What is the appeal of dolls with open mouths?

Jul 6, 2016

    1. Any characteristic that adds to the realism of a doll's overall features and expression is what draws me in.
    2. Slightly open mouths often make dolls look shy and that attracts me. To me it looks extremely cute
    3. I have a Unoa hybrid doll that looks like she is "gasping",or for lack of better explanation,moaning. She has a very pretty face up and I often make her holding things in her mouth like necklaces,beads,little signs or food,and I think it just gives her more options for posing and pictures,honestly,I never thought I would actually like one too until I came across her.
    4. I like moths that are only slightly open and a bit of there teeth are showing. I find it makes them look really cute and sort of shy or thoughtful. That being said I also dislike them sometimes. It's really up to whether I like the sculpt and how they painted it. I don't tend to like very open mouths most of the time, mainly because I don't like how it's painted and I don't think it looks natural in less posed photos. However I found one doll that I seriously want that has a very open mouth, I love her! So again it's down to the individual doll, not whether it has an open or closed mouth.
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    5. Aesthetically, it just adds variety to the available face sculpts. And I can see how people might think it gives a doll a certain level of realism. Personally, I'm not a big fan of open mouths simply because I do my own face ups and I would rather not try to have to color the teeth :P Though if I ever fell in love with a sculpt with an open mouth, I would endure and find a way to get those teeth white!
    6. The dolls I have are showing just a small amount of teeth. It adds to their character and expressiveness. I like open and closed mouth dolls but the two I have were the most attractive to me for my first dolls. I do want my next doll to be closed mouth. The lips can be made to look more pouty that way. I can't decide which I like better. I suppose if too much of the teeth were showing it wouldn't be as attractive to me. The other day, I saw a picture of a doll on pinterest with the tongue sticking out. How cool, I thought! So expressive and cute!
    7. I really enjoy removable teeth primarily because of the added realism, but also because I enjoy moveable and removable parts in dolls. (I'm really into added mobility joints, too, for this reason.) I have recently moved towards adding removable teeth and open mouths, and I'm really excited to have multiple removable teeth parts--top and bottom teeth, perhaps showing tongue, etc.
    8. It's just another expression. I think it looks very natural and it can convey a lot of different emotions depending on how the faceup has been handled. Parted lips can so easily be made to look wistful, lusty, anticipative or even just daydreamy. It's quite versatile as well, since the expression can change drastically depending on the angle of the doll. Plus, I personally find sculpts with teeth, whether sculpted or just painted into the gap, to be very appealing.

      I just see it as one of many different "looks" a sculpt can have. No different than pouty, or smiley. My newest girl has slightly parted lips, and the next doll I'm planning on purchasing does as well. I love them.
    9. Dolls with wide-open mouths... especially if there are also tongues involved... frankly creep me right the heck out. It's not just a matter of not liking the look. It's that I find them flat-out disturbing. I wouldn't have something like an Unoa O-face or one of the Iple vampires in my collection if they were the last dolls on Earth. Even that happy, goofy little chibi-anime PongPong of Fairyland's makes me uncomfortable. I'm not prone to Uncanny Valley issues very often when it comes to dolls, but the mouth-and-tongue thing? Apparently THAT's where it hits me, and it does it in spades.

      That said, parted lips or a very slightly opened mouth on a sculpt (Something along the lines of a CP/Delf Breakaway or a Volks F-57) doesn't give me the heebie-jeebies in the same way. For whatever reason, they just don't trigger the NopeNopeNopeNope/Insert-gif-of-adorable-running-octopus-here instinct that their more extreme cousins tend to. The opened mouth is just another expression with those guys rather than pure nightmare fuel, even if there are visible teeth or small fangs. I have quite a few dolls of that type in the crew.

