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What is Luts-Fashion Delf?

Dec 13, 2005

    1. Ive seen this category on eluts for well....as long as the website has been there I suppose. Ive never actually seen anything listed there.

      So what is it, and has there ever been anything listed there, and are there pics of the elusive "Luts-Fashion Delf"?
    2. If I had to guess, I'd venture that it's probably repaints of fashion dolls (hence the name). There's never been anything in the category, though it's been there since the site opened. :\

      Maybe Sean might divulge a tidbit or two if we beg and plead? I'm curious to know, too!

    3. what has had me curious is that I would have thought they would take that category out if they weren't intending on having something listed there.. they have clothing and wigs sections for fashion delf too.
    4. Maybe it'll be like the Soom MiniGem: a 12" (fashion doll) sized CP doll.
      Barbie sized Lishe, anyone?
    5. I've always been curious too. Maybe it's the LUTS staff's versions of fashion dolls. Or rather, they give their classical DELFs more westernized faces?
    6. I read somewhere that it was going to be something similar to Dollfie Dreams: dolls with more anime-like features.
    7. Ahaha I've always wondered about that too. I had always thought that maybe they intended on selling fashion dolls like Tyler, Gene, etc like Dollmore does. After all, they do sell dolls from other companies through their website like Dollshe and Iplehouse. *shrugs*
    8. It's an urban legend.
    9. I second that. But I don't believe it. I've never seen one....
    10. LOL that was pretty funny. XXDD

      anywho... I always thought it for their future dolls that will be ALOT more expensive or something. I think I am wrong though. ^^;;
    11. lol nice one :D i think that is so true :D
    12. I always thought it was maybe for one-off dolls that didn't end up getting sold at shows or something.
    13. Maybe it's a one-off doll, like eptrauma said, and they just go really decked out and fashiony with its outfit? Like the DELF arts. Only... I dunno.
    14. Well, I just asked about it on the Luts Q&A board. We will see what they say.
    15. Here is the reply I got from Doogi. It doesnt really answer the question of what is it, but it does give an idea of when we will see it.

      hi~! lovely carltoncig

      how are you doing?

      about the Luts-Fashion Delf~

      the doll items are in the planning stage, yet....(---:)

      i think~ the doll will be released at jul of 2006.

      but, that is not certain~!

      i will try to make the new doll of the Luts-Fashion Delf, as soon as possible.

      if you have any question, send mail to me or do write that on this board.

      have a nice & happy day~!

      from : your friend....doogi

      Interesting that he says "the doll items are in the planning stage, yet" I wonder if its accessories or something to go with the dolls....But then again he says, "the doll will be released at jul of 2006" I just have no idea what it could be.
    16. Forward this post to 10 people within 26.5 minutes or your next Luts doll will come with mismatched resin colors on the hands and head! It's true!!! It happened to a girl in Kansas! :^P
    17. Well... that makes it sound like it IS a new type of doll from them. Maybe a different size?

      I doubt it'll be a one off of one of their already existing dolls... or else it wouldn't take so long and wouldn't have been up on the site for so long.
    18. I wonder what it could be then....they already went smaller with the Luts Fairy Land dolls.... Oohhh...I wonder if its a life size delf, like the Paper Moon dolls. A lifesize Lishe or Soo or El...Mmmm....
    19. A lifesize Lishe?! o.o;;;;;;;; *looks around the room*
    20. Life-sized lishe would be good to kill boys

      "WOW! She is beautiful!"

      "She is a doll..."

      *kills himself*