What is a Volks "School Head" ?

Oct 15, 2004

    1. When surfing I used to see some "School head A & B" done by Volks but I see no information about them and how to get one ! :cry:

      Is it a special release ?
      What is the difference with the F-28 head (old one) ?
      School A is for boy ?
      Someone can help me clarify all that ?

      Thanks a lot !!!!

    2. Hi! :daisy

      You get one of the school heads only if you subscribe to one of Volks' classes for customizing a Volks head.
      Those classes are held only in Japan.
      The A head is a mix between the F28 head and Michele's head.
      Could be their brother :grin:
      The B head is for making girl dolls or young boy dolls (SD)

      Hope this helps! :wink:
    3. They're heads that you can only get by taking a class offered by Volks in Japan. It's possible to get one through Y!J, but since they're hard to get molds, the auctions usually end at a pretty high price.
    4. So, you can only get the schoolheads (I'm specifically lusting after type A) from the Volks painting class I've heard?

      Has anyone been to a class, and can tell me what happens there, and how much it costs?

      edit: I guess I should throw in that I'm moving to Japan in about a year and a half so I don't confuse anyone :/
    5. I think the class is something like $220 US, but don't quote me on that. The class fee includes a kit with eyes, head, paints, and...um...I don't know what else. It's basically like one of those 'learn to paint' classes, only on a doll head.

      The thing is, it's only held once a month, and it's limited to something like 12 students, so.....it's hard to get into. Thus, the high prices for the School A heads (the more popular one) and the School B heads.
    6. Hi,

      Hope that someone can help me.

      What is Volks School head?
      Are they different line of Volks?

      Are they same as other Volks SD?
      Or they are special or Limited Version?

      Where can get it?

      Many Many thanks
    7. They are heads that are only avaliable at Volks painting class, but they can be purchased on the secondary market. Give me a sec, I know there have been topics on this already, I'll get the link for you ^__^

    8. Read here for more info:


      They are the same as Volks SD - they're designed to be used with MSD, SD, and SD13 bodies (depending on which head you're after). They are special, but not limited, since you can only get them by attending a Volks painting class or by purchasing them from someone who has attended the class. These classes are held often by Volks, so there's always a supply of School heads.

      Here's a link to Yahoo!Japan for a "classroom" search. You'll probably need a shopping service to bid for you.
    9. Many Many thanks for all of you ^^
    10. Ah, there you go, Val got the links. Is it just me, or is this site running extra slow (like taking 5+ minutes to load a page).

    11. It's not just you. DoA is slower than molasses in January, if it even loads at all. (And it's incredibly annoying. XP)
    12. Does anyone knows where sells School-A dolls? ^_^ I can't seems to find it in any online doll shops websites. >.< thanks in advance.
    13. You can find them on Yahoo!Japan, or sometimes they pop up in the marketplace here. I know that ria_ria gets some pretty regularly...

      (Currently on the prowl for my own school a here... good luck with yours!)
    14. ok~ thanks for your help~!! ^_^
    15. If you're able to take a Volks painting class in Japan you can buy SD sized School Heads A, B, C or your choice of three(?) mini kits. If you can't attend a painting class your only option is to buy them second hand. School Head A shows up regularly on the Marketplace since it's the oldest painting class head available. Of course, it's still the most popular of the School Heads.
    16. Just want to interject that Ria_ria, and most other sellers, typically only sell the head. You'll want to find an SD13 boy or SD13 girl body for it later, (SD10 boy and girl are typically too small and the head will look too big). I would recommend not spending over $400 for a blank head as I've seen some sell for $250. Good luck in your search :)
    17. Schulze and Maria are the mini versions of School A, Rock and Margaret are the mini versions of School C, there is no mini School B. Also, they're not sold at normal painting classes, they're only available at Dolpa ones as far as I know.
    18. thanks for everyone help~! ^_^

      btw, may I know which SD13 boy body will fit the head well? ^_^
    19. There is only one type of the Volks SD13 boy body, it has optional parts, but the torsos are the same. Therefore, the Sch A head will fit any of them.

    20. Thanks for clarifying! I've yet to buy a mini so my info. regarding them is pretty weak. :sweat