      So... For me, at least, it's all a matter of degree. Raksha (my Vampire Heliot) is about as gape-mouthed as I can stand (and as anyone in the Soom SG discussion thread could tell you, I was actually worried about rather or not I would be able to deal with him before seeing him "in person"-). Less is just fine. More? That's right out.
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    10. I have yet to stumble across one with the mouth open that I would purchase for my collection. Saying that, I do find that they do add elements of character before anything is done to the doll. Maybe the idea will grow on me, but for now no. As I tend to focus on the lips together than any space in-between. My boys will have resting bitch face!
    11. I'll echo what everyone else has mentioned about the slightly parted lips offering a lot of versatility in photos--small angle changes can give a really nice variety of expressions on those sculpts! For some characters it won't be the right look (my boy Zach is always a bit tense and disapproving, so it wouldn't suit him), but all in all I find it to be a nice option.

      But the main reason this thread caught my eye is that I just received a SheCow Vampire Mara head last week and I cannot get over the amazing (and hilarious) mouth on him! Vampire teeth sticking out over the lip really bother me, but with a head like this one whose entire mouth is fully rendered (and fully inside the head), I'm absolutely in love. I'm sure I'll use some of the mouth parts more than others, but I can see the uses for all of them and I think they're really nicely made. It's going to be a fun head to paint, and I can't wait to share pics when he's a bit more complete!

      As with so many things about BJDs, some styles and choices will appeal to folks more than others, but I personally am completely head over heels for this one.
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    12. Different dolls express different emotions with every detail of their lovely faces.

      But I have to say, that my favorite type of dolls with slightly parted lips are my vampire dolls. I love it when vampire dolls display their beautifully sculpted fangs. That level of crafting always amazes me. :D
    13. I'm really impartial when it comes to open mouth vs. closed mouth. If it fits the character I'm shelling, I go with it :kitty2 . I've got characters with both varieties, and I'm fine with it.

      Although there are a few types that go into that uncanny valley/skin-crawling category for me that I can barely stand to look at, much less have around. I'm not too fond of unnaturally big grins or crazy tongue-action sculpts (with exceptions, :XD:), and those climaxing faces, especially on girls (especially younger sculpts:o) bother me. If somebody wants a...well, suggestive expression on their doll, I'm fine with them having that option open to them. But to me...it's not my cup of tea.

      Other than that, whatever works:thumbup
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    14. I don't know, tastes vary I guess. I am not a fan of them. They always remind me of my derpy kid sister who used to sit around with her mouth agape, watching TV.
    15. Im not sure actually. Ive seen some dolls that have a huge creepy grin and i don't find that appealing at all but i love dolls with a slight open mouth and you can see their teeth, I think it looks adorable! But from what I've seen if gives the doll a bit more personality.
    16. I don't like dolls that literally have an open mouth or tongue sticking out, like some of the Notdoll girls (especially dolls that look kind of suggestive? I dont like that at all), but a slight part of the lips is really cute and dynamic to me. It gives the impression of life, like a lot of people have mentioned.

      Also I'm probably a little biased because I'm obsessed with DZ Carter right now, and his mouth is open enough to show off his adorable little teeth, and I love those. I guess it's all a matter of personal preference!
    17. I love dolls that are super neutral, but at the same time it adds personality and character with things like an open mouth. I don't have one yet, but I'd totally be in for it if i fell in love with a doll that did have an open mouth.
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    18. I'm not a fan of the wide open mouths that look almost like screams or the really creepy smiles I've seen on some dolls, and I definitely don't like the tongues out lol, that just makes me uncomfortable. But I totally love a doll with a subtly open mouth. I have a Minifee Celine, and she has a slightly open mouth. I like that from some angles her mouth looks closed, but then from others you see that its open. I think it just gives her a more diverse look since you're able to make her look like she has more "expressions" per say. I think its all personal preference though lol, if you are not a fan then theres nothing wrong with that. That is why this hobby is so great because there really is something for everyone!
    19. I never really saw the appeal originally either, but my grail doll is the surprised version of Soom Lami. Some people breathe with their mouths open for some reason, and I think the Soom Lami reminds me of that (but as a vamp of course heh). Some people naturally don't keep their mouths ALL the way closed, so dolls with slightly open mouths do have a sort of natural look as well.
    20. Definitely gives them a lot of expressive qualities. I like my Doll Leaves Hedy because she looks like she's taking a breath of air or she's just about to say something. Or maybe she's whistling through her teeth!