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What is a good, inexpensive 1/6th scale doll?

Dec 30, 2010

    1. I have a Pullip, but I come here and find she's not allowed. I like 1/6th scale that are, y'know, actually 1/6th scale, not 1/3rd scale child. I'd love to be able to use the costumes and clothes that I have for Barbie (hey, between my older sister and I, we have a LOT)

      So what's a good sculpt for me then?
    2. Well...the Bobobie and Resinsoul 1/6 girls are a good price, and fit into most Barbie, Liv, and Moxie Teen clothes. They're less mature, but not totally child-like, either. There are several in the discussion thread that have been made to look older, and pull off a 'teenage' look really well.

      Tinybear also has a FEW dolls that I believe are 1/6 scale, and have mature bodies. Look for her dolls that are labeled as the 'large' or 'big' versions. They cost a little bit more, and are mostly elven I think, but are pretty nice. They might be too slim for Barbie and such clothing, but I'm not sure there, as I've not read anything about the clothes they fit, and don't own one yet.
    3. What's your price range?

      Lumedoll just released 1/6th dolls that fit barbie clothes and they are $300 and Limhwa has 1/6th dolls that are $230.
    4. For your plans I recommend Planetdoll dolls, too. My friend had one, and the doll was lovely, but it wasn´t in scale with her bigger dolls as many of the child bjd´s are 1/6 scale. For your plans the Planetdoll Mini doll might be perfect. She posed well and was so very cute, being still more mature character than the usual 1/6 scale dolls are.

      And to add, if you´re looking for not so costy doll, the Planetdoll has a good price in my opinion.
    5. You can find the Bobobie and Resinsoul dolls here. There's a discussion thread about them - where you can see pictures of people's dolls - here.

      As for Planet Dolls you can find a discussion thread here. The problem with them though is that as far as I know you can't buy them with a face-up. And that means you'll have to commision someone to do it for you. That might not be so easy for a first time BJD owner.

      Tinybear's dolls you can find here. As Ayas-Shadow said look for the ones with Large in front of their name. You can find a discussion thread about all Tinybear's dolls here.

      If you want to see more pictures it might be a good idea to look at the first post in the discussion threads and follow the link back to earlier threads. There's no reason to read through everything but you can go through looking for pictures.

      The discussion threads are also a good place to ask spesific questions about that kind of doll.

      I hope this is helpfull. Good luck with your search. :)

    6. Actually, they've added faceup as an option...it wasn't available when I ordered, but it apparently is now. :)
    7. Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help ^_^ I go to an art school, so I'm -sure- I can find someone to do a faceup for me, so Faceups are no problem (just an extra cost ^.^; )
    8. Pirooz is about an inch taller than the adorable Inkling, but still a bit smaller than 1/6. She fits Blythe and Pullip clothes well... here's a nude pic:
      Pirooz by aneemal, on Flickr
    9. I found this comparison photo on google and I thought it would be helpful to you.


      Personally, I love Limhwa 1/6 dolls and they are around $265USD (with faceup but shipping is not included yet)
    10. I reccommend 5StarDoll. their sculpts are adorable, they're highly poseable (mine only needed a little glue sueding), good quality, and they're relatively inexpensive (about $130 without a faceup, or $140 for tan without a faceup, and their tan looks good. add $30 for a faceup).
      they also sell them through denver doll, which is how i got mine. he is a tong tong boy.