What is a unique bjd you would never own but love the sculpting and/or concept?

May 2, 2019

    1. Was just browsing some really gorgeous fantasy bjds and even though I don't think I'd ever want a fantasy or anthropomorphic bjd I really admired the sculpting. I was wondering what ones have stuck out to you all in the past?
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    2. I really like 5stardoll Jadite. I'm really tempted, but I'd have no idea what to do with that lovely lil insect once it arrived!
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    3. I adore Neruga from DollZone. I don't think I'll ever own her though, not just because she's so rare (it seems) but I don't know what I'd do with her. I'm just more comfortable handling tiny dolls.
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    4. Yeah, me too. I always look at that one & debate.
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    5. I love the look of all of Doll Chateau's arachnid and scorpion sculpts. Though I don't think I could ever own one. They are beautiful but I enjoy taking my dolls to different locations in different clothing, so the artistic doll doesn't really suit my style.
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    6. To be honest, a lot of artist sculpts under 40cm. Like the recently released Lumedoll Baughn, or Dust of Dolls Spün. I adore how they look and love admiring them from afar, but I don't bond well with small dolls and I know that (combined with the price) would keep me from ever really doing what I want with them.
    7. Oh my god, yes! This guys is stunning, my jaw dropped when I first saw him, but I can never see myself actually owning him. For me, as all my dolls are SD, it's just that he doesn't fit any of the characters I'm trying to make with my dolls.

      Another doll that come to mind that I think is adorable but wouldn't ever own is Dollzone's Ivy. She's just super cute and tiny. There are a whole bunch of others that I love but can never see myself actually owning but I can't think of them right now. lol
    8. Dollzone Wendy. I can’t do the size, but I have been wanting her for years.
    9. This is a great thread. Oh so many I would love to have, but for me it's mainly the money and or how would they fit in one of my three groups.

      Latest one I can't stop thinking about is the Lumedoll Baughn. But he's a size I am not sure would work with my one group as I haven't seen measurements. Height alone doesn't help me to know if he would fit in with the others. I have had Lumedolls before so know they are well made and are great dolls, but he's totally new so it's difficult to just decide on getting him.
    10. Dollzone The Moon and especially its twin The Star (warning, gore!). I have zero need for a corpse in my collection, but there’s something oddly charming and peaceful about them. I love seeing creative owner photos of them.
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    11. Soom in general. Love the dolls but would never be able to own them.
    12. I fell for artist sculpts, Marmite dolls-Menagerie Lily and Pasha Pasha Pulse is my fav. But these dolls are too expensive and too small for me...:sigh
    13. I'd love to own a Triffony Sphinx, but her price point is a bit too extreme for me for a 30cm doll. I do casually browse the MP for deals, though.
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    14. Dollshe's David. I find so very fascinating, but do not knpw how to justify him. But I love to see how owners interpret the sculpt.
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    15. I like some of the fantasy ones like doll chateau as I admire them for what they are but wouldn't necessary want to own one...if that makes sense
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    16. While I appreciate the cultivated artistic aesthetic of the Doll chateau dolls I will not own one as they are not to my personal taste and look better nude IMO. I buy dolls to make clothes for.
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    17. I'm thirding Doll Chateau, especially their conjoined twins sculpt. What gives me pause is having to sew for yet another size of minis.
    18. Peaks Woods Halloween Vampire Goldie in mint skin. I was offered her in lavender skin the other day and seriously debated going for it, but I couldn't summon up the funds quickly enough and it's for the best. Not only was she the wrong colour, but I passed up her preorder because I have no idea what I would even do with a vampire, let alone such a large one. Then again, one day I might get a male SD vampire, because having a full-on Victorian one has always been a bit of a pipe dream. It might never happen, especially because no one has created the perfect sculpt for me, but I have learned in this hobby that "never" is a word that I shouldn't ever say :D