What is the appeal of dolls with open mouths?

Jul 6, 2016

    1. As a general rule I don't like dolls with their teeth showing. They can be cute and expressive, but I don't find it appealing. However, I do have a doll with teeth showing. Her eyes are mostly closed, so her open mouth adds to her dreamy expression. Fairyland's Pong with the wide open mouth always looks hyper-happy to me, and I'd like to have one someday.
    2. Myself I reeally like how dolls with open mouths look like, if its not too open and they're just showing off their teeth.
      Their problem is how difficult is to wipe off the faceup around that area
      and also it gives a certain permanent expression to your doll that you dont always want (for photostories for example)
      The best solution is what from-switch did, they have detachable inner mouth pieces, which you can easily change and clean or whatever.
    3. This is the best answer so far, and so true. I am looking for a doll for my character, rather than a character for my doll, so I agree that the sculpt that appeals best to my vision of that character is the one I'll chose to buy.
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    4. I don't really have an explanation, I just think they're rly cute. Same with sculpts with chubby faces, half-closed eyes... I just have some preferences. I'm not sure why TBH...
    5. I like to have variety, so I like dolls with frowns, smiles, closed mouths and open mouths alike. For me, the special appeal of the slightly open (non-smiling) mouth is that it's a common expression in fashion photography. It reminds me of the glamorous expression of a model in a magazine, and I really enjoy having some dolls like that.
      There are many types of open mouth expressions though, and I think they all share the appeal of implied movement. A doll with a slightly open mouth can look like they are more engaged and lifelike.
    6. Personally I really like the teeth. A doll with well sculpted teeth is a big selling point for me because its something iI always wanted with my porcelain dolls, but could never find.
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    7. the relatability of confused expressions and humor of them
    8. I was pretty firmly in camp 'closed mouths are best' until I saw Pygmalion's Ha, at which point that got dashed. I think it depends entirely on the appeal of the doll. (Ha isn't specifically on my wishlist, but he's a gorgeous boy.)
    9. I like dolls with open mouths because they look like they're going to say something. Expecially Popo Doll Lulu! She looks like she's always talking and it's so cute. Dolls like that always seem animated and expressive.
    10. Some open mouths bring out unique personality in dolls which I like a lot, some open mouths just there... as part of expression and it's ok. I am not big fan of too far open mouths but I like slightly parted lips a lot.
    11. I like my dolls to have big rabbit teeth.

      It's hot.
    12. I like the look of slightly parted lips, I think it gives a relaxed and dreamy feel. Two of my dolls are like this (Limho Mono and AE Cherry). I also just bought an Unoa Akubi plate which has the more extreme open mouth - I'm creating a "singing" doll character with a little microphone, which is why I wanted her to have that expression.
    13. I find that extra detail in the mouth area gives more expression to a sculpt. I personally like open mouthed sculpts especially when they have teeth to go with it.
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    14. I find tiny painted teeth/tongues so amazing because of how delicate they look ... however I'm personally biased towards open mouth sculpts - 2 of 4 of my current dolls have slightly open mouths, and my wishlist has another 3 in a similar vein lol
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    15. I don't like all open mouth dolls but there are some that have appealed to me so much I just had to bring them home. I've learned that there shouldn't be any limits to what you fall in love with.
    16. I personally think it makes them look cute , it also adds personality !
    17. For me it's part of their facial expression. I feel like there's a little more emotion shown in sculpts with slightly parted or full on open mouths as opposed to closed. Maybe not more, but different and more variety between sculpts. I'm not particularly drawn to open mouth sculpts though, I'm mostly looking for something to express the tone of the character.
    18. I don't know, but I just have a soft spot for doll teeth... My IOS Grazia (on my avatar) makes me smile anytime I look at him. He looking so happy and balanced.
    19. As many others have said, they're very lively and unique! They're also good at communicating a character's personality when you're working on character dolls. I have a character shelled as an MD Vic that couldn't have possibly looked right as any other sculpt, they wouldn't have had nearly enough manic energy. They are times where smirking or frowning simply isn't enough.
    20. I personally, like open mouth sculpts but when they have a faceup of teeth. I'm a dentist and there is a known relationship between youth and the visibility of the upper incisors in the smile. I love seeing them :)

      This is my dollie, she looks very cute with teeth, doesnt she? :3
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