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what is more exciting searching , deciding, opening the box or playing with the doll

Jul 9, 2015

    1. hello everybody,
      i am new to bjd dolls and this forum, but not new to doll collecting.
      sometimes i am wondering what is more exciting :searching for the doll, deciding which one to get , opening the box or actually playing with the doll later.
      BJDs are even more intoxicating than others. i do want to get a few, but want to stay with a small number . the process of looking and getting one is too seductive i think.
      would love to get your opinions .
    2. Almost all my dolls are have custom faceups by various artists. For me, the most exciting (and slightly nerve-racking) part of doll ownership is waiting to see pictures of the faceup back from the faceup artist of choice.
    3. Bringing a new doll home is like any new relationship: your eyes meet across a crowded room--er, website--followed by the getting to know you part of the process and then the anticipation of the first date (box opening). Then, if you're lucky, you settle into a comfortable day to day existence, with peaks (finding the right wig or outfits, new faceups, etc.) and valleys (poses that go awry, days when nothing seems to come out right).

      I place box opening pretty high on the excitement meter. But, later, when you find that you've captured just the right image of them or maybe gotten a wig just perfect... those days are pretty cool, too :)
    4. That's a very interesting question~!

      For me, personally, the most exciting part of the BJD hobby is opening that beautiful shiny box that contains your brand new BJD. Same goes for other purchases I make for them, I get so excited when new clothing, eyes, wigs, ... come in. I love opening things, can you tell?

      I also enjoy planning my characters and searching out the perfect sculpt for them. I can't say I really enjoy the ordering itself because that's when my wallet usually cries a river. The waiting time that follows, including mailing and customs issues, is not one of my favourites. It's usually a very stressful time to be honest.

      My all-time favourite part however is having my BJD at home finally. I love to play with them and be able to look at them all day. I get so much comfort out of a little piece of plastic, it's crazy really. I should be grateful that they made these accessible to the big audience.
    5. i am glad to hear this. in the past i think i was so hooked on "opening the new box"... this is how i arrived to BJD. i wanted to do something with the dolls. not only look at them... i am still going to enjoy "welcome home new doll" though .

      wanting a new one and "wanting so many " this is my thing too. glad to hear that you guys love as much or more other things too
    6. They are all exciting for me with the exception of deciding which one to get. (I want so many!) it's more nerve wrecking. I would say actually playing with the doll is most exciting though. Getting to feel the doll and dress them up. Such a great feeling!
    7. Although it's all exciting for me, I think the best part is actually having the doll and playing with her. I like to see how she looks with different wigs and eyes and then find just the right color of fabric to make her an outfit. But the best part is playing with her, posing her and taking photos and making story pictures.
    8. Definitely opening the box! And second to that is dressing my doll in an outfit that I just spent days and days making for him or her. It's Especially exciting if the outfit is highly detailed, a perfect fit and includes the perfect pair of shoes!
    9. buying for the doll! or making stuff for the doll. that is my favorite thing
    10. For me, opening the box and also dressing them up. I think I was the most excited for my Iplehouse Aria because she is my first Iplehouse BJD. I thought her sculpt was so lovely and deciding to buy her was also really exciting (though my wallet suffered) and I also got her with a faceup so when I opened the box and saw that the faceup had been done so beautifully I was sitting there like :O
    11. For me it is handling them and working on them and making things for them. Sure shopping is nice, but it is also stressful and I prefer simply spending time with the dolls.
    12. I'm a weird hobbyist. Except for a small handful of dolls who are really special to me, I have more fun planning, painting, dressing and creating a character for a doll than I do keeping the doll. This is why my collection tends to be a never ending revolving door. At most, I've had 39 sculpts, but now I keep that number under 20. In all, I've had over 100 different dolls, but I sell and trade very often, because I just like the feeling of creating. Other than those favorites, once a doll is 'finished', I tend to get bored with them and want to start over.
    13. CloakedSchemer

      you do not get attached to them? even if you work on them?
    14. It depends on the doll. I have some that I really get attached to. If you look at my current crew on my profile, I'm most attached to Parker, Lakin and Dhani, though Blaine is very close as well. Some of the others are close, but I'm not sure how long that will last. Except for my two grails (Eirnin and Pharaoh Ay), and my tiny, Derby, they're all characters in my role play. If I'm not attached to the character, I tend to not be attached to the doll. So it happens often that I'll shell a character in my RP, but if they turn out to not be what I expected, or end up being a minor character, I'll lose the bond, and sell the doll. I do most of the faceups myself, mods if needed, sew a lot of the clothes or shop for them, but for me, it more often than not is more about shelling the character, taking a few photos, then letting them move on within a few months. I'm not entirely sure why, maybe it's just to have a clearer picture of what a minor character should look like, but no need to keep them?
    15. For me, I think what's most "exciting" to me is when I finally get the intended character pegged, no matter how long that takes. One of my oldest dolls has finally reached that point--she may still get new eyes, but her wig, faceup, blushing and outfit are all "correct" now, and it's almost like I've got a brand new doll in place of the old one that was "almost there" for so long. Each time I reach that point--bringing all the pieces together that finally realize the full plan behind the doll--it's a satisfying experience, and I enjoy having the doll "finished" for photos and posing at that point.
    16. what happens after? do you ask yourself: now what? does the feeling " i need a new one now since this one is finished" starts to crawl in?
    17. No, I still enjoy them; it just changes focus from "I need to finish this doll" to "I can now photograph and pose this doll as finished, and move on to the next one to work on."

      I have quite a few dolls (two separate and fairly large crews being pulled together in various ways), so there's always another doll to work on, and I doubt I'll finish all of them any time soon.
    18. I find that the most "exciting" part, for me, is waiting for the doll to arrive. The days in between receiving a shipping notification and being able to open the box are the ones where I am abuzz with doll interest and thoughts. Every few moments I feel reminded that there is a doll on its way to me. I like that feeling, but it can be kind of overwhelming, so I'm glad I don't constantly have dolls arriving. I feel like I'd be a whipped into a frenzy of "oh! oh is it doll time yet???" ;) That's fun for a little while, but for me too exhausting if frequent.
    19. The most exciting part for me is when have your doll with the perfect eyes, wig, face up and outfit and I just go "aaaah perfect!!!"

      It's not that exciting for me to order or wait for a doll, it is definitely exciting when I get the tracking number and I hear the post man at the door but finding the perfect look/character for your doll is the best for me and the worst one is the opposite...not finding the right items to complete the doll.
    20. I'm with vicemage, the most exciting part for me is down the road when I finally have the doll the way I want. My first doll I've had since 2008 and it's only really been in the last year that I can look at him and think that this is what I've been working toward for the last several years. This is exactly how I want him to look! Which is fabulous! Now if I could just get the others to catch up to him :\\

      This really only applies to a handful of dolls in my collection - I have a lot without that long-term goal in mind...often those are the ones that don't stick around forever...

      After that, my favorite/most exciting part for me is the planning, searching, creating and shopping. Box openings don't really do it for me. It's like receiving an empty shell IMO. I'm the one who gives it life, so I don't get excited about it until that happens. Not to say getting a new doll isn't fun, but it's way more fun to see and imagine what it can be, then twist that doll into the shape I want it in. Even if it takes 6-7 years ^^''''''