Fairyland, Secretdoll and some of the other companies mentioned on this thread have to offer in their tiny lines. Good luck on finding that right tiny doll for you! There are a lot of great dolls to choose from! (Oh, I don't think anyone mentioned them but The Sleeping Elf has wonderful tinies - they are around 14-15cm but just lovely if you like more mature type dolls. You should be able to find that link in Links Out.)
    17. Thanks! Yeah, those lati white SPs are all sold out, it just doesn't show it unless you click on each doll.
    18. Very sorry about that, Shoujo Onigiri! Usually when they have special releases available they also have the Basic Specials. Ah well. I just got my first Basic Special Lati White so I am quite a fan of them right now!
    19. Would it be possible to buy a lati white SP body and a lati white SP head separately from their parts section? o.o Would that basically be the same thing as buying the whole doll